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  1. Or you can view Penny "bitching" in this episode about Leonard to Sheldon as her way of getting Sheldon to open up about what was bothering him in regards to Amy, while Leonard was helping Amy navigate her way through living with Sheldon. It's in the Lenny's long term interest to get the Shamy living together. Which will be a slow and painful process for Lenny, with much comic fun for us along the way. That's what was going on here, not the usual Penny whining about Leonard. It had a very specific purpose.
  2. I thought it was a good episode, sets up a few things. Most obvious being Raj in terms of finding out why he didn't want to tell them he's single. Something interesting seems to have gone on there with Raj, maybe the writers will stop joking around with Raj's sexuality and explore it ? Howard and Bernadette continue to crack me up with the pregnancy stuff, like how they are dealing with impending parenthood. Penny and Leonard showed some real maturity at times. Amy's anger with Sheldon was once again melted by her love for him, I think in that regard her venting to Leonard helped (rather than stewing alone in her apartment about it, she can't storm off as usually happens while her apartment is being fixed). Penny and Sheldon ? One of those scenes I love with those two, either one manages to tease something personal out of the other that they'd not reveal to their respective partners or anyone else. Sheldon knocking three times because he walked in on his dad having sex with another woman ? Makes perfect sense character wise. If something happens that Sheldon does not like or fears, he devises ways of avoiding it. Knocking three times is not that bad as far as Sheldon goes. But this is what I liked, Penny was able to get Sheldon to put the fear aside and work things out with Amy. In past seasons, that would have meant Sheldon and Amy sniping at each other for a few episodes. That issue is seemingly resolved so the writers can move onto the next one.
  3. I think they mined the character goes away for the summer pretty well. Guess I want to see something different happen that's not a break up or Sheldon having to leave to sort through his emotions to changes he has no control over.
  4. Good choice. That's the thing though, we don't really know what Beverly was like when she was younger and unmarried. Academia may have turned her into the Beverly we know today. Leonard's learned a lot of uncomfortable things about his family via Beverly, now it's probably time he learned some things from his dad. All we've had is Beverly's side of the marriage, now it's time for Leonard's dad to tell his side of things. They may not address everything in a single episode, but it would be nice for one of Leonard's parents to show that they are proud of him without a guilt trip attached. The thing with Penny is that she is insecure and that pretty much dictates a lot of her behaviour (breaking up with Leonard etc, thinking about breaking up with Leonard again until Leonard unleashed the sad eyes etc). So having a character telling her she's great wouldn't really solve Penny's issues. She needs to face up to them, which is perhaps what the writers have started to do a bit more. We shall see. Though I can kind of see Sheldon telling her to get Therapy as long as it's with Beverly. 1. They do have a lot in common, once you strip away the street smarts and the science. The issue with Penny is she can come off as a bit of a control freak and Leonard lets it slide as I think he knows how insecure Penny is. He's got a lot of patience, though Leonard has his own issues, which Penny has had a hand in helping him with over the seasons. Seems like they are switching to Penny's insecurities rather than Leonards. 2. It takes a lot for Penny to admit anything. The last big one she admitted was the "You know I love you" scene. 3. Penny sounds like she's starting to grow up a bit and dropped the sarcasm mask with Leonard. At least that's how I hope it plays out on screen. Overall I don't think Lenny have had a lot of time together without it turning into a big old fight in recent times. The initial bumps in the marriage road seem to have have eased up a bit. As for Penny hating her job ? That's understandable as she's probably still dreaming of becoming an actress yet cold reality means she has to keep her current job to pay off the debt. Penny from the earlier seasons would have quit the job and gone back to trying to become a successful actress aka back to the cheese cake factory.
  5. I think the writers will switch back to Lenny now that they've gone through the Shamy stuff. It's a pattern - Resolve Lenny drama early from the previous season, then set a plot into motion that puts Lenny somewhat in the background and then bring focus back to them for the second half of the season.
  6. I loved the episode, it's what I've been hoping for i.e. Sheldon getting to grips with his feelings. Not much more to say really, other than the journey to Amy and Sheldon possibly getting back together might well turn out to be a long one. As for the actors not being in many scenes ? It's an ensemble cast, the episode was built around Sheldon.
  7. I didn't think Stuart was early Howard level creepy. He's just filling a role in the episode that Howard would have been in, had he not married Bernadette. Overall the episode was quite low key, had it's moments. Amy breaking up with Sheldon was nicely done by both actors. That's how I thought they would break up, Sheldon not understanding the social norms in this situation and reverting to his snippy self, while Amy finally snapped. I know Shamy fans won't like it, but I think it will do both characters a lot of good in the long. They won't be broken up forever. It will be interesting to see how they get back together, never know it might see a certain ring reappearing at some point.
  8. I'm guessing Chuck alongside Bill and a few others work out the direction of the characters and the general ideas for a season, writes a few episodes then takes a step back, all be it probably reading scripts and providing notes (doubt he has the time to rewrite scripts like Moffat does on Doctor Who when a script is not polished enough). Plus I guess Chuck acts as buffer between the show and the business side of things. I do think it would be kind of funny to have a Mom and Big Bang Theory crossover, but that'll never happen.
  9. I'm guessing had this happened in season 7 Shamy fans would have been up in arms over it then. They've been building upto this for a while, season 8 got in the way as the writers were setting things up for a longer run. Sheldon and Amy did not resolve any of their issues, Sheldon still clings to the relationship agreement and Amy wants things to get a lot more physical and has been constantly rebuffed by Sheldon. Amy reached her breaking point with Sheldon. The journey both characters are going on will be interesting to watch, as both have been rather static. Yes they've made out, Sheldon was going to pop the question. But the fundamental issue still lays with Sheldon's inability to grow up. For every step they've taken forward, Sheldon goes 2 or 3 steps back when the writers need some Sheldonesque comedy. As for Bernadette ? She's like that to everyone, regardless of age. You only have to look at how she got Penny a job interview.
  10. It's been building up for a while, sometimes breakups happen over the most mundane of things. Sheldon still has a lot of character growth to go through and Amy has to an extent as well. Lazy writing ? That is quite easy to say, but we simply do not know what the game plan for Sheldon and Amy is over the course of season 9. If they get back together after a few episodes then you might have a point. I hated it when they broke up Lenny, but that has with hindsight strengthened Leonard and Penny's characters. Perhaps they could have pulled the trigger on a Shamy break up at the end of season 7. But they had a lot to accomplish in Season 8 to set up seasons 9 & 10. Shamy has been on the back burner to a certain extent. Howard changing diapers/nappies would be funny as he'd take an engineering approach to the problem and fail miserably. That's the kind of comedy they'd mine, nothing violent or abusive towards a child. Your comment is rather crass, all I will say is I've seen the effects child abuse has had on a relative and it's not something I would ever joke about.
  11. Looking at Shamy objectively - The split was going to happen sooner or later due to Sheldon's unreasonable behaviour towards Amy, I know Shamy fans don't want to hear that but that's my point of view. The pay off ? Sheldon grows up and wins Amy back eventually. If you don't like the way the show is going then you can stop watching it if it's upsetting you this much. It's too early to pass judgement on the episodes as they have not aired yet. Taping reports can only tell you so much, what's missing are the actors performances. I would also say that it was probably Chuck Lorre's and Bill Prady's choice to split Shamy. When it comes to the big stuff, it's those two who change the direction of the ship. Plus I expect Jim and Mayim are probably both on board with the plot line, if not then we will probably discover that in due course. I think they'll get back together in the second half of season 9. Perhaps the finale or the episode before will be devoted to Shamy getting back on track. But as with anything in life don't get your hopes up. The decision about when to end The Big Bang Theory will likely be down to Lorre and the Cast regardless of what the ratings are doing. As far as children go ? I'm guessing that will be left for the final season in terms of Lenny and Shamy. Penny and Amy being Pregnant at the same time would be pure comedy gold. I think that all rather depends on what the storyline is and if Jim finds it interesting or not. Oh there is plenty of comedy if they mine Bernadette not really wanting kids and Howard basically being a momma's boy (can you imagine Howard looking after a baby while Bernadette goes to work ?). If any of the couples on the show have a baby I think it's likely to be Howard and Bernadette. Lenny wise ? I suspect if those two have children, it will be left for the final episode of the show i.e. Lenny move out of the Apartment block and into a house with a heavily pregnant Penny. With perhaps Amy moving in with Sheldon. But who knows with the writers.
  12. I guess you've been watching a different show to me. Jim, Kaley and Johnny worked extremely hard to get their characters dynamics to work, they have a chemistry that is irresistible to watch when they get the right material. Everything else evolved from that with Simon and Kunal bringing a lot of extra things to the show. Mayiam did have some lousy lines, but it's the chemistry between her and Jim that makes Shamy work. Sheldon in isolation simply wouldn't work, Jim needs the others to bounce off. Simon's character has benefited greatly from Melissa's Bernadette, Creepy Howard was wearing thin. Hopefully the same thing will happen with Kunal, if they get the relationship between Raj and Emily right then Raj should get some interesting storylines and be less in the background. That's the thing about this show, it's an ensemble cast that really does shine when they get good material to work from. I like how the writers don't always focus on the main 3, but lets things blossom between characters who don't usually interact much i.e. Simon and Mayiam. The problem with the last season is the writers were more or less setting the show up for the extended run. With that out of the way, Season 9 should be much more interesting to watch.
  13. Might be that they've used season 8 to rejig the board for all the characters so they've got more storylines to work with in seasons 9 & 10. Thus Lenny have been sidelined to an extent. Might be a sign that the writers are giving Lenny more to do in the second half of the season. It just seems that Lenny have been too quiet of late in terms of the comedy elements of the relationship. Seems the canvas is a good way to start that up with. Anyway I guess if you wanted to get Lenny out of their current comfort zone, you could possibly introduce Penny or Leonard's sibilings into the mix. But I guess those will be saved for the lead up to the Wedding (assuming it happens and they don't stay engaged forever).
  14. Seems the writers don't know where to take Lenny now they are engaged, unless they've got some plot lines coming up to shift things around. Lenny lacks it usual spark for some reason I can't quite put my finger on and I don't think it's because they've hit the been together for years stage of a relationship.
  15. Sounds like a season finale Cliffhanger to me It would make a change from somebody disappearing for the summer. Lenny - Are they pregnant or not ? etc It would probably play out that way. Though I would guess they'd insert Sheldon into it for the laughs, I can just imagine him describing every detail of his sister giving birth to Leonard and Penny to see how they react.
  16. Tbh I'd rather see Penny's dad taking on Beverly. It's a way to show he cares for Penny more than Penny thinks and disproves Beverly's theories. Though in the end Leonard has to stand up to Beverly, Penny may well give him a few shoves in that direction. I'm quite interested in seeing how Leonard and Penny act around each other when their respective brothers and sisters are around.
  17. You'll just have to wait for the feeding frenzy to end, too many idiots sharing the photos at the moment.
  18. Hackers will always hack, jail time is just one of the risks (and part of the thrill). Though I can't say that I'm surprised that this hack happened and images got leaked (it's happened before on a smaller scale, hacker was sent to jail), if it wasn't iCloud it would have been another cloud service. Three things make me angry about this - 1. The total lack of respect for people's privacy, shouldn't make any difference if you are famous or not. 2. Blaming the victims for taking naked pictures of themselves and then using iCloud to store those images. 3. All the victims from what I can gather from TMZ etc are female. Says a lot about the culture of the internet in certain places.
  19. There are any number of reasons to break Shamy up if the writers feel that way inclined. I think we may see Shamy skirting on the edge of a breakup but it will likely not happen. Tbh it might do both characters a lot of good if they split for a short while. Not that Shamy fans will see the logic in it of course. Now where did I put Airwolf, I need to make a supersonic getaway. Life she deserves = Life without Sheldon in the way. That's what I took from Leonard's pretty thoughtless way of bringing the subject of living arrangements up with Sheldon. To change them will require a lot of delicate footwork. It's also a comedy goldmine for the writers. Which is why I don't think we'll see major changes early on in season 8. Like the Lenny Marriage it's going to take some time. He definitely wants to give Penny the things she wants. Which at this stage mostly appear to be Leonard and a successful career of her own (be it acting or big Pharma job). I think the disconnect between Leonard and Penny will be his desire to give Penny what she wants and what she actually wants being somewhat different sparking Leonard's neurotic overthinking to rear it's ugly head once more. It won't lead to a breakup as that's a comedy and emotional mine that the writers have exhausted at this point. It's always best to state the obvious, otherwise one can take flights of fancy that are far removed from how the writers like to write the characters and develop the show leading to disappointment. They are for example taking their time developing Sheldon's and Amy's relationship. They'll get the big moments, but they are probably some way in the distance. Patience is a virtue.
  20. I guess the writers will slowly reveal what happened to Sheldon on his travels over the course of the season. We may get a Sheldon slideshow that edits out important things. Basically I doubt we'll get a massive info dump and a different Sheldon. They'll want to tease it out of Sheldon through Amy and the rest of the gang. The show is going to change but it's not going to happen in the first few episodes of season 8. Like Shamy getting physical, fans need to be patient.
  21. Probably waiting for the lawyers to say everything is in order with the contracts, assuming they've signed new contracts. Then the usual PR train gets underway. It probably makes it easier for the Art department to repair the sets or change them around easily without furniture getting in the way. Interesting article from the BBC on the $1 million per episode deals and lots of intricate details http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-28658258
  22. With Sheldon you have to expect any changes to take a long while to take effect on him. He's like a very slow endothermic reaction. Amy has changed him, but it's taken a while for the small changes to take effect. Anyway I guess Sheldon will be back before the end of episode 1 or they may drag it over the first two episodes. Whatever Sheldon's got up to on his train adventures will probably be drip fed throughout the season. At least it's a way of opening up guest star spots for people Sheldon's met on his travels. Amy will likely be the only one anxiously awaiting Sheldon's return.
  23. Probably not, but given they both helped make the show the success it is then they should be getting similar money to the main 3 as the media have dubbed them. They might get a lower rate per episode but get more in terms of reruns and other residuals. Making money from the show once it's off air means they can secure a steady income (which is important given the precarious nature of acting), which is perhaps more important than getting $1 million per episode. I expect Lorre will hatch two plans, one for the show ending with a 10th season or going on into an 11th season. The bigger worry would be they'd take it season by season with no fixed end in sight. Then one or more of the cast call time on the show and they have to rush to bring it all to a close. That depends of course on the Big Bang Theory remaining popular and not dropping off as most shows do when they've run their course but are flogged for all they are worth. Which Lorre has done with a certain show that should have been put of it's misery a long time ago. The media will report on it, merely so they have something to write about i.e. cobble together some fictional tabloid fodder that the differences in money per episode are causing rifts amongst the cast. Anyway I just hope all the contracts are sorted out and production is not delayed anymore than it needs to be. What matters most is that they are signed up and roaring to go on a new season.
  24. Another thought that popped into my head earlier, Penny could perhaps use her acting skills to seal deals. Different looks for different potential clients. Or she could just be herself of course.
  25. Those are good reasons as to why there could be conflict between them. Career changes can be difficult things for couples to navigate sometimes as it upsets the balance of a relationship. Money may come up as a reason for the conflict, but scratch beneath the surface and other issues will likely be uncovered and dealt with by Lenny as they crop up. Lorre might be less hands on, but he can if he wants to, set the tone for each season and sketch out a few ideas for the characters and then leave it to the writers to develop things from there. Joss Whedon became less hands on with Buffy in later years ( due to Angel, Firefly etc), but he still controlled the show's direction and tone. Which is what Lorre is likely doing here, making sure the show is ticking along nicely. There will probably be some comedy gold to be had out of Penny securing big deals, probably with Bernadette tagging along. While Leonard and Howard worry about what they are upto etc To couples that are deeply in love, passion usually outweighs what each other earns. Penny is independent, she moved to LA to pursue her dream and ended up falling for Leonard (which is probably the last thing she expected). The relationships that survive and flourish are usually the ones where the couples adapt to changes put in front of them as a team. Which is what Penny and Leonard will do in the end. Penny changing from acting to Sales will probably take both them a bit of time to adjust to. Do I think this is the end of Penny's acting dream ? I don't think it is, it's just a way for the writers to change the dynamics between Leonard and Penny to explore different aspects of the relationship. Which is no bad thing really. Acting will likely rear it's head nearer to the end of the show.
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