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  1. Ship Zone

    The E4 announcer described Shamy as " the greatest love story ever told!! " He'll get no argument from me!!
  2. Ship Zone

    So....after having so many wonderful moments to choose from for my favourite top 10 I thought I'd give an honorary mention to the following that didn't make the list.. " I love you exactly the way you are " bedroom chat & Amy kissing Sheldon's cheek Grammar talk flirting over skype The chat in Sheldon's bedroom while packing to move to 4B " surprise " talk & Sheldon getting randy First FWF in 4B Goodnight kiss Working together in Amy's lab Sheldon trying to seduce Amy Choosing which side of the bed to sleep on Zones of privacy chat Shamy " dirty talk " Sheldon's " because I love you you're dessert " Amy taking care of Sheldon & singing Soft kitty in different languages And this still doesn't include all the many domestic scenes in the apartment or all the bedroom scenes or all the casual touching or....... Wow....I could just go on and on!!!! The season has just been f**king fantastic
  3. Ship Zone

    Happy Shamy-versary everyone!! I can't even begin to describe the absolute joy this wonderful couple has given me over the past seven years....I adore them with all my heart It's crazy to think how much a fictional couple means to me I've just finished my season 10 re watch and I've got pages of notes to help me pick my favourite top 10 really has been an amazing season!! All I have to do now is make a decision
  4. Actor

    They look adorable together!!
  5. Ship Zone

    It goes without saying that I can't wait to see tonight's episode....seeing Sheldon down on one knee asking Amy to marry him ( just give me a minute while I scream into my pillow!! ) is something I've tried to picture in my head many times and still can hardly believe it's about to get real!! I'm going to have a re watch of every season 10 episode with pen and paper in hand because there have been so many amazing, wonderful, joyous, awesome, beautiful ( can you all tell how much I've loved this season?? lol ) moments for our favourite couple that I need to take notes to help me compose my list of top 10 ( or 20!! ) Shamy scenes
  6. Ship Zone

    Something I've been thinking about is how long after Shamy's " frenzied love making " did Amy leave for Princeton? Is it possible that they had sex several more times before she left? After watching them outrageously flirting with each other over skype I just had the feeling that we were watching a couple who were a little more sexually experienced than what we've seen on screen!
  7. Ship Zone

    Ever since 9x11 I've dreamed of seeing Sheldon take Amy by the hand and lead her to the bedroom....well, that dream just came true!!!! What a wonderful, full of Shamy perfection episode....I loved it!!
  8. Ship Zone

    Can we make it our top 20 season 10 moments?....I'm not sure 10 will be enough!!
  9. Ship Zone

    @mirs1..omg..I had the very same thought about a secretly taped ending literally minutes before reading your post!!
  10. Ship Zone

    @kazzie..that's such a sweet photo..I love it!
  11. Ship Zone

    I'm out of likes already!!
  12. @kazzie..thank you for the TR!!
  13. Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who's provided us with taping information not only from tonights taping but all through the really is greatly appreciated!!
  14. Ship Zone

    I've often wondered with Amy knowing about the ring how the writers would come up with a scenario where she ( and the viewers ) doesn't see the proposal coming. What better way than to have Amy on the other side of the country, bring back an old character to cause trouble in their relationship and then....surprise!!....Sheldon jumps on a plane and turns up at her door to propose!!
  15. Ship Zone

    I doubt I'll be getting much sleep tonight either!! Anyway..I just want this agonising wait to be over..Happy Taping Day everyone