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  1. If Sheldon doesn't call Amy " little lady " at least once this season I'll be very disappointed!!
  2. In 'Vacation' when Sheldon apologises to Amy in her lab. I love that scene!
  3. Maybe Sheldon skyping with Amy while lying on his bed is foreshadowing that she'll be there with him in person some time soon! :-)
  4. Jlove thank you so much for the report,it's greatly appreciated!
  5. So..I never thought I'd be sitting here staring at several Shamy kiss gifs (something I find myself doing alot these days!) trying to decide which one is my favourite! Oh happy days!! :-)
  6. So....my friend has just sat here while I showed her the promo,interviews,gifs,photos and anything else I could find and listened while I fangirled about it all....and she doesn't even watch the show!! Now that's what I call a good friend!!
  7. I haven't had a very good day today so seeing that photo was just what I needed :-) God....they're so adorable!!!!
  8. I'm getting far too old to be wishing the days go by faster....yet here I am doing exactly that!! Only 14 more to go!!
  9. This may sound a little silly considering we're waiting to see episodes with Shamy passionately kissing and making love ( just typing those words....good Lord!! ) but I would love to see Sheldon and Amy walking down the stairs from 4a holding hands while chatting about their day :-)
  10. Kazzie..just wanted to say thank you for all the information you've provided and to tell you how incredibly grateful I am for all the wonderful details you provide. I keep re-reading your posts with a stupid grin on my face....so happy right now!! :-)
  11. Can you pm the report to me too please??
  12. I just want to say .... I LOVE this thread!!
  13. I'm just trying to get my head around the image of Sheldon down on one knee saying " Amy Farrah Fowler will you marry me? " Good Lord!!!!
  14. So.... I think my husband is getting tired of hearing me talk about Shamy and the TR!! He's definitely reached the "nods and smiles politely" stage!!
  15. Is it bad that I was drinking wine at 10am this morning with my friend to celebrate Shamy reconciling??
  16. Oh well....I guess I'll be suffering from sleep deprivation for the next four days!! :-)
  17. I have to keep believing that they will get back together because I adore this couple and I'm just not ready to let them go..ever!!
  18. Before Amy sees WW's documentary I hope we learn(maybe through a conversation with the girls)that this was a one off date(if indeed it was a date)and Amy has already told him she doesn't want to see him again because she loves Sheldon and only wants him. I don't want it to look like she wants Sheldon back just because she has found out about the ring and proposal.
  19. So many great posts on here today! I've really enjoyed reading everyone's opinions:-) What I want to see after this break up is over is both Sheldon and Amy being left in no doubt about how much they're loved by their partner. They need to be able to openly and honestly discuss what they want and need from the relationship. This break up needs to be over soon because I'm far too old for all this stress....honestly I'm frazzled!!!!
  20. Is episode 5 the first November sweeps episodes?
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