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  1. If Sheldon has stopped contacting Amy in the next episode i really hope it's made clear it's because he's realised he needs to give her some space and not because Leonard's moving out and thoughts of Amy are now secondary.I know how important Leonard is to Sheldon and how big a deal this would be, but, i want to be left in no doubt that Amy is now the most important person in his life and repairing his relationship with Amy is upper most in his thoughts.
  2. Didn't Molaro say something about wanting to explore how the Shamy break would affect the group's dynamic? Maybe this is what this episode will be about.
  3. SWEET JESUS!!!!!! I can't stop looking at that slow motion smirk. That man takes my breath away!! :-)
  4. Just want to thank you both so much for all the info!!
  5. My plan was not to watch the promo if the make out is included, but, after seeing this picture that plan just went down in flames!!!!!
  6. So....am I the only one still sitting here staring at that beautiful picture??????????
  7. So..I told my nephew, who loves the show but doesn't ship anyone, the title of the finale and the synopsis and he immediately said he thought Sheldon was going to propose to Amy :-) He's now my favourite nephew!!
  8. I doubt I'll be able to sleep between now and Wednesday morning!!
  9. I'm trying to put together some coherent thoughts right now! Could it be a proposal? Is it a heated make out or even sex? Oh the possibilities!!
  10. Just watched those instagram clips......I can't find words!!!!
  11. I have a picture of Jim on my tablet and laptop.....my hubby just rolls his eyes!! (He's so understanding :-) )
  12. No problem. I'll take the right one :-)
  13. Sorry ddsunny I claimed them 3 posts back!
  14. Does anyone have his upper arms? If not they're mine!!:-)
  15. All the while he was reading I was just focused on the close up shots of his face!! Good God almighty....he is drop dead gorgeous!!!!
  16. I turned the volume down until he finished speaking!!
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