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  1. I sat staring at that pic for just a little bit longer than I should have!! :-) (ok maybe a lot longer!!)
  2. The first thing my husband (who enjoys the show in general and is not a shipper)said after the episode finished was that he thinks Amy's application will be accepted but not Sheldon's.I had the same thought. As Koops said I think that would make a very interesting storyline.
  3. Bella, just wanted you to know I'm really enjoying your story :-)
  4. Oh why does he always have to look so damn cute?? *sigh*
  5. I want to see a kiss where Amy takes part and doesn't just stand there with her arms hanging by her sides!! I can accept that the SIK took her by surprise and she was too shocked to react, but every time I watch the second kiss I'm thinking " Dear Lord Amy move your lips and put your arms up around his neck "!!
  6. Jim was great!! I would've sold my soul to swap places with that puppy!!
  7. No Shamy kissing is the only thing that's disappointed me this season :-( However I haven't given up hope. There's still 6 episodes left for that passionate make out I keep hoping for!! :-)
  8. Welcome Jo Anna! I love your story!
  9. It'll be the morning of my birthday when we get news from the taping(thanks to the kindness of the reporters). Some sweet Shamy would be a lovely way to start my day :-)
  10. Honestly, I didn't expect anything significant for Shamy from this episode. I've never been so happy to be proven wrong!! :-) D&D thank you both for making me so happy. You made my day!!
  11. Miso, just wanted to say how happy I am that you're back:-) Also, thanks for updating. I love this story!
  12. I may have to watch this episode a few times without hubby......you know......for research purposes!! :-)
  13. Surely Lenny getting engaged and Shamy ILY's should have been an end to Shenny!
  14. Great first chapter,Bella. I'm looking forward to reading more :-)
  15. Is 5 days enough time to re-mortgage my house to pay to go to this taping?? Jesus, I think I'm getting a migraine!!!!
  16. What I find a little annoying is that we get to see Sheldon hug Penny, Leonard, Prof Proton and even hold hands with Howard!! but we get to see no physical contact between him and the woman he's in love with. Come on writers give us something!!
  17. I agree with Cassalia, while I love all the emotional progress Shamy have made this season and the ILYs have been amazing, I'm desperate to see a mutual passionate kiss. I had a feeling that after the train SIK we wouldn't get a kiss every episode but, good Lord, I was hoping for more than one more in a whole year!! I'm really trying not to build my hopes up about the next taping being a VD episode but ,not gonna lie, I'll be more than a little disappointed if it isn't :-(
  18. I see Molaro has said there are no immediate plans for another milestone in Shamy's relationship following the ILY's. If by that he means sex I'm ok with it, but if it means we're not going to see an on screen passionate kiss any time soon (February sweeps I'm looking at you !!) then I'm going to scream out of shear frustration!! Hell, it doesn't even need to be passionate,at this point I'd take any kind of Shamy kiss!!
  19. Happy New Year to my fellow Shamy shippers. I hope 2015 brings lots of good things and happiness to you all :-) Let's hope for some great things for our favourite couple during the rest of the season!!
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