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  1. I really can't wait for the start of the second half of this season. With what we've been given so far along with Eric Kaplan's comments I'm just so excited speculating about what's going to happen. On the subject of Shamy's first time I'm wondering will Sheldon,with his need for routine and order,want to decide in advance when and where their first time will be and have everything planned in detail or will it be spontaneous, say passionate kissing leads to a heavy make out session and both reach a point where neither wants to stop. I'm hoping for the latter because I want to see Sheldon get so turned on by Amy that he loses complete control!! :-)
  2. Just watched it. OMFG!!!! I think I actually passed out for a few seconds!! I couldn't take my eyes off him!!!!
  3. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it.Have a wonderful day!!
  4. I'm happy to wait a while longer for Shamy coitus. What I want to see during the rest of this season is some casual touching; hugging,cuddling on the sofa while watching a movie,hand holding etc. Having said that I really want to see at least one very passionate Shamy kiss(that would make my tv screen steam up!!):-)
  5. Having never watched Moonlighting what did happen to Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd on the show?
  6. Am I the only one who watches his interviews with a stupid smile on their face while hanging on his every word?!?! :-)
  7. Kaplan also said there are" good things "ahead for Shamy. We know they don't write too far ahead so I'm thinking February sweeps. After all we've been given already this season I'm wondering what "things"he could be talking about. I may need to keep the emergency services on speed dial!!!! :-)
  8. Thanks for the report Trina, it had me laughing out loud :-)
  9. I'd love to tell Jim how I like things done......:-)
  10. Just last Christmas Amy doubted Sheldon's feelings for her. Well, there's no doubting them now!! :-)
  11. Thanks for the icons Chloe,they're lovely.
  12. BB , I'm loving your story and can't wait to read the next chapter :-)
  13. I'm wondering if Shamy kisses are still the closed mouth chaste kisses we've seen on screen? My guess is they are because I would think tptb would want their first really passionate kiss and their reaction to it to play out on screen because, imo, that scene would be gold! I know some think that Shamy will be put on the back burner for the second half of the season but I'm not so sure.I think that the physical aspect of their relationship may be progressed and them kissing passionately and losing a little 'control' may be a good place to start. After what's happened so far this season I'm not sure the physical side of their relationship can be ignored and dragged out much longer.
  14. So I've just re-read the TR (only had time to quickly glance through it earlier as I had to dash out to a doctors appointment)and,honestly, I'm lost for words!! They're so in love I can't even......... Also a huge thanks to Michy, Kazzie and anyone else who gave us details about this episode....you've made my day!!
  15. Sheldon loves Amy!!

  16. Ever since we found out that the next taping is a Christmas episode I just can't get the idea of Shamy kissing under the mistletoe out of my head. Now I know I sound like a needy baby greedy baby after the awesomeness of the ILY and all the other wonderful Shamy moments we've gotten this season but........... I WANT THIS KISS SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
  17. Some lovely Shamy moments in the episode.Them playing their game was wonderful and it just seemed that they were so happy together and enjoying each others company so much.I loved it! I also loved that Sheldon knew Amy wasn't being honest with him in the car and when he pointed out that Amy knew revolving doors make him dizzy.They know each other so well :-) Having said that I hate to say there was one thing in the episode I didn't like and that was Sheldon's "and I'm not" in response to Penny saying she's going to spend the rest of her life with Leonard. Surely after telling Amy he loves her he sees himself spending the rest of his life with her and not Leonard!!
  18. I think a mutual,passionate Shamy Christmas kiss under mistletoe would just about finish me off!!!! :-)
  19. Shamy just seem to be enjoying each other so much right now and I'm loving it!! I was obviously blown away by the ILY but them having fun together doing things like FWF also makes me Incredibly happy. This is the Shamy I want to see for the rest of the season. Will it continue or will something happen to test them? I don't know,but for now this Shamy shipper is on cloud nine!! :-)
  20. OMG!! Have you seen how Sheldon's looking at Amy in the hallway? I'm dying here!!
  21. I wonder if she'll be wearing glasses in the episode?
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