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  1. Ever since we got the very brief description of the dress I've been trying to picture how Amy would look, but, l must admit I never expected this. She looks amazing!! :-)
  2. Sheldon because he's tall and cute.....yeah I know I'm shallow :-)
  3. Just got in from work and read the taping report. OMFG!!!! I'm dying here!!
  4. I really want to see Sheldon rest his cheek on top of Amy's head :-)
  5. I've just read Molaro's interview with THR posted in the S8 thread. Not a single mention about Shamy's relationship.I find this a little worrying and disheartening:-(
  6. Miso,your chapters are always worth waiting for :-)
  7. After you've all finished measuring I'll be there to double check,you know,just to be thorough:-)
  8. If Chuck is talking about the physical aspect of their relationship then I'm fine with the "snail's pace".What I would like to see this season is a few more kisses that are more passionate and where we see them lose a little "control" and by this I don't mean them shoving their tongues down each others throats! If,however,he's talking about the emotional aspect then I'm not so happy.I want to see Sheldon making it absolutely clear to Amy,through words and deeds,that he's fallen totally in love with her and I don't want to see any more of her doubting his feelings. I'm hoping the car scene in 8x1 is the first glimpse of this. Also,looking back at the Molaro interview,when he says"as Sheldon becomes more attached to Amy" I'm hoping that's his way of saying"as Sheldon falls deeper in love with Amy" because Sheldon has been attached to her since before they became bf/gf.
  9. As the first taping has gotten nearer I've been convincing myself to keep my hopes low and not expect too much.....oh well that plan just got shot down in flames!! :-)
  10. Could you send me the link too please :-)
  11. Is it sad that I've just sat watching a tennis match I had no interest in just to catch glimpses of Jim?
  12. Miso, I'm so sorry to hear of your sad news and my thoughts are with you. I love your stories and look forward to continuing to read them.
  13. I must be honest,when I read Molaro's recent comments my heart sank down to my feet!! I'm trying really hard to stay positive for season 8 but am finding it more and more difficult. If Amy isn't the first person Sheldon sees when he returns but instead we get a big S/L/P reunion I think I will throw rocks at my tv!!!!because I don't think I can take much more of Amy being treated almost as an afterthought.
  14. About the scene at the station, what I find really annoying is that Amy wasn't even mentioned.For me it makes no sense that someone who was about to leave for god knows how long would make no mention of the person with whom they've been in a commited relationship with for the past 4 years!! I mean come on!! Wouldn't he at least have said"tell Amy I'll call her".At least that would show he was thinking about her and for me would have made that whole scene a little easier to take.
  15. Koops many congratulations!! That's wonderful news :-) Andy happy birthday!! I hope you have a lovely day:-)
  16. so i had to step away from the forum for a little while just to calm down and gather my thoughts about all of this(turning on the radio and listening to the song "Say Something" was not the best idea) The thing that upsets me the most is not the fact that Sheldon freaks out about all the changes and runs away,i can kind of accept that and was probably expecting it to be honest, it's the phone call to check in that has really pissed me off!..........to show that Sheldon is doing fine without Amy and then to confirm that Amy realizes he's doing well without her by having her attack Leonard with a cushion asking"why did you let him go?". I mean,come on,just how much does this poor girl have to take???? Why couldn't they have ended the call with Amy saying"he's doing fine and he says he misses me"just to show that Sheldon at least cares about her? I really hope that 8x1 doesn't show us that Amy has just sat around for months waiting for His Highness to walk back in to her life as if nothings happened and welcomes him with open arms!! I want to see a girl with some self esteem and confidence who makes him realize the hurt he's caused her!!
  17. Cecilia that's exactly what I thought when I read the Strawberry Quick line
  18. Dena I'm the same the volume on my tv, radio, car radio etc has to be on an even number because I hate odd numbers too....my family think I'm a little odd (now I can tell them it's not just me!!)..LOL
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