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  1. I'm on a 2 week Easter break so I can stay in the chat room for as long as I like without having to worry about leaving for work :-) So excited (and nervous) for the taping report......I've driven myself crazy the last few days thinking about all the possible scenarios! Oh and to all who are going to the taping I hope you have a great time and enjoy yourselves!!!! :-)
  2. Congratulations Bella.I hope you have a wonderful day :-)
  3. Dena I'm so sorry for your loss.My sincere condolences to you and your family.
  4. Just wanted to say hi and welcome to all the new Shamies :-) I'm so looking forward to tonights taping and really hope we get some sweet Shamy moments :-)
  5. Kazzie I'm in. I'll take mine by the bridge in Ironbridge, Shropshire but can't do it till next weekend.
  6. Just ordered it for the day it's released.Thanks Tripper :-)
  7. and................breathe!!!! OMG! This has me so excited! Taping day can't come soon enough :-)
  8. Oh Monique I feel your pain! My season 7 episodes were on a hub but something went wrong with it yesterday and now they're all gone :-(
  9. Kaz thanks so much for the report and have a safe journey home :-)
  10. Kazzie have a great time at the taping tonight:-)
  11. Either apartment with Amy pressed against the front door! :-)
  12. I'm so looking forward to this episode!! It seems like Amy isn't putting up with Sheldon's nonsense.I love it!!
  13. Miso I'm so sorry to hear about all the problems you're having and hope things improve very soon. Just read chapter 34.Loved it as always:-)
  14. I've been up all night and still not tired.I think I'm hyped up on Shamy feels! : ) I've re-watched the SIK so many times and every time my stomach flips over! I may never recover from this!
  15. I'm still amazed at how my thoughts(ok,my LIFE!!)have been taken over by a kiss that lasts for 6 seconds! I'm so excited right now i can hardly remember my own name!!
  16. I keep looking at the height difference between them in that gif and thinking about how far down Sheldon has to lean to kiss Amy:-) Good Lord, Thursday can't come soon enough!!
  17. Chiany I love this story.I can't wait to see what Sheldon does to make things right with Amy.It had better be something good because that boy has a lot to make up for!!
  18. Miso I absolutely love this story and was thrilled to see chapter 33 was up:-) The fact that Amy believes her mother hates her is heartbreaking and I'm really looking forward to learning more about their complex relationship. Oh and who Willard is of course!
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