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  1. So sorry to hear about this tx.I wish you a very speedy recovery. About Moving Pictures, I absolutely love this story and know the next chapter will be well worth waiting for.
  2. I'm so done with this!!!!! *flipping tables*
  3. This episode definitely needs to come with a health warning!! : )
  4. Just read Dana's post in the Spoilers thread..........I can't handle any more feels
  5. OMG!!!! Phanta now I'm hyperventilating!!!!
  6. Miso NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't stop writing pleeeease I need more of your amazing, incredible,awesome,fantastic, wonderful chapters!!! :-)
  7. Miso, I hope you're feeling better. Thank you for another two great chapters.As always I loved them and can't wait to find out what happens at the wedding:-)
  8. Ok so I'm trying not to get too excited,but............................................................OMG!I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! : )
  9. I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and say thank you for all the fun I've had both on the forum and in the chat discussing our adorable Shamy.Long may it continue : ) As for the SIK I'm now predicting 7x15 : )
  10. Merry Christmas everyone : ) Here's hoping for some sweet Shamy moments during the rest of the season (and maybe even a SIK!) : )
  11. Leonard telling Amy "Sheldon cares about you more than you think" The fact that Leonard recognises just how much Amy means to Sheldon melts my Shamy heart : )
  12. I absolutely loved this episode.My favourite of the season so far.It was LOL all the way through and OMG the Shamy Adorable!!!!!
  13. OMG! Chapter 27 is amazing!!!!!! Thank you Miso : )
  14. Chloe thank you for the Shamy ones.They're adorable.
  15. Chloe you're a star!Thanks for the info : )
  16. AM,I'm so sorry to hear the news about Holly.I'm sending her all my good wishes for a speedy recovery.
  17. Not sure what's happening here but I'm thinking of going spoiler free too!
  18. Good Lord Miso,that was so hot it was steaming! Girl,you've just made my day!
  19. Wait. What. End of chapter! Noooooooo! Miso,are you trying to kill me? Awesome.I loved it,but i beg you, PLEASE update soon!
  20. Just read chapter 10.A-MA-ZING.This story is so good and has me completely hooked.No pressure,but, PLEASE update soon!
  21. I don't know why but a Thanksgiving episode has me imagining all kinds of Shamy goodness
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