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  1. Raz,thank you for posting Jim and Todd's acceptance speech.It was so nice seeing them together like this. What Jim said about Mayim at the start of his speech really shows what a truly special and amazing friendship they have.
  2. Mayim's speech is lovely.I really want to see Jim and Todd receiving their award from her.
  3. OMG!That first picture warms my Shamy heart I can't wait for this episode.
  4. Spoiled! I'd hate to miss out on all the excitement among the Shamys when(yes WHEN) we get the news of a SIK
  5. Another disappointment would be when the SIK does finally happen there might be some bts cute Majim moment we don't get to hear about:(
  6. Amazing viewing figures! Thanks Tensor for the info.
  7. I was so excited for this episode and also worried I'd be disappointed.I needn't have been.It's everything I wanted and more! I love it! A really big thank you to Monique.You've made my day.
  8. I can't wait for the update.I love this story.
  9. OMG Miso chapter 17 is amazing.I could barely see the words through the blur of tears. Please,please,please update soon.
  10. I want to see a SIK and agree with Koops about no alcohol being involved.When Sheldon finally kisses Amy the only thing I want his mind clouded by is his love for her. (Soppy I know but I don't care!) If we get an ILY first I'd like Sheldon to tell Amy something like "I've fallen in love with you" rather than "I love you"just because he's already said this to Penny and even Leonard and I want to know the love he feels for Amy is different and he only feels it for her.
  11. Phanta that's great.I'm so pleased for you. And Happy Birthday Raz!
  12. Kellee,thank you so much for the report.Sounds like a great episode.
  13. Precious CBS Drone

  14. I just read the article and i can't find the words to describe how i feel right now,although sick to the stomach comes close.I can hardly believe some of the things Molaro has said.The fact that his answer to the question of a Sheldon/Penny romance was"probably not"left me staring at my computer screen in total disbelief.And the whole Amy dragging Sheldon along in their relationship makes me question the whole point of 'The Love Spell' episode.I mean why bother?Molaro may as well break Shamy up and be done with it. The way i feel right now i will not be watching season 7 although i know how great you guys are and are often the voice of reason so i'm hoping after reading some of your thoughts i will feel it is worth hanging in there
  15. delsino thanks so much for posting the Sirius interview with Jim.It really is appreciated
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