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  1. Delsino if you could post the interview here that would be very kind of you and i'm sure very much appreciated by those of us outside the US
  2. On the subject of Shamy progress during the time Leonard's away.I'd be ok with things like Sheldon becoming more comfortable with hand holding or giving Amy a hug or even cuddling on the sofa while watching a movie without complaining, happening off camera.However,i would be gutted if we didn't get to see the first SIK.After waiting so long and being so patient(i know how Amy feels LOL)it's the least we deserve!
  3. I can't get any sound on this interview.No idea why.Can anyone help?
  4. Koops,i quite like the idea of Sheldon moving into Amy's apartment.After all we have seen a certain amount of Shamy "action"on her couch.It would be fun seeing that develop
  5. Welcome ProudShamyShipper.I'm a new member of the Sharmy myself.It's great fun
  6. Agreed.This could have taken place at the going away party, maybe in the kitchen away from the others.It could have been used to show a subtle movement forward in their relationship following what happened in ep 23. If season 7 starts with Leonard returning then there has to be a different Shamy relationship for it to be believable IMO.Amy could not have spent 4 months taking care of Sheldon and things still remain the same.It's a pity we most likely won't get to see this play out on screen.I think the writers missed a great opportunity here.
  7. My first day back at work after the Easter break and all I've been able to think about is the taping report.Plus I've got someone at work hooked on the show and they've asked me to let them know as soon as i hear something. If we do get a SIK i may as well stay at home tomorrow because i'll be as good as useless!
  8. Maybe Sheldon will be the one who breaks this trend!
  9. I doubt Leonard will leave now that things are so great between him and Penny. It could mean,however,that Sheldon needs Amy to comfort him while his best friend makes up his mind
  10. Maybe Sheldon will use this as an opportunity for a trial run of Amy moving in with him!
  11. Me neither.I was hoping the finale would continue on from ep 23. I know i'm greedy!
  12. Thank you guys for the warm welcomes. I've had so much fun reading all your quotes especially the ones following Tuesday's taping report.I must say that the first time i read it i was holding my breath. Awesome.Bring on the finale!
  13. Hi everyone.I'm new to the forum but have been reading it for a while and thought it was time to join the Sharmy. I love the show and adore Shamy. Anyway just wanted to introduce myself.
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