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  1. @brilliantfool..thank you so much for all the taping info you've provided us with..it's really appreciated!! The episode sounds wonderful..I can't wait to see it!!!!
  2. That doesn't look like the bottom of a ridiculously over the top dress to me....
  3. Don't tell my hubby but I don't think I was this excited about my own wedding lol !!!!! ( JK....well....yeah....JK )
  4. This is exactly how I'm feeling right now!!!!
  5. I just don't see how Mark Hamill playing Amy's dad would work. The fact that he's such an iconic part of something the guys love so much, IMO, rules him out of playing anything other than himself. I mean, what would they do, keep telling his character how much he reminds them of Mark Hamill? Also....about the venue, it looks as if the wedding will take place at the Athenaeum after all judging by the background in the pictures posted by JRB. I wonder how that happens? Maybe there's a fire or flood at the planetarium ( assuming that was their second choice ) and someone persuades Kripke to let Shamy have the Athenaeum. And....i've been looking at the pictures of the tiara and, to me, it looks like the one Mayim's wearing is the one that Sheldon gave to Amy
  6. I'm guessing Mayim was talking about the dress we'll see in 11x22..I still find it puzzling that the writers revealed it before the wedding so.... Maybe it's not the dress she ends up wearing....maybe her mom turns up with Amy's grandmother's stunningly beautiful dress and asks her to wear it in her memory.... OK..I'm desperately clutching at straws here!!!!
  7. I'm still clinging to the hope that Steve Holland has remembered what he said in his interview about the writers wanting certain people at the wedding but that it's Sheldon and Amy's big day!! I am however interested to see how they write Amy's mom....if they go with an overbearing, overprotective woman I can see Kathy Bates being amazing in the role! ( assuming that's the part she's playing )
  8. @hokie3457..Alias Smith and Jones..I loved that show!!....and had a school girl crush on Pete Duel
  9. I'm curious as to what happens that leads Sheldon to see Amy in the dress because, IIRC, she wouldn't let Howard see Bernadette in hers because it's bad luck so does Sheldon see it accidentally somehow?
  10. I want a FWF too....maybe a pre-marital special edition!!
  11. I also liked the subtle changes they made to Amy's hair and clothes in seasons 9 and 10.I've absolutely no idea why they've felt it necessary to revert her look back to earlier seasons because, to me, it makes sense that she would want to look a little different ( without losing what makes her who she is ) given how her life has changed and moved forward!
  12. That's just so frickin' adorable!!!!
  13. Yeah....I've watched this clip several times because I just love what Chuck says about Shamy and, especially, what he says about Mayim!!
  14. My biggest worry is that, with all the different characters in attendance, the focus of the wedding episode will be less about Shamy and more about " guest stars ". But, after watching Steve Hollands interview ( where he says there's people they want to see at the wedding but, for them, it's Sheldon and Amy's special day ) I'm more hopeful that won't be the case!
  15. @spidergirl..I'm sending you my very best wishes for a speedy recovery.... hope you will be feeling better soon!!
  16. Yeah....if we don't get at least one of these " MaJim moments " I'm gonna be very, very disappointed!! I'm guessing someone will ask a question about the wedding....it'll be interesting to see how much the writer's will be willing to give away.
  17. Agree with you guys..this episode sounds wonderful!! The Shamy scenes sound amazing and I can't wait to see them....sweetness, hugs, kisses....bring them all on!!!!
  18. Thank you so much @RJ1013 for the TR....it sounds like a great episode and I'm really looking forward to seeing it!!
  19. So....now we know there's going to be a Shamy bed scene in the next episode taped!! l just love that Mayim gives us this BTS stuff!!
  20. Happy birthday @Jonny..hope you have a really great day!!
  21. I was just looking for the ratings thread....is it just me or has it gone??
  22. In Jim's IG story he's doing a funny little dance....maybe he's rehearsing for Sheldon's bachelor party!! Anyway..so excited for this one ( thanks to Mayim for the info! )
  23. I had to go back and re-read that part several times....you know....just to make sure I'd read it correctly!!
  24. @pegcarr..thank you so much for the TR....it's greatly appreciated Hope you had an amazing time!!
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