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  1. @nusspot..thanks so much for the info!!
  2. Happy birthday @Tensor....I hope you have a great day!!
  3. E4 just repeated " Veracity elasticity "....What an episode!!!! The Buridan's Donkey scene is just awesome!! That's the Shamy I want to see more of in season 11
  4. For me personally I'd like to see Shamy have some simple background story lines where they're doing fun newly engaged couple stuff like shopping for a new sofa ( I mean, come on, would the world come to an end if they changed the damn couch!! ) or a new bed or perhaps have fun rearranging the apartment furniture. Nothing major or life changing but would still feel like they're taking small steps forward while working toward the more significant milestones like the wedding. What I don't want to see is Sheldon being jealous of Amy's work when at the end of last season he told her how proud of her he is and how he supports her in everything she does. Or Sheldon telling Raj that he doesn't hold Amy's hand while watching a movie when we've seen him take her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom to " engage in frenzied love making " !! Some of these " jokes " this season just feel , IMO, like they're taking steps backwards.
  5. @Kathy2611 @April and @Jonny....I'm so glad it's not just me who's feeling this way!! Maybe it is the fact we had so much Shamy goodness in season 10 but, honestly, this season so far, has left me feeling " disappointed " in regards to our favourite couple
  6. @Babar..thank you so much for all the info you've given us!
  7. Happy birthday @bfm..have a wonderful day
  8. Wanted to add my vote....Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler-Cooper
  9. Just saw the sneak peek....OMG!! These two are killing me!!
  10. @BigBangFan24 thank you so much for the info!!
  11. I love that we're getting even more focus on Amy's work and a collaboration with Howard sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out! I was concerned that, following the engagement, most of Amy's storylines would be about wedding planning and, as much as I'm looking forward to Shamy's wedding, I'm glad to see that so far that doesn't seem to be the case. As for the Sheldon/Lenny plot....I think I'll keep my thoughts about that to myself
  12. @NotWonderland thank you so much for the TR
  13. @Tensor and @Carlos you're in my thoughts....stay safe!
  14. I'm going for a mixed theme wedding. Sheldon dressed as a Starfleet officer and Amy wearing a medieval style dress.
  15. My wedding date vote is..Amy's birthday
  16. @mirs1....wishing you a very happy birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends
  17. Whether it's a sweet peck on the lips or a hot make out it's a " new " Shamy kiss and I can't wait to see it!!
  18. @Kev0821....just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the info you're sharing with us..it's greatly appreciated!!!!
  19. Here I go again....sitting here staring at Shamy kiss gifs....I adore this couple so much!!!!
  20. As much as I'm looking forward to Amy's " yes " and seeing Sheldon put that ring on her finger I'm equally looking forward to seeing a very VERY passionate kiss that ( hopefully ) follows!!
  21. Here's my top 10 list: 1. Frenzied lovemaking chat and Sheldon leading Amy to the bedroom 2. Their make up kisses 3. MRI scan gift and make out 4. Mutual ILY's in Earworm 5. Buridan's donkey 6. Science fight in 4a and them both getting turned on 7. Train kiss 8. "Let's find out together" bed scene 9. "ILY too" scene in Prom 10. The proposal
  22. How on earth Amy managed to resist Sheldon's attempts at seduction I'll never know!! I would've been all over him....
  23. Thank you @Tensor!! This is going to be tough....but also a lot of fun
  24. Shamy kiss gifs....how lovely!! I could just sit here looking at them for hours!! As for my favourite that's a tough choice....but I think I would go with " earworm "....but then again maybe " opening night's " my favourite....although now I think about it I love the one in " birthday " after Sheldon gives Amy the MRI gift....oh hang on though their train kiss is really close to my heart....then of coarse there's the one in 10x23 .... no it's impossible to choose....I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! lol
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