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  1. If the writers are planning on bringing in new characters, Amy's parents, Sheldon's brother etc, then I really hope it's done in a pre wedding episode because, honestly, I want the actual wedding episode to be focused on Shamy.
  2. @2L344 thank you so much for the info....so happy you had a good time!! And I love the details about the Shamy wedding cards..sounds adorable. These are the reasons why I love this couple so much!!
  3. @Silver1984 congrats and have a great time at the taping!! This is great....and I agree....Shamy's chemistry is off the charts!!
  4. @maxoudela..any info you can share with us would be greatly appreciated....thank you!!
  5. @KDLivi welcome to the forum @heres2U thank you so much for the extra Shamy info
  6. Thank you so much @Tensorfor such a detailed TR....and I'm so pleased that you had such a great time!!
  7. Thank you @Tensor..hope you're having a great time!!
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