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  1. Add my name to the list of those wanting to see the back of that couch! Every time I see Sheldon sitting on it all I can think is " you poor thing..you look so uncomfortable!! "
  2. Maybe this time next season we'll be here asking the question " how many times have Shamy had sex now?? "
  3. @Bigbang.daily..thank you so much!
  4. I'm so happy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm wondering if there's a goodbye scene between Shamy as Amy leaves for Princeton and,if so,do they share a lovely goodbye kiss?..or mutual ILY'S?..or both??
  6. @Judith..thank you so much for the info..it makes me feel a whole lot better!!
  7. I've been out all day and have just caught up with the spoilers on the DT....that is not what I expected to be reading at all!!!! I'm off now to read what you guys think about all this!!
  8. Happy birthday @April..hope you're having a really lovely day!!
  9. A fun,lighthearted,drama free episode..I enjoyed it! And, of course, the TAG scene was adorable!!
  10. @luminous..thank you and your friend so much for the TR. It really is appreciated!!
  11. Just watched it and....I loved it!!!! Shamy perfection!! Amy called Sheldon " babe ".....I had to rewind that to make sure I'd heard right!! Now I'm off to read all of your wonderful comments....and rewatch the episode again!!
  12. Thank you @Itwasdestined and @snow*flower for the info!!
  13. In the photo of Amy playing the autoharp..could she be singing to him??
  14. I'm trying to keep my expectations low too but..this is more than a little exciting!!
  15. We know that when Amy ended things with Sheldon Penny told him that Amy thought he was a" bad boyfriend ". He himself thought Amy would go on to marry " someone better than him ".Is he now thinking that if he isn't perfect husband material there's a chance Amy will leave him again and so is reluctant to propose? I really hope not because Amy told him she " loves him exactly the way he is " and I hate to think that Sheldon has any doubts about that. Or maybe because they are in such a great place right now Sheldon doesn't want to change things or " rock the boat " in case things start to go wrong?
  16. Thanks @RJ1013 for the extra details..I'm really looking forward to this one!!
  17. Love the promo pics..these two are just so adorable!!
  18. So..if Sheldon's sick and has lost his journal why on earth would he be going to a western bar?? I'm at a complete loss trying to piece this together!!
  19. Mayim also posted a selfie with Jim saying he was singing " Oklahoma ". Was he rehearsing that for the episode?? Maybe he sings it at the western bar..karaoke maybe?? My brain is working overtime thinking about this taping!!
  20. Happy birthday @Jonny....I hope you have a great day!!
  21. Just watched this weeks episode again....I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing our wonderful couple in bed together!!
  22. I love the sound of this....I couldn't stop laughing at Amy grabbing Sheldon's notebook and tossing it out of the window!!
  23. @RJ1013..thank you so much for the TR. It really is appreciated!
  24. This sounds great!!.....really looking forward to it!! Many thanks to @RJ1013 for the info!!
  25. Count me in as one who didn't see the move to 4B coming and surely didn't expect it to be permanent,but now I love seeing the two of them living there being all couply and domesticated!! Like others have said what I'd love to see now is them shopping for new furniture namely a couch and a bed (or at the very least a new headboard!! )
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