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  1. I'm not convinced that if the season does end on a cliffhanger it won't involve Shamy. With the two year renewal will the writers be looking for a way to delay the proposal? I don't mean a break up ( OMG at least I hope not!! ) I was thinking maybe Amy gets offered the chance to head some kind of important research project which would mean moving to another State or something like that and the cliffhanger is " will she go? " Without something major happening I don't see how the engagement can't happen this season without it becoming ridiculous and even casual viewers questioning why.
  2. @2L344..thank you so much for the TR. It really is appreciated!!
  3. I've never seen LOTR but didn't Gollum call the ring "precious"?
  4. The very thought that it was Jim who added in that line is absolute gold!!!!
  5. A couple of things I'm wondering about..would Mayim and Jim have asked permission before posting those pictures ( they surely knew they'd generate a lot of speculation ) and would Mayim's " bed " picture have been taken during dress rehearsal or during the pre-taping of that scene?
  6. You know....I totally and utterly adore Shamy with all my heart but since they moved in together my adoration has reached stratospheric levels!!!! There's now a closeness and intimacy between them that's, for me anyway, an absolute joy to watch and I find myself craving more and more of their scenes together. It may sound silly to talk about fictional characters like this but this wonderful couple has brought an immense amount of joy to my life for which I'll always be grateful. Anyway....sorry for my ramblings and sappy post but I've had a really crappy couple of days and just felt the need to make this post
  7. I'm hoping to see a really hot make out followed by passionate lovemaking!!!! There's nothing wrong in dreaming big!!!! lol
  8. Just wanted to thank you guys for the birthday wishes..it's so sweet of you!!
  9. However Sheldon decides to propose I wish he'd hurry it along a little....this waiting is killing me!! lol
  10. I just love that gif of their first meeting in the coffee shop....that double take of Sheldon's gets me every time!!
  11. The question I keep asking myself is " why are the writers still sticking to this once a year sex on Amy's birthday " scenario? Because, honestly, I just don't get it. After 9x11 I, like many others, thought the writers wanted to see how the viewers reacted. Fine, I get that, but after it was so well received why stick to " once a year? ". Then I thought maybe it's the whole " Sheldon's still Sheldon " deal and, as nothing much changed even after 9x11 I could even by that. But.... Here we are in season 10 and so much has changed that I don't think" Sheldon's still Sheldon " can even apply anymore. The writers are happy to have him move out of 10a and live with Amy, share a bed with her, show him turned on by her, kiss her in front of Lenny, tell her he loves her and that thinking of her makes his brain light up, seduce her and suggest having sex in her lab!! So I'm back to my original question....why are the writers sticking to once a year Shamy sex??
  12. I just hope this episode comes with a health warning!!!! lol :-)
  13. @Aimelabhaoise thank you so much for the info. Hope you had a wonderful time!! :-)
  14. I just love all their things dotted around the bathroom..their toiletries, Amy's hairdryer, Sheldon's dressing gown hanging on the bathroom door. It's all so..couply and intimate ( if that makes sense ) :-)
  15. I've been thinking about the Shamy engagement ( ok maybe thinking is the wrong word..obsessing is probably more accurate!! ) and wondering what the writers may be thinking in terms of when it will happen with them not knowing if this will be the final season or not. With only eight more episodes to tape if it happens within the next couple of tapings that still leaves time to organise the wedding ( I would've thought they'd want a Shamy wedding before the show ends ) without it being too rushed. If they find out the show is being renewed the engagement won't change things much and the wedding can be put off till season 11. Whatever happens I need to hear Sheldon say the words " Amy Farrah Fowler will you marry me? " like I need air!!lol
  16. Loved Amy's " the bra under here ain't beige ". She's so adorable!! And Sheldon is so..HOT!!
  17. Something I really loved about the bedroom scene was that Sheldon didn't respond to Amy's " I love you exactly the way you are " straight away while lying with his back towards her but instead waited until he had sat up and was looking directly at her before saying " I feel the same way about you". To me it felt like he was trying to convey to her the depth of his feelings for her and the sincerity of his words and to leave her with absolutely no doubt about how much he loves her. Good Lord..these two will be the death of me!! :-)
  18. This is intriguing....and exciting!!!!
  19. Thanks @kerrycec03 for the info..it really is appreciated! I told myself to keep my expectations low for this episode especially after 10x13..then I find out there's mutual ILY's!! Needless to say..my day was well and truly made!! :-)
  20. Happy New Year to you all. May 2017 bring you good health and happiness!:-)
  21. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! I hope you have a wonderful time with your families and friends:-)
  22. I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! :-) Let's hope the second half of the season continues to bring lots more great things for our wonderful,adorable Shamy!!
  23. Something I've been thinking about concerning Sheldon's MRI. He could've been thinking about anything while he was lying there having his brain scanned...trains...superheroes...science...but...no...he's thinking about Amy!! It just melts my heart to think that, even when he's away from her, he's still thinking about her!!:-)
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