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  1. I've been out all day so only just read the TR ( thank you so much @shamyyellow ) I could hardly believe my eyes!! I was prepared for a very light Shamy episode so to then read that.. I think I actually started to hyperventilate!!lol Can this season get any better???? Anyway..I'm off now to read all of your thoughts!! :-)
  2. I can just imagine,right after the Shamy wedding episode airs,Molaro doing an interview where he tells us all that Sheldon's still Sheldon and that Shamy are taking baby steps!!lol
  3. I just know I'll be sitting staring at all the Shamy gifs from 10x11 for a ridiculously long time!!!!LOL
  4. @Maddie....you are killing me here!!!! LOL!
  5. After being out with a friend all day I've just spent a wonderful couple of hours reading the spoilers ( a huge thank you to everyone who provided information..you guys are awesome ) and around 5 pages of amazing posts!! Honestly all I can say right now is it's all so..........PERFECT!!!!
  6. Maybe it's the tag scene..after the baby arrives the rest of the gang go to the hospital to see him/her for the first time.
  7. I'm wondering if this might be the episode that deals with Shamy's sex life. Thinking back to 10x4 and Amy saying they'll revisit it when they get more comfortable, well, living together for 5 weeks or more, sleeping in the same bed and then deciding to move in together permanently , just how much more comfortable do they have to get?!! I'm also thinking, as others have said, that 10x11 will be the birth of Bernies baby and I could see that being a group episode with everyone being at the hospital (like when Howard's mom was taken ill ) supporting Howardette and there not being any other major storylines like coitus 2.0. I'm probably completely wrong but speculating is fun!! lol :-)
  8. Oh Amy..how could you possibly resist? LOL!!
  9. I'm loving all the Shamy goodness we're getting this season..It's exceeding all my expectations! That being said I'm so looking forward to an engagement because I'm curious as to how Sheldon will propose and I can't wait to hear him say the words " Amy Farrah Fowler..will you marry me? " Good Lord...just the thought of it makes me want to scream!! :-)
  10. Looking at those promo pics Amy obviously has more self control than me because I'd have been all over Sheldon like a cheap suit!!!! LOL :-)
  11. So....I leave the forum to go eat and come back to Mayim's IG pic!! Trying to remain calm but....OMG!! this taping can't come soon enough!!
  12. When Howard told the guys that Bernie was pregnant Sheldon suggested they all get vasectomies so unless he's had a complete change of mind in a few short months the real reason he's trying to seduce Amy ( to my mind at least ) is simple....he's randy ( to use his own word ) and he wants her....bad!!!!
  13. @mjc45 have a great time and thank you so much!!
  14. I can barely think of anything other than Shamy and these next few episodes right now!!
  15. The fact that the writers have dedicated so many episodes to this LA experiment and shown so much Shamy progress is what has me convinced they won't go back to the status quo. I am totally loving season 10!!
  16. I'm seriously beginning to think that not only will the new LA become permanent but the experiment will end in a proposal!!
  17. That pic....these two are killing me!!!!
  18. I've lost count of how many times I've watched the hug scene ( you know....for research purposes!! ) and I'm almost certain Sheldon says " come here ". Maybe I need to watch a few more times just to make sure!! :-)
  19. I was so looking forward to this episode and had such high expectations....and I was not disappointed!! It was amazing and I loved every second of it!! The tag scene....watching the sexual tension build up between Sheldon and Amy as their argument went on to the point where they could barely keep their hands off each other..Good Lord!! I can only imagine how hot the make up make out was once they arrived at 4B!!
  20. The photo....The gif....OMG I love this couple so much!!!!
  21. Mayim's reaction to Jim's " Do we fuck? " is hilarious!!!!
  22. I 'm thinking that coitus will be addressed in 10x7 ( week 4 of the LA experiment ) because I can see 10x8 being the episode where the whole thing is evaluated and a " where do we go from here? " discussion taking place. Anyway I really hope something physical happens in the next taping because I'm now desperate and, quite honestly, tired of waiting! ( Sorry if I sound ungrateful because I know we have a couple of great episodes coming up but I just want to see some between the sheets action!! :-) )
  23. Soopysue..have a great time. Hubby and me travelled around Scotland a few years ago including the Highlands..absolutely stunning!! About Shamy....I haven't felt this excited about an upcoming taping in ages and although I'm trying to keep my expectations low I seem to be failing!!
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