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  1. Thank you so much NotWonderland! This episode sounds amazing!!
  2. I just hope that if this "flirting with cohabitation"is Amy spending one or two nights a week at Sheldon's apartment she'll be sleeping with him in his bed as his lover and not in Leonard's room like his roommate because that's something I don't want to see!!
  3. Hi Tony....yes that would've been nice:-)
  4. It seems to me that the breakfast scene could've been used to show the audience that Sheldon and Amy are spending nights together (Amy preparing breakfast still wearing her nightie)without it being made into a big deal and it's now a regular part of their relationship. Maybe it's just me desperately wanting to know that they are now making love often!! :-) Just wanted to add a huge thank you to the guys who gave us the taping info!
  5. I've watched a lot of tv over the years but I can honestly say I've never felt about any tv character/s the way I feel about this couple of ours! In fact it sometimes surprises me just how much these two mean to me! I think my family think I'm a little bit nuts!! lol :-)
  6. Hi Tensor

    I just wanted to ask a question about the latest Shamy moment. I voted the Shamy make up kisses in Earworm as my number one moment but in your post it doesn't say it received a vote for the number one spot.



    Sorry if you've received this twice as I wasn't sure I sent it correctly before

  7. I voted for the "make up" kisses as one scene
  8. Good Lord....I never get tired of staring at that gif!!!!
  9. I've kept to scenes with both of them in otherwise I would never have been able to narrow it down to 10!!
  10. So....a 3 day event...definately a chance to spend a couple of nights in a hotel together!! :-)
  11. I can't stop looking at those 'kiss' gifs!! I really want to see more passionate make outs in season 10:-) OMG ...I'm missing our couple so much right now .. I could scream!!
  12. Just the thought of Sheldon saying the words " Amy,will you marry me? " gives me goosebumps!! :-)
  13. Just wanted to join in and say I can't wait for season 10 to start!! I'm missing our couple so much:-( What I want to see in the early part of the season is an increase in their physical intimacy and I don't just mean sex, although I'd like to see this once a year on Amy's birthday nonsense put to bed once and for all (no pun intended!!) I'm talking about sweet pecks on the lips or cheek,handholding,cuddling on the couch etc. ( I still can't understand why we had a passionate makeout in 9x10 and sex in 9x11 then nothing in the next 13 episodes. ) To me, at this stage of their relationship, these small gestures of affection shouldn't be a big deal.( not saying I won't find it exciting though!!) :-)
  14. A difficult choice, for me, between Opening night and Earworm. The whole scene, in Opening night, from Amy entering the bedroom to the kiss in bed is so beautiful and the acting from Jim and Mayim is perfection. In Earworm there's the ILY's,that first make up kiss and then Sheldon can't wait to get his lips back on Amy's and ....oh the passion in that kiss!! A difficult choice indeed!!
  15. I'd also like to say thank you Tensor for all your hard work in bringing us all the ratings news :-)
  16. Just look at Amy's "I love you too"....that girl is giddy in love with her man!!
  17. Although I'm trying to keep my expectations low I can't help thinking we're getting a proposal tonight:-) (just a feeling I have) Anyway,it's just after 11pm here so I'm going to try to get some sleep (although I'm not too hopeful) so I can be in chat ready for spoilers! See you all there :-)
  18. Just wanted to say I loved this episode. The tag scene was adorable! This couple will be the death of me! :-)
  19. So....if they're heading to the cabin will they be sharing a room/bed???? Trying to stay calm here...nope not working!!!!
  20. I loved this episode! This is the Shamy I want to see! :-) I melted when Sheldon said " when two people are in love " rather than " when two people love each other " because,to me,saying you're ' in love ' with someone has a deeper more intimate meaning :-)
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