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  1. I saw that there was a thread for this. But it seems to have crashed and died in September of last year... I wasn't too sure whether I should bump the thread or just create a new one to renew the vibe in a way. If the mods don't want this thread about, and want us to use the old one; feel free to lock this. So, go! (I'll post mine a bit later) If you're having trouble uploading and want a simple way to do so: Visit and register (or log-in with Facebook) (100% free) on this site - yes, it does require a little effort on your part! Stop whinging!: http://imageshack.us/ Click 'Browse' and it will take you to your computer files. From there click an image straight from your files and then click 'upload now'. From there it's fairly simple; Once it is processed copy and paste the 'forum code' URL and paste it into the thread.
  2. As a future game-developer; it's not our faults. The companies often brief us on what they want us to do. The briefs are generally very typical and just what they know to sell, which is pretty much FPS and open-world/roaming games. If you want (not so much original) but a fun, old-RPG roots video game; play Ni-No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Anyway, I just thought I'd put that out there.
  3. At this moment in time, nothing! I am posting on forums. ;D At the moment I am playing a video game I am developing myself for my college course. It is a basic 2D platformer (as that is what I am required to do to start with). I've named the game, 'Max Martian - Everyone's favourite hero!'. It's a pretty basic game in which you play as an alien who has to collect spare parts and repair your broken ship while battling the government. At this moment in time I am also trying out Fifa 13. It is descent. Many glitches, though. And as an up-and-coming games developer it's annoying to see so little effort put into some players in comparison to others. But I guess that is where the pressure of deadlines come in (usually).
  4. Gay Rangers!? Really? Haha. I get where your brother is coming from; but I was playing with them at an age where I hadn't even developed psycho-sexual tendencies at that age, I hardly think it was/is even relevant. Thanks for your input, though...
  5. I preferred Power Rangers. Haha.
  6. Pretty cool to see. Thanks for sharing. (:
  7. Hi, my name is Emre. I am living in London, UK, although I am Turkish, and I am currently at college. I have been watching The Big Bang Theory since it started; I never really gave coming onto a forum for it a second thought until today. My favourite character has to be Sheldon. Anyway, outside of the forum I have several hobbies. In general I am fairly athletic; I love to do Krav Maga (martial art) and have been doing it since I was very young, I also love to play football. When I'm not doing sports I love to draw and I love Science in general. So, yeah. That's all there really is to me. Thanks for reading. (:
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