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  1. And it All started with a big BANG!! :D

  2. College Maths Exam today! Got sheldon's voice in my head telling me to just plow through it xD

  3. Anybody know where in the UK i can find similar clothes to Leonard or Sheldon? wanna have a cosplay day :)

  4. What's Up Bazinga Geeks? :D

  5. Sippi'n Tea in my big bang Mug!! Got it for my 17th birthday.

  6. bored! checking my profile in class hehe :D

  7. Does anyone know when season 7 of BBTH will be shown in the uk? desperate to know! i heard it was mid November, not sure if that's true!

    1. Chrystalie


      If it doesn't bother you to watch it with french subtitles at the bottom, I watch the eps in here each friday :)http://www.the-big-bang-streaming.com/saison-7

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