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  1. I think Kevin playing Stuart, Chuck and bill Couldn't picked a batter actor to portray him. I mean Stuart alone in the show, he may not be involved with the rest of the gang very much, but I find his quirks quite cute! One of my college friends is similar to Stuart in terms of personality and quirks which is simply awesome. And I may start an argument here, but I think Raj and Lucy we're good to begin with, but in my eyes, I can see Stuart and Lucy Really hitting it off. she's shy, he's shy they would be perfect for each other.


    And another thing which bugs me, are Kevin Sussman and Joshua Sussman Brothers? they look alot alike, but there not mentioned on either of their Wikipedia pages. I Recognize Josh from glee, he was in quite a few, and he was in Wizards of waverly place also. 


    actor_12260.jpg             :dontknow:            220px-Josh_Sussman.png

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  2. Hey guys! How are we all today? sorry I've been gone for more than a while, I've been held up with finishing college work and going to typical family get togethers, Been quite busy since the last time I was on here. feels good to be back in the midst of the Big bang theory fan site universe  :icon_mrgreen:

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  3. Who was happy and excited to see T.B.B.TH back on UK screens on Thursday? I was. I waited till 8:00 to watch it in my living room (as my bedroom TV has no free view) My uncle,Aunt and nephews are staying with us, As i was all slug in my onsie and hot chocolate ready to make, I opened the front door to find them sleeping. and in the sleep state where there not allowed to be disturbed. :( felt real gutted! so I had to wait until the next day to watch it on catch-up.


    I can honestly say it was a great episode, had me laughing throughout.


    What did you guys think of it? did you like the comeback? do you wish it should've been sooner that April?


  4. I was the same with my stepbrother Shaun. it kinda went like this:


    Shaun: "I really Like Rhianne shes a good friend, she even told her mum about me!" 


    Me: "OMG!"


    Shaun: "What?"


    Me: "Y'know how you say she's a girl whose you're friend and nothing else."


    Shaun: Yeah?


    Me: "Can't say that anymore... Ha! You're screwed!"


    He has trouble with relationships bless him! girls say hes kinda Immature, but cute. 

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  5. This has been puzzling me for a while, ever since I became involved with this fandom, I always wondered, does it have a name? what to we call ourselves as a group or individual fans? I always Imagined us being called "Bazinga Geeks" or "Bazinga Nerds" or "Sheldon Cooper's C-men" what kind of name are we known as? It would be fun Wouldn't it! 



  6. Was anyone else shocked when E4 announced that the new series of Big Bang wouldn't be back until April last night?! There are big things planned - how are we going to wait that long? We've only just had the Thanksgiving episode!

     Yeah!! i was quiet Pissed off TBH, a whole month to wait? My mum said it'll give me a  break from y so called "Addiction" to the show.  :unknw: My mum has no idea!! On the plus side, February has 28 days! which makes it either 2 or 3 days shorter to wait! I feel you're pain!!  :icon_evil: E4, Y U MAKE US WAIT!!!!! 

  7. I'D say my relationship is like howard/bernadette but half sheldon/amy. i love my boyfriend dearly, but we're too young to be at the "intimate" stage of our relationship. i'm sixteen and he's seventeen, we're nothing like penny/leonard but according to a test, my personality is similar to leonards, and my boyfriends matched to leonards also. we're a perfect match. so i'd say we're more howard/bernadette and shamy.





    "live long and prosper" -Sheldon cooper 

  8. this is only chapter one, hope you like it, im open to oppinions/criticism ect.. enjoy BBTH peeps.



    The big bang theory:

    The British Hypothesis

    Part 1:

    “Leonard,” said Howard looking at him with a sad face. It had almost been 3 months since penny moved away, heartbroken and soulless; Leonard wasn’t up for social conversation of any kind. *Raj opens the door and runs in, gasping for breath* “what’s up raj?” Stuart asked “t-the-ther- there’s a- N-Ne-new girl downstairs about to move into penny’s old apartment. She seams pretty hot!” Raj had not overcome his phobia of talking to girls 2 years ago; he is now brimming with confidence. “So where’s she from?” said Howard quickly standing up.

    “She’s from Guernsey, Channel islands!” Raj replied “Ah, the noble brits, home to tea and scones, fish and chips and a quite aging but fascinating queen!” said Sheldon walking into the room not at all surprised. “How do you know so much about that?” “Said Stuart confused “I had a slight conversation with a brit once, Brian Humphreys, nice gentlemen principle of the University of Essex. And I did come across a slight conversation with the new girl Courtney” Sheldon replied. “So, her names Courtney, Courtney what?!” asked Howard “Courtney Rainwaulder, from St. Sampson, Guernsey” replied Sheldon, with a tired look on his face.

    Then came a sudden knock on the door. “I’ll get it.” Said Leonard forcing himself to stand up, feeling rather dizzy. There stood a lovely woman, about 5 feet tall, slender in weight. Nothing but slightly overlapping curves to make her a feminine Michelin man. “Hi, is this apartment 4B?” She said rather ditzy and confused. “T-thi-This is Apartment 4A… Hi I’m Leonard!” he said in a rushed rather shy tone of voice “Waytta way to kill the mood!” Raj said looking at the door in a sarcastic foul mood. “Oh come now Raj, Leonard is probably feeling shy, nauseous, and a little bit muted! High pitch voice is most common around the shyness trait.” “I am not *suddenly his voice rises* Muted!” replied Leonard clutching his chest. “I rest my case” Sheldon added then continued typing his theories for his next week of work.

    “So you’re the new girl I see?” said Howard gradually stepping in front of Leonard. “I am yes, I’ve just moved here from Guernsey. I’ve come to America to pursue my Writing skills! I want to have the opportunity to be an author like J.K Rowling; she’s one of my many idols in writing, Just like Siobhan Dowd! I just loved her Novels a swift pure cry and the London eye mystery.” This girl seamed quite intelligent. Much to Sheldon’s dislike, but she has a 4% Higher IQ than Leonard (Leonards IQ: 173 Courtney’s IQ: 177) “How Rude of me, my name is Courtney Armiah Rainwauld.” My middle name is Italian, surname Swedish” As the sky over Pasadena loomed a frightful shade of Violet, Courtney was sat on her bed, checking her Facebook on her laptop, calmly scrolling through her page, until *Pop noise from her laptop* she gets 1 friend request. She wanted to ignore it, but clicked on it anyways. To her shock, it was Leonard. He wanted to be friend’s with her on Facebook so he could get to know her better. She dazed up at the ceiling in confusion. So she went ahead and clicked accept.

    As time went on by, they talked, and talked for what seamed like a decade. Some of which started to burn up a colourful friendship.

    Courtney Armiah Rainwauld: yeah, I’m not really into Science-Fiction Films. I’m more of a comedy film person. My face actors are Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler.

    Leonard Hofstadter: Do you play any instruments? :)

    Courtney Armiah Rainwauld: yes! I play the Piano and Acoustic Guitar.

    Leonard Hofstadter: :) that’s awesome. I like how you respect my Lactose Intolerance! Do you have any particular allergies?

    Courtney Armiah Rainwauld: I have Hay-fever, and that’s about it.

    Courtney Armiah Rainwauld: And I’m a vegetarian.

    Leonard Hofstadter: Wow! So I guess you’re deeply involved with P.E.T.A?”

    Courtney Armiah Rainwauld: Yeah. You’re pretty Awesome Leonard!

    Leonard Hofstadter:

    *Leonard is offline*


    Courtney became more settles in Los Angeles.  Then a loud knock boomed from her front door. She ran to see who it is! “Stand back, im armed! May the Guernsey Force thrive on you!” she shouted! “Courtney, Its me” came the voice from the otherside. “Leonard?” she replied confused.  She then opened the door, palms sweatting with fear, to see Leonard in his night-gown. He then leaped and hugged her pushing them both inside her appartment with the door slamming behind them. “Leonard are you drunk?” she asked him with her hands perched upon her slender hips. “A-A little” he hesitated. She smiled and forgave him! She hugged him back “O-ooh, Jersey hug!” Leonard whispered. “Im from Guernsey! That’s the island to the left of Jersey, with Alderney just above us. 

    They then sat down and watched some tv for an hour or two. “Good evening, this is Channel islands news, Todays top stories…” “So you brought your news with you?” Leonard asked, he then slouched back and smiled at her.  “Yeah I did!, stops me from feeling homesick…Your so Knowledgeable Leonard, I like that, makes me feel no so dumb” she said laughing quietly under her breath. “But you’re not dumb courtney,” he said with his hand on her shoulder. “Have you seen my IQ? It’s Appauling.” She replied “what is it?” Leonard replied egarly “My IQ is 177 she said with her head in her hands. “wow! That’s amazing! Your IQ is 4% higher than mine, and mines 173, theres nothing to be ashamed of Courtney, your probably very bright, just not in the right places, which is why I think you may feel ashamed about it” he spoke comforting her with a hug. She then pushed him away in anger. “Not smart in the right places!?” She shouted “I didn’t mean it like that, he spoke back timidly.  “I won the Junior Jersey science contest for my work and study of the neon element and what happens to it if a neon light becomes waterlogged”  “sorry I ever spoke!” leonard said storming out then slamming the door behind him in frustration. Courtney then switched off her TV and she began to cry, thinking she had crossed the line. Making friends isnt her strong point, so she switched off her light and went to get ready for a long night of slumber.



  9.     Hi there, my names Becca Gardner, but my user name's Becca Cooper-Hofstadter, i'm new to the forum, and im just so excited that i've joined this fansite. im a huge big bang theory fan, and im the biggest out of my whole family. my stepbrother watches it, and i know more about it than he does and ive been watching the show on E4 (uk tv channel) for 2 years.


    i scored 80% on the uk website channel 4 big bang theory fan quiz and 8615 points on my big bang theory app on sudden death, beating a user called "stuart" by a whole 4 questions. :)


    i dont own much merch, but i have one poster, which im not allowed to put on my wall, due to our landlords rules. :( no matter how hard i try, he allways says no.


    im useless at introductions, so if you want to know anyhting about me, reply with a question and i will respond.




    Becca Cooper-Hofstadter


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