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  1. Moonbase you just took the words right out of my mouth, sheldon so needs to be madly in love with his work again I absolutely despised it that they gave him a "girlfriend" and he should win a noble prize for proving one of his theories. I would love to see the old sheldon back. Penny needs to be tightened up. Her career needs to soar and leonard needs to really prove himself in his expedition and it would interesting to see beverly hofstader again. Please no marriages and babies, definitely not babies. The show needs more nerdy and geeky stuff and I would love it if they concentrate more on that. i hope we don't see more of the weepy Raj anymore, I don't know whether I can watch another season of him crying over not finding the right girl.
  2. I am a computer nerd, I've been programming since I was 11 and still love it to death. I was also into science especially physics and chemistry. I memorised the whole periodic table in the eigth grade and got made fun of because of that many times apparently only my teachers and parents thought it was creditable that time. In physics I enjoyed the chapters of optics, gravitation and kinematics. For some reason I never like current electrcity or magnetism. OH and I loved organic chemistry. One of my favorite topics in chemistry. I have always been a fan of science fiction and my favorite series is the jurassic park series. I am extremely fascinated by dinosaurs, I remember when I was very young around 8 years I used to go the school's library and the librarian knew I always wanted to read books on dinosaurs and she ordered more books just cause I read them lol.
  3. I really hope they bring in more science next season. I totally felt alienated watching season six. It would interesting if sheldon would be able to definitely prove one his theories.
  4. eww No ways!!! the last shamy bit in lovespell potential was very awkward for me. I pray to the writers to keep things platonic between them or break them up. Like lenny and howardette aren't enough, we need these two to go down that sexual path too??
  5. Howard stole the show Simon deserves all the credit.
  6. I was watching all the episodes closely and was observing their act quite intently, I realized kaley or other cast members look at the camera for a fleeting second, Jim never ever made that teensy mistake. It shows he is pretty particular about everything, I think the fact he actually graduated in theatre and acting helped him become so perfect.
  7. so I would love to see the kind of Amy we saw in this episode in upcoming episodes.She seemed a lot more matured and intelligent. A few quirks are alright for the laughs.Howard had a kind of side part in this episode only dealing with raj's problems. Lucy isn't really growing on me, her character seems too flat,no deviation what so ever. Leonard wanted penny to like the show so much,she hardly seemed interested in it,but I'm glad she loves him and her friends when she mentioned she was passionate about him.Ofcourse leonard has his quirks which makes him so special and he has consistently remained the character except for the fact that he stands up for himself now. Penny too seemed to be more matured. Bernie had such a little part it seemed as though they just gave some lines to stick to contract of 22 episodes. Raj's dog is cute, but the makeout wasn't pleasant eww It wasn't as funny as other episodes but the only part that was really funny was when sheldon did and redid all the tasks. Jim parsons keeps getting better with every episode, how he delivers all that performance flawlessly baffles me. I'm glad that penny has warmed up to all the characters.Her telling Sheldon that she was glad to have him in his life was sweet. In my opinion It had no romantic tone to it whatsoever(which some fans may say it had and keep on arguing ) but more of a friend. In the very last scene sheldon calls up bruce miller to ask what the season finale of alferd was going to be was funny too lol. I can see why sheldon did that, imagine if big bang theory got cancelled and left on a cliff hanger I would call up lorre too, asking what would happen in the end.
  8. true, it seemed as though he was a little overwhelmed by the amount of tasks put in front of him that didn't get the required results.
  9. So I saw both his interviews the letterman and the cbs, I gotta say he is one unique person. I gathered that he is not like your typical celebrity.He might be throwing some attitude in there which to some people might appear cocky, but I think he wanted to say that his life is successful now thanks to big bang theory. He is now among those people who don't need to struggle to prove what he has in terms of talent and experience. I mean he auditioned for more than 20 different pilots before getting the part on big bang theory,unfortunately those pilots were never aired for whatever the reason. He comes across very real without sounding too professional or "safe". He says what his heart tells and thats what I like about him I can imagine him labeled as the "friendliest" in his class because he really does talk care freely, someone like him could make friends within a snap. Omg he loves sports!! i had seen his pic with kaley cuoco and his boyfriend todd spiewak at a lakers' game so can imagine that. Letterrman was funny as usual and I loved " get off my back, I don't care if I'm 40" thing. With the six seasons that he is done now, after all these years he still maintains the same sincerity to his part. Among the entire cast of the bbt, he is the one who requires the least number of takes. I was watching the bloopers and he is not someone who would prank someone on the set. I would imagine kunal nayyar and johnny galecky doing that. I guess being the oldest among all the cast members, he does appear more matured and serious about getting his lines right. But when he smiles, the whole world smiles , how can a 40 year old grown man smile cuter than a baby p.s. I loved his glasses
  10. here is an article on mayim's thoughts about the "shamy" and quite frankly I agree with her. Sheldon saying he would have coitus with amy was really wrong on so many levels. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2307766/Mayim-Bialiks-Big-Bang-Theory-Why-actress-doesnt-want-sexualise-geeky-love-screen-love-Sheldon-Cooper.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
  11. bob newhart omg!!! this is gonna be a good one. Sheldon's character is going to complement his deadpan style really well. I look forward to jim and bob's magic come alive
  12. I thought they were going to do something about his mutism bringing lucy into the picture. I'm gonna have to wait and see the future episodes for it. Now all guys have a girl. Oh how I miss the old days with four nerds and the hot neighbor.
  13. looks like there are a some members here who will go any lengths to defend Amy, as if she has no flaws. They try and give a "rational explanation" but in my opinion fail miserably
  14. I kinda liked her in this episode I saw an intelligent amy after a long time. She did test sheldon's patience well. I hope we get to see her intelligent side more often in the future episodes.
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