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  1. I'm with those who loved seeing Zach return. Not a bright bulb but harmless and actually a good heart. And he adds something to the show. Make him a regular character. And congratulations to the writers (yes, sarcasm) on making Raj a complete douchebag. Claire is a cutie but no doubt Raj will nose dive from high altitude with her. What a total zero he is.
  2. Now that her hair is getting longer again, I can say that I much prefer it longer. Really noticeable on tonights episode. Nice.
  3. 4everlenny, filler episode good description - I don't recall other TBBT episodes starting with "highlights" of recent past episodes. Was that necessary? Or are they trying to make the new material in each episode even shorter? Take out commercials and the "previously on TBBT" and what's left - 15 minutes? And what's up with Penny? I used to adore that character. Now I find her a whole lot less endearing than ever, and almost acting more clueless than ever. There is like zero romance in that relationship, too. They haven't been married THAT long. Leonard and Penny are like two old
  4. Raj is a d-bag. IMHO. YMMV. Even Sheldon's girlfriend skills are more advanced, and that's saying a LOT. Not sure I buy that Emily is that upset that he broke up with her. She's way too cool for him. He is officially the least sympathetic character. Maybe just...pathetic.
  5. Maybe Kathy2611 is right - that L&P's relationship works for them, so we should just accept it for what it is. I understand that relationships mature, but I guess I have felt that some of the passion that L&P had earlier on is absent. Still feels to me like Penny never cuts Leonard any slack. I just don't love their relationship as much as I used to. OK. Overall I enjoyed the episode - funnier than a lot of the other episodes this season. Sheldon was terrific tonight. I guess Emily is gone. Doesn't feel like they (the writers) ever really integrated her into the main
  6. Under the sub-heading of useless rock music trivia, I recognized the melody that Sheldon was singing immediately. I kept wondering if they'd tell us what song it was (in case this melody appears in another song and I was wrong). So I cheered when they played a snippet of the song. Yeah, sometimes I get stoked about the silliest little things...
  7. I somehow doubt that Kaley and Johnny will resume their prior romantic relationship. They were a lot younger then, and they seem so different when you see them interviewed together. They may have a special friendship but not sure it would bring them back together in a romantic relationship. Kaley was, especially in hindsight, impulsive in jumping into her relationship with Ryan. I don't know what the deal was with Henry Cavill, which was a very short dating thing, but when that ended she had those Instagram images about "Life goes on" and all that. In retrospect, her "grieving" the end of
  8. Wasn't impressed with Penny and Leonard's wedding. It seemed an odd, underwhelming way for them to get married. After all these seasons... this is how it goes? And again we are presented with a Penny who doesn't care to make up her own vows and a Leonard who does. She seems bored and not really into the whole thing. And of course we have to have the obligatory dump on Leonard who seems to have trouble carrying her into the room. And of course Penny's little shot at him about whether he'll be able to please her in bed that night. Yup. back to old kick Leonard deal. That's why I wrote my
  9. Gotta agree. Boo Leonard. He goes from being a doormat to Penny in the early seasons to being a jerk now. I am the first to admit that I am no expert at relationships but I do believe some things are better left unshared, and he should have never told her. And I predict the big wedding is going to be delayed until the last minute of the last episode of the last season, whenever the heck that happens. Although, as I have commented before, I see little evidence of any romance in "Lenny" this season... maybe not even last season, either. I think it kind all ended after the famous goodbye sc
  10. OK, well based on the postings it seems that there are a number of TBBT fans that share my feelings about the somewhat lackluster plot lines/writing this season, up until last night's bright spot. And there is no reason that one couple or the other needs to be relegated to the background for the whole season, as it kind of seems that "Lenny" has been this year. It doesn't have to be a mostly Lenny or mostly Shamy focus. With the 20 minutes or so allotted to each episode (if even that, with all the commercials) I realize they can't explore anything in depth, let alone covering multiple story
  11. OK, after my recent comments about unfunny Season 8 I am happy to report tonight's episode was funny. Funnier than most other Season 8 episodes, IMHO. Not just saying that because Lenny were featured more. So, yay (fair is fair, after my recent criticisms).
  12. Well, of course, it's all a matter of personal taste, but I agree this season has been a disappointment. For me all it takes is to watch a rerun of some of the early episodes that were really funny. I don't find that happens anymore for me. And as a Lenny fan, of course this season hasn't been that much to care about. Let's face it, the first 6 seasons all had an interesting and enjoyable trajectory for Leonard and Penny with their ups and downs. It was a very heartwarming story of their romance. If you cared about that story, then each season pulled you along. So now both that Lenny st
  13. Here's my feeling about this season: I don't like it as much as the earlier seasons. Partly because i guess I really enjoyed the romantic story of Leonard and Penny, and I just don't feel that storyline anymore. Just because they are engaged shouldn't put that storyline on the shelf. It's almost like they are a couple of old marrieds and the fire is gone. And, frankly, I just feel that the writers have pretty much tapped all the funny geek stuff that was the essence of the show for the first 4 or 5 seasons. It's played out. Someone mentioned that it seemed like Kaley was bored in some
  14. So what's up with Emily? Why isn't she appearing with the ensemble, such as at tonight's dinner? I thought at this point she and Raj were a couple.
  15. All the success, all the money, enduring the press nonsense, and Kaley still seems like a genuinely nice person and still pretty grounded. Probably fun to hang with (not that I ever will). Like her a lot. And the whole cast seem like they are all on good terms with each other. No scandals or whatever. They all seem like they know how lucky they are, etc. Good for all of them.
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