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  1. I don't believe in Aliens, but i dont regret watching alien documenatires, i also dont believe that but yeah, its funny when they saw a "alien".. but i hears something about *Area-51* like they're hiding alien stuff in it.
  2. My super power is Sarcasm, actually a good and a bad thing Your super power would be.. well you have too much to choose from I think it would be happy man or Peace Maker (sounds kinda like a rival enemy :-))
  3. Since you are in SO4E12 i would say it will be the Joker face of Sheldon! I love it! Or when they go to camping and sheldon is driving penny to the hospital! But the thanksgiving episode is also hilarious
  4. Im so happy to back on this site again! 15,100
  5. That was one heck of a dream you had, i had a couple dreams about TBBT but not the same has you had now
  6. sheldon, if im right. :D who said ''Oh, i know what that means. HABA HABA!''
  7. Amy i guess. Who said "Hmm.. 2 suns and no sun scream.."?
  8. Amy..? Who said "Are you a golddigger or not?" (and your answer was right )
  9. Sheldon Lee Cooper Who said "DUDE, i put that thing on my ear!"
  10. Tatar Ramazan From Turkey.
  11. FALSE! TNP has been to an other country.
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