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  1. For me it's been less of a roller coaster and more of a freefall tbh Oh, and Cynthia, I think I'll go ahead and add that to the many Sheldon-gets-his-just-desserts scenarios that have been going through my mind today Welp, after a few hours to cool down and read everyone's awesome posts, I think the Shamy ship has all but sunk for me. I'm still pretty interested in the character of Amy, and would like her to have her own agency and maybe some storylines of her own next season...but it's doubtful that that will happen. All I can do is shrug shrug shrug.
  2. Thank you so much Michy [edit: and Kazzie] for the reports! Taping report writers are the true heroes of the fandom, I think. That being said, what an awful episode. I weep for Amy, who is my favourite character and is also the reason I even got into the show in season 4. This didn't even feel like much of a finale to me. Nothing big happened. Sure the comic book store burned down and Sheldon left, but he'll be back (to the apartment & back to work, probably) next episode. We'll just pick up where we left off and nothing will be different. Which makes me wonder why the finale didn't focus more on what's going on with Lenny rather than Sheldon's (kind of awful) reaction to the impending change in their living arrangements. *sigh* I haven't watched an episode in a few weeks. Due to my poor internet connection, I rely on taping reports to help decide which ones are worth the long download time. Unfortunately, I think I'll be skipping the finale this season. Oh, if only, pisquenta! If only!
  3. Yeah, it's either Penny or Amy getting sent off for an important career thing.
  4. This will probably be known as 'the kiss that launched a thousand fanfics'. Bring them on! My body is ready!
  5. I'm gonna go with the others on this one and just say it's the blanket...because I have no clue, really. Also, am I the only one who just loves that picture of her? An odd mix of hilarious and adorable :D It reminds me of that picture Amy has on her phone of Sheldon smiling (albeit in a slightly sinister manner) at the camera. :lol:
  6. What's this? No mean, snippy Sheldon punchlines? No awful "ha ha ha, Amy can't get laid! Lol" jokes? Oh, that was lovely. I'm actually back home (rural area) and I haven't had a stable internet connection for a few weeks now. I've just been surviving on spoilers and taping reports, but ya'll inspired me to (wait for ages) and get the ep on my phone. I was not disappointed. Mayim has cemented Amy as my favourite character on the show. Her delivery of the lines "HE IS SO INTO ME :D" and "It's ok, she's dead" was brilliantly funny. So were her facial expressions when they cut back to her during the little Shenny AU. Ow, ok brb, got a toothache from all the awesome Shamy sweetness.
  7. You're of the male persuasion, Chiany? I always assumed you were a lady. But then that's a bad habit of mine.
  8. Oh, Monique, you're a star!
  9. Is the taping today? And I have to ask - when can we expect new spoilers to start floating around?
  10. Thanks so much, Chiany! Inexplicably, I'm unable to follow youtube links on my phone, and can only play embedded vids.
  11. Ha, no. HAve you ever stepped on and smashed your favourite CD?
  12. Mars

    This or That?

    Venice Sandals or trainers?
  13. The lack of information available for this episode is making my brain itch. So much for trying to stay spoiler free!
  14. There needs to be a Spoiler Addicts Anonymous for those, like me, who are too weak willed to stay away from these threads. I need a sponsor! Still, I'm so excited for the next couple of episodes! Is there any word on 7x06? Ok no, scratch that. I'm out of control.
  15. Nope. Have you ever burned a lasagne?
  16. Wowzers! Yes, I prefaced my little critique by saying that I personally didn't find it funny, but I also acknowledged that I was in the minority and that a lot of people thought it was great. I didn't say anything about it being objectively bad/unfunny and I expressed everything from my own personal point of view... This is a thread where anyone can post their opinion on the episode. If you have a different opinion, that's absolutely fine; please feel free to express it. I just don't understand why my not enjoying the episode as much as you did (and saying so) should "rub [you] up the wrong way". I love BBT (we all do ) and I hope I like the next episode better, but if I don't and I feel like posting my opinion on it, I will.
  17. Dang, Raj. You and Stuart were so tight at one point. Now his name doesn't even come up when you're sending out murder mystery night invitations? That's cold, brother! I watched this episode a few hours ago. I guess I'm in the minority, but I didn't think it was funny. It's been said, but yelly Bernadette does not always equal funny Bernadette. Also, I feel that the whole everybody-thinks-Penny-is-stupid thing has been done to death over the years and there's not much more comedy that can be wrung out of it. This episode proved it for me. Bright spot was Amy and Howard. I couldn't help but grin when they were on screen because Mayim and Simon just looked like they were having a blast
  18. Nope. I've never been to the US. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?
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