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  1. Since the writers have no balls to do the correct thing for Lenny as in letting them as a married couple live by themselves --- I can see Lenny living in 4A all the way up to the last episode of TBBT. S10 will be more of the same for Leonard, Penny, and Lenny. Just think of the "Groundhog Day" movie as Lenny's life on TBBT and you won't be disappointed. This sad to say but true when it comes to anything Lenny, Leonard, or Penny.
  2. You are so talent and I love looking at you fan art. As for the gloomy about Lenny well you can thank the writers for that --- as crumbs can only go so far. Lenny has been caught in a serious drought since beginning of S7 for me and I refuse to praise sloppy writing and BBT hasn't done the couple justice in a long time, imo. I still love the Lenny and always will, just took off my blinders where the writers are concern. Also, please don't get down because some of us aren't happy with the going on of Lenny, if you like what is happening with Lenny then hats off to you and others. The main thing is we all want what is best for our OTP/Lenny. Big cyber hugs to you Luminous. btw the opinion express in this post is mines and mines alone -- don't want anyone thinking I am speaking for them.
  3. Hi JE7, You hit the nail on the head, here. Penny is still all about Penny and her wants, needs, etc. So I always end up at the same question I had from the beginning of this season --- Why in the heck did the writers marry off Leonard and Penny since they didn't want to deal with the being married. The first year of their marriage is being handle the same way their (Lenny) engagement was. If one did remember Lenny got engaged in S7E23 "The Gorilla Dissolution" most would swear they weren't an engaged couple in S8. Now it's the same with their first year of marriage go off to Vegas in S8E24 to get married, yet they aren't portrayed as a newly married couple, both keeping secrets, one being manipulative, rarely are they show as a couple being happily married. smh Makes one wonder how this season will end or/if there be a major fallout cause something has to change for Leonard, Penny, and Lenny. They are stuck in this horrible holding pattern and it's OLD and STALE and no reason to continue to invest in the couple or the show, for me.
  4. Where has the real Penny gone? Writers have just about destroyed all the things I loved about Penny in Season 9 and it it's sad for me say this.
  5. You are probably right, Tonstart17, but the writers didn't do Penny any favors in having her side with Sheldon. Once again Penny sides with the show's big baby and as usual it's at Leonard expense. As for not having to talk about or deal with supposedly married Lenny still living in 4A, it's still the elephant in the room that they created, even if they don't have the balls to do anything about it. If it is that much of a problem for the writers then here is a solution for them -- let Leonard move to 4B and let Penny and Sheldon stay in 4A as they are the two characters of the big 3 the writers seen to care about. See problem solved. lol It's time for the writers to grow a pair!!!
  6. Hi 5Miss, Penny going behind Leonard back to get changes in the RA (to benefit her) really pissed me off and this is the same Penny that had the nerve to throw a fit over Leonard secret bank account -- I don't know who this Penny is as she has become a mini-Sheldon imo. The more Penny is around Sheldon the less I like her and that is sad because she is my second favorite character of the show. I wish Leonard would move over to 4B and leave Penny with her new best friend as she doesn't have her husband Leonard's back when it counts. Who would want to be with either Penny or Sheldon after this. Really disappointed in where the writers have taken Penny since Season 7. #FreeLeonard
  7. I'm shock about Prince's death. R.I.P. Prince Roger Nelson you and your music will live on and will never forgotten. Prince: "A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules"
  8. Xichong, Shenzhen (China)
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