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  1. In my country we have the Statue of Liberty.
  2. Sitting here in my pants typing this post.
  3. False TNP has a spring cold.
  4. No HYE hiked a mountain?
  5. this is me. Really didn't want to see Beverly again this season. Hope for good things for Leonard with his father on screen. Here to keeping my expectations very low so not to be disappointed. Thanks for posting vonmar.
  6. Leonard should have kept the hat on and enjoyed himself. Sometime one must do what makes them happy in life. lol
  7. Add me to the list of being wrong this time. We have been conditioned to react in this matter. We live off crumbs when it comes to Lenny. Hi 4everlenny, Leonard and Lenny is due a good plot as it's been a long time in coming.
  8. Wow you really have a problem with people not bowing down at the altar of Penny. As for admitting Leonard cheated, I did and pitch a freaking fit at the writers pulling it out of their arses when I first read about (wanted to pimp slap Leonard too). At least Leonard is trying to be a good husband now while the same can't be said for Penny. I wish Leonard would move into 4B and let Penny and Sheldon have 4A since they are two perfect people, that are having a hard time with their S/O. Then Penny won't have to put up with cheater Leonard and she gets to be roommates with the wisest man she know, she gets to coddle, she get always be on his side, and she gets to stroke his ego and so on!
  9. Also you can repeat the same thing about Leonard over and over but it doesn't change the fact that Penny has been lousy wife to her supposedly husband Leonard.
  10. Hi Squidley, long time not post as I been away for a while. Why? It's not like we haven't been down this road on several occasion with Penny supposedly choosing Leonard. It NEVER sticks for long. It's always one step forward and three steps back. For me personally, I just don't get the feeling that Penny is in really into Leonard or their marriage. Sorry to say it but that's how the character make me feel when it comes to Leonard.
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