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  1. 17 hours ago, mphs95 said:

    Penny. They're building Lenny drama and I think she will be offered a role of a lifetime and want to leave for it...alone for space.

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    I still feel that it should be Leonard as there isn't really anything holding him from going off again. Penny has Sheldon and Sheldon has Penny. Leonard is just there to be someone the two can put down, be dismissive of, tell him what a failure he is.  Since his father will be coming to town in S9 finale let it be a great opportunity career wise for Leonard to go off and make a name for himself? That way Penny and Sheldon can have 4A all to themselves. lol

    I just want Leonard out of 4A!!!

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  2. 16 hours ago, SRAM said:

    The thing is this doesn't make sense, she never did this before, she would always go to Leonard with her big problems, so now she needs to hide behind Sheldon, I don't think so.  This is just someone trying to rationalize the change of writing Penny so they don't have to admit the show has turned into the Sheldon Show and the only reason Penny acts the way she does is the simple reason, everything revolves around Sheldon now.  There is no reason anymore than that and that is why you are seeing canon thrown out the window.

    The characters Leonard and Penny are caught in the cyclonic flow around Sheldon.  Penny and Leonard have both had their unique relationship with Sheldon, so what you will see in the future is Sheldon sharing his precious time with each of them as the story permits.  Leonard and Penny alone together in the future will amount to crumbs to starving Lenny's just to appease us every so often.  It has been happening since Season 7 when we saw the lovefest of Shenny friendship while Leonard was gone.

    i hate to sound like a downer but there is only so many times that this can be thrown in your face before you have to stop making excuses for the way our favorite couple are being treated.  Leonard and Penny have a chemistry that none of the other couples can equal, they are the Big Bang Theory, so is it any surprise they are being minimized to promote the Sheldon Show.

    I have been complaining about this since Season 6 began as something was off about Lenny but especially Penny. My gut told  me (thru the writers) that Penny was settling for Leonard, sure the writers throw Lennies some crumbs here and there but I got the feeling that Penny just don't care for Leonard in the way we were lead to believe in earlier seasons.  

    I started noticing Penny being more caring toward Sheldon and how dismissive of Leonard she had become. Then Season 7 hit and the Penny siding with Sheldon hit full speed and hasn't stop. Maybe I wouldn't feel this way if Penny gave a darn for all the crap Leonard went through in his childhood, a mother that hates her son, degrades him every chance she get, used said son as an experiment for her books, but nope we get Penny bonding with EvilBeverly, we get Penny keeping secrets from Leonard about his mother/roommate kissing, I could go on but I think most people can probably see where I am going. Heck just look at the 200th Episode if you need more proof --- how am I suppose to believe that Penny really loves Leonard when she is dismissive of him, tells him he probably deserved what happen to him, complain about everything he does, his hobbies, his clothing aka his hat, etc.

    I was told it's because Penny has a hard time expressing her love to Leonard and that she is very romantic -- which I don't hold the romantic thing against her but this is the same Penny that couldn't even remember her own husband birthday, but she had no problem remembering Sheldon and went all out for his B-day party. We are coming up on the end of Season 9 and things are worst for Lenny, imo. No storylines for them as it's always about how Sheldon feels, what Sheldon wants, Sheldon must be first and foremost when it comes to Lenny, nothing has change other than Lenny got a crappy wedding, with no honeymoon, still living in 4A, rarely have a moment of just them being a married couple. Oh how can I forget writers did throw a little bone Lenny fans way, they get to stand behind the island in the kitchen of 4A most of the time. Yet Penny can go over to 4B with Sheldon with no problems while her husband is in 4A because she is mad at Leonard.

    I had no faith in Steven Molaro or anything he had to say about Lenny but I was told he was a big Lenny fan well, all I have to say is with friend aka fans like him who need enemies aka haters.  Both Leonard (kissing some girl on while on the boat - comes to surfaces 2 years late, wth) and Penny (she and Sheldon has so much in common and she goes to him for advice since he is the wisest man she knows, wth)  have been regressed due to "The Sheldon Show" so why have them get engaged or why have them get married as they act like no newlyweds I know or seem on tv. 

    Yo TPTB why are you keeping Leonard around as he never gets a storyline that doesn't include Sheldon and his married is barely recognized. They only reason I see you holding onto him is so that Sheldon can have his favorite whipping boy as Leonard never comes out on top when he is pitted against to the wonderful Sheldon. It's not like his wife Penny is all that happy to be with him (not from what I see on screen ). Why not #FreeLeonard?

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  3. 6 hours ago, Strawberry PopTart Fan said:

    giphy We'd both like to see them end up together.gif

    One thing I have learn, it doesn't matter what the actors think or feel it's all up to the writers/TPTB so anything goes.  I want the Lenny that I fell in love with -- as they are missing in action.

    For me Lenny was the best part of the show as each brought out the best in each other most of the time. Where did that Lenny go? :scratchhead:

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  4. 5 minutes ago, SRAM said:

    Leonard, he will move to 4B, while Penny stays in 4A, because Sheldon may be sad, after they separate.

    I can see TPTB doing something crazy like this.  At this point I wouldn't mind if Leonard went off on some job related thing or anything to get him away from PIA, Penny, 4A!



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  5. 37 minutes ago, Tonstar17 said:

    What is going on with this show, it is getting ridiculous every episode and for ppls who think this will lead to the living arrangement coming up. I’m afraid you will be disappointed because it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Tptb have just bought themselves more time not to bring it up, by getting penny to take Sheldon’s side. I mean if penny had taken Leonard’s side then the living arrangement would have had to be brought up and discussed and lenny as a team would decide to move, but no, we get another delay tactics. I mean how much more ridiculous can it get. I think the tptb have got it in for lenny. They got a shit engagement that was never talked about and a crap wedding and now a crap wife who can’t even support her husband, how many times have we seen this, this season and last. I would have been okayish when lenny were dating or engaged and she showed no support, but they are married and where is the love and for all those that called them a team, I never bought it cause I never saw it and now it out there for all to see. I really want Leonard to pull penny up on all her crap, or even better dump her arse. Leonard deserves better especially all he has done for those two. I get that Leonard never catches a break but he is married now. Shouldn’t that old crap change just like everything else in the show is changing. I really feel sorry for the Leonard character because it seems like every episode they just seem to ruin the character more and more. Leonard needs to pack his bags and leave for good without telling anyone. Not that they would care anyway. To me Sheldon, Penny and even Amy showed their true colours in this episode. Like 5misspi said Run Leonard Run.

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    As I posted in the Lenny thread, TPTB needs to just kill off Leonard since they have a hard time writing for him and Lenny. That is what happen when you turn characters into plot device instead putting forth an effort, they go for cheap laughs instead. Sure it's a comedy but characters don't have to be destroyed all in the name of a cheap laugh, imo.

    Agree, Lenny isn't moving anytime soon and as long as Penny is cuddling PIA nothing will change. As for S/P/A yep, they did but everyone will love it because it's against Leonard and some loves him being the whipping boy of the show.  



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  6. 18 minutes ago, 5Mississippis said:

    ARMY GIRL!!!!

    Oh my goodness! It's so good to see you!!! I've missed you terribly!!!!

    Hey 5Miss,

    I missed you guys too but health problems, life and not enjoying the show like I used to cause me to step away for a while.

    Hope you and your family are good!!!

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  7. 53 minutes ago, SRAM said:

    I'll be honest, I sometimes think the writers are laying the ground work for Lenny to have a separation in the show, just to add another breakup for them and to provide more Lenny conflict.  I wouldn't be surprised if Penny tells Leonard she wasn't really ready for marriage and Leonard tells her he knew that and that is why he told her about Mandy, to give her a way out.  A separation makes sense based on how Lenny have been been written lately, it would keep Leonard in 4A to serve Sheldon, put Penny back in 4B, give the writers the Lenny conflict they love and be a little of a reset for the show putting everything back.  I think they would probably have Lenny make up and get them back together, but it would allow the writers to return the same 4A & 4B and show dynamic they seem to want.  I think the final cliffhanger, with Leonard's father could be the thing that sets everything off between Lenny, think about it, when has Leonard ever gotten a break in this show?

    Why separate Lenny when all the writers have to do is kill off Leonard and it solves the problem of having to write for Leonard and Lenny. 

     Characters are nothing but plot devices --- Leonard has been regressed to the point where it's not funny anymore, as with Penny you never know which one will on screen -- does she love Leonard or did she just settle for when it comes to him.

    How many more seasons on tap for this show?  

    9 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    Is that Vasu above?

    Why would I be Vasu?

    When I see BS, I call it what it is.  

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  8. 33 minutes ago, 5Mississippis said:

    From what we've been able to cobble together, this episode seems mindboggling and beyond ridiculous. Penny complains about Sheldon and continues to take Sheldon's side against Leonard: falling for his manipulations and stalling the move to 4B, wanting to hug Sheldon because of childhood slights but telling Leonard 'you probably deserved it', willing to sit out Sheldon's birthday in the bathroom with him, leaving both their SO, and now we find that she happily learned the RA pledge and aligns herself with Sheldon over the roommate meetings, which, from past seasons, we've been given the impression that are ridiculous and only serves to reinforce Sheldon as the 4A malignant overlord.

    I don't recognize Penny this season.

    Our cliffhanger? I hope Leonard leaves both if them in 4A. 

    Run, Leonard. Run.

    Hey 5Mississippi,

    Decided to check in to see what is happening Lenny Land (read about Leonard's father being cast) --- so nothing has really change Leonard is still the whipping boy of the show. Penny is now best friend with the pain in the arse, Lenny is still in 4A, Penny is once again taking PIA side over her husband, Penny is still putting down Leonard while cuddling the PIA, Penny can spend time with PIA in 4B but seems to have a problem when it comes to moving across the hall with her husband Leonard. Can someone please explain to me again why Lenny got engaged and then married as they aren't really been portrayed as newlyweds, heck if you go back by Penny's words and actions one could be lead to believe she doesn't even like Leonard. 

    I hope Leonard doesn't still believe in those "smart and beautiful" babies anymore. At the way things are going I can see Penny renting out her womb to the PIA before having a baby with Leonard.  TPTB gave us a crappy wedding, no honeymoon, living with the PIA, Penny bending over backward for PIA while barely tolerating her husband Leonard. 

    Whatever happen to the love story of Leonard and Penny?!

    Can't believe I got excited about Leonard's dad being cast -- darn I need my head examined! 

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  9. Episode has Leonard and Penny finally nail down details of wedding. Penny wants to elope in Vegas. On the way, Leonard comes clean about drunkenly kissing a girl on the North Pole trip. Wedding is still on.


    Boy the writers really don't like the Leonard character.  So now he kissed another girl while on the ship.  :icon_cry:


    How can Penny even say that she wants go to Vegas and elope?  Did Penny forget her and Zack did this already?  :icon_frown:

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  10. From CBS

    THE BIG BANG THEORY (8:00-8:30 PM)

    “The Commitment Determination” – Sheldon (Jim Parsons) pushes Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) to choose a date for their wedding and deals with dramatic changes in his own relationship with Amy (Mayim Bialik).


    Wow, I have waited all season long for any hints about the date of the wedding but I got nothing. Now all of a sudden they have the third wheel in Lenny relationship bringing it up.


    Thanks for posting Tensor.

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  11. So, we are supposed to believe that after nearly 8 years of being around him, Penny goes to Sheldon for life advice? Sheldon, who can't drive a car or live by himself or have a normal relationship with a female, is now an "Alpha" Male?


    Wow, I can see why the taping was so long and full of rewrites.


    I rolled my eyes :icon_rolleyes: at this crap of Sheldon being an "Alpha Male." I think Leonard should dump both Penny and Sheldon -- who needs enemies when these two are around.


    You have to wonder sometimes if the writers even know these characters ---  :wacko: .

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