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  1. There is no way I would buy this even if some gave me the money to. I don't know what the writers are trying to accomplish this season, but for me it has been a bust.
  2. This will never happen because Penny and Sheldon can do any wrong when comes to how they treat Leonard is their whipping boy aka punching bag of the show. I want so much more for Leonard than this crap the writers have written for this character this season.
  3. Actually this episode would make some causal viewers and some Leonard fans believe that both Penny and Sheldon can't stand Leonard nor do they give a darn able him. Both Penny and Sheldon were shown how mean spirited they are and Leonard needs to get as far away from them as possible. Run Leonard, Run!!!!!
  4. I feel the same way and I am so sick and tired of Leonard always being on the losing end when it comes to Sheldon and Penny. I am one of the Lenny fans that said Penny has all the powder in this relationship and Leonard wants and needs don't matter as long as Penny gets what she wants. And the writers have done nothing to change my mind about their relationship where Penny is all that and Leonard be happy she gives him the time of day. What little movement they (Lenny) had the writers have erased in this latest round of regression. I have to say that every time Will W. is in a storyline with them it always turns out bad for them imo. I so wish this could happen but now that they are engaged, I don't see it happening.
  5. All I see is regression and more regression so for Leonard and Penny relationship. I can't understand why the writers had them get engaged since it seems like they have no idea how to write for them. Maybe if they put more effort into this couple and stop thinking that only one character is important to the show things would better.
  6. Old Sailor, I feel your pain and understand why you posted this. Don't worry I am sure the writers will thrown in a crumb or two for us Lennies that all we have been given tis season.
  7. I know it's a comedy but to regress this couple the way the writers have is unbelievable and it's sad too. I really hate to say but I am hanging on by a thread and this season doesn't give me much hope for S9 and 10.
  8. Kasey, I would love for Lenny wedding to be about them and not Sheldon but my is telling me Lenny will be an afterthought. I just don't trust the writers anymore as they have shown over and over they just don't care about storylines for Lenny. Crumbs here and there aren't enough for this Lenny fan.
  9. 5Miss, I have to agree with you about S8 being the worst for Lenny. And please don't get me started on how Leonard is always on the losing end of every storyline be it with Penny, Sheldon, and the other characters. Why did the writers pen them getting engaged if this all they have in their bag of tricks for Lenny?! Heck P/S scenes has more effort and thought put into than anything Leonard and Penny has all season! I am not looking forward Beverly the Monster showing up.
  10. Thanks for posting MJC45. Sorry to heard it's more of the same no Leonard storyline or Leonard and Penny storyline.
  11. Wonder what the latest script will hold for Leonard, Penny, and Lenny. Are will it be same old, same old? Hello my fellow Lennies hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and may the New Year be a blessed for everyone.
  12. TVLine Best & Worst TV Moments of 2014 Best Proposal Leonard and Penny, The Big Bang Theory http://tvline.com/gallery/best-worst-tv-moments-2014-photos-best-deaths-couples-cliffhangers/#!45/the-big-bang-theory-leonard-penny-engaged-best-proposal/
  13. New pic on Johnny's Instagram http://instagram.com/p/wuKXepv4bV/?modal=true eta: may I say that Johnny is looking too cute.
  14. This Leonard/Lenny fan is glad there is NO Beverly to be had in this episode. Now if only we came get a real on screen kiss between Leonard and Penny with no interruptions or even a scene of them having pillow talk. I'm not holding my breathe on anything good coming from the Hawaii Trip talk. Just a Lenny wanting some real meat and potatoes with all the crumbs we have gotten during this season. Lenny plate has nothing but crumbs, imo and since I know Leonard won't get a good storyline all I have is Lenny hope and even that isn't working out that well.
  15. Penny's talk about highest seller winning a trip to Hawaii --- ahh if only we could get Lenard and Penny on a vacation alone, having fun. Wish this could happen on the show. Thanks so much Batman for the BTS moments. Wished I could attend one just for the experience.
  16. Thanks so much Batman. Sounds like the Cinnamon vs Emily game will save this episode, imo. So I hope plays very well on screen. Love the Emily line!
  17. No scenes of date night for Lenny. Kiss cut from the other episode --- is Lenny a couple are they a priest and nun holding together a bunch of rambunctious kids aka friends.
  18. As an anti-Bevelry, I sure hope she doesn't come back. Where the heck is Leonard dad? Why keep bringing back the abusive mother to put down her son Leonard over and over. I find no comedy in abuse be it physical or emotional since I am a survivor of both!
  19. I hope that Johnny finds happiness and get what he wants out of life as the old adage goes "Life is to Short" --- as he is about to be the big 4-0. I wish both he and Kelli all the best.
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