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  1. In the the Closure Ep Leonard made an early morning call on Penny. She answered the door, presumably to his knock. So he doesn't have a key and he doesn't sleep over all the time. The shields are still up. Sort of a "damn".


    Hi Nogravitasatall


    I think it was poor writing and some crumbs thrown in for the the anti-Leonards.  Little things that Leonard does is blown out of portion while if Sheldon did the very same thing all is forgiven because he knows not what he does.  Leonard always has to be perfect.  As for Lenny sleep over arrangements, who knows since the writers don't really put much thought into it, IMO.

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  2. Are you thinking that Mr Lorre might mess with Leonard and maybe do something with Sheldon and Penny? Yes, I could conceive of  them writing that. But broadcast it, maybe not. They have to address the longer run and create situations, but I don't think they need to nuke the couple again. I understand the trust issue but as a wise man once  said "...fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again"... or something.


    Unless you are using destroyed as a synonym for emotionally devastated I would be beg to differ. She just went in a different direction for a while and suffered in the wilderness, then came back somewhat wiser. As did Leonard for that matter. And I believe she loves Sheldon in the sense of fondness through familiarity (thank you Wikipeadia), not in the "My limbic system wants to take your pants off" way.


    Or so I hope.


    As for your first paragraph you are correct about my thinking when it comes to Mr. Lorre as we have been there and done that.


    As for the bold, I stated that it was a different type of love the problem for me is that she had no hesitation in telling him. Now look at how long it took for Leonard to hear how she feels about him and the hoops he had to jump through to hear it.  Leonard tells Penny he loves her and gets a "thank you" and dumped all in the same day. 

  3. Hey Armygirl,

    Actually, I can understand your position, I just don't agree with it totally. I was just wondering about your take as we've had a some people claim that Penny was destroyed in season four because she became rather slutty, but there really isn't any evidence for it.


    I think the writers had Penny out of character and it didn't always make sense, IMO.  She wasn't the Penny that I came to know and love.   I'm afraid that the writers will take their poison pen to her again.


    As for the s-word, I don't use words like that to describe other women.

  4. Hi Tensor.


    IMO Penny became a mean girl and she was all over the map. It was really hard to understand where Penny was at in life be it in regards to how she felt about Leonard, her life, her dreams.  I hope you can understand what I am trying say.  I got a little upset with the writers tonight where Penny was concern.

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  5. Did it bother anyone else at how easy it was for Penny to tell Sheldon she love him.  Yet, it took 6 freaking years for Penny to tell Leonard she loves him (remember the plate of chilli cheese fries...).  Yes, I know it's a different type of love ... I guess what is truly bothering me is that I don't trust the writers especially after the Penny/Raj thing.


    Now with some wanting Leonard to be off canvas so that Penny can hand hold Sheldon though his so call growth, they could go anywhere with it.  We all know the only character the writers truly care about is Sheldon and they didn't have a problem of also destroying Penny in the 3rd and 4th seasons. 


    I just don't trust the power that be!

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  6. Penny will be instrumental in getting Sheldon to grow emotionally. Sometimes that will probably be in collusion with

    Amy and other times not. Again lots of comedy to mine there over the next few seasons.


    As far as Sheldon goes ? I kind of expect him in the fictional world of the Big Bang Theory to crack something

    that's outside string theory. Which to be fair is a mere idea backed up with some flimsy mathematics. Until they

    get to grips with the Higgs Boson and other fundamental particles string theory won't be proved one way or the other.


    Shamy has Penny as their biggest cheerleader, so yes, I can see this happening.  But I have to wonder where is Lenny support system.  Where is Leonard support system.  Leonard mostly take care of both Penny and Sheldon and I thinks it time both step up to the plate for him.  I know Penny has gotten a little better at being their for Leonard.  I am tired of the one sided friendship of L/S and I do agree that Leonard has allow this to happen. I think as someone that has been bullied his whole life Leonard has decided sometime it's better to let things go in order to avoid the fight knowing he can't win.

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  7. We haven't met Leonard's father on the show, and I'm wondering who would/should play him.  My husband suggested that Jerry Stiller would look the part, but we agree John Laroquette would be amazing in that role.  Kelsey Grammer would be a natural fit.  What do you guys think?


    John Laroquette would be awesome in the role of Leonard's father.  I don't know about Kelsey Grammer tho.

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  8. I so want the writers to give Leonard a decent storyline.  I want more that just him in a relationship or him babysitting Sheldon.  It's been so long since he has been showcased in an interesting plot.


    I do like that the writers are letting him be more assertive and hope they continue going in that direction.


    It's interesting to go back to season 2 episode 16 "The Cushion Saturation'. We get to see 'take charge Leonard' and Penny's reaction to same as well as Leonard knowing when to say the right thing.


    (Penny has shot Sheldon's seat cushion and they're trying to get it clean before Sheldon comes home.)


    Scene: The apartment. Leonard is trying to wash the paint off Sheldon’s seat.

    Penny: You think he’ll notice?

    Leonard: There’s a chance.

    Penny: Oh, what are we gonna do?

    Leonard: We? No, no, no, you had your chance to be we for, like, a year and a half now. Right now, you are you, and you are screwed.


    (great look on her face)




    Penny: Okay, fine. Well, what if we just flip it over? There. Looks fine, right?

    Leonard: Mm, butt print. There’s no discernible butt print.

    Penny: Oh, come on. (Sits and wriggles around) There, butt print.

    Leonard: It’s too small and too perfect.

    Penny: Thank you.

    Leonard: You’re welcome.


    Later after the cushion is cleaned and returned. Penny's very touchy with Leonard. You'll have to watch to see what I mean.








    I love when the writers let Leonard be take charge and I guess this is why I like scenes like this.  I don't like that Leonard is always put down by everyone on the show and is rarely allow to fight back. 

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  10. Hello, new to the site.


    Big Lenny fan with Leonard my favorite character, then Penny.


    I have been reading this thread and I wonder why some want Leonard to be off canvas when Season 7 begins.  I mean it's not like he gets that much airtime as is.  Why should Sheldon growth come at the expense of Leonard?  Why should Penny have to walk Sheldon though any of his growth?


    Personally, I want the season to begin with Penny maybe picking up Leonard at the airport or something to take effect. 


    I want the writers to give Leonard a good storyline that isn't about babysitting Sheldon.  I want the writers to stop pushing Leonard to the side and give JG something to work with.

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