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  1. I really liked most of this episode. Loved the opening! But after all this time the consummation seemed way too easy.
  2. Amy is in the right as far as I am concerned. Then again, much of Sheldon's behavior would be intolerable for any flesh-and-blood person, so that's an easy call to make!
  3. What I liked best was the new direction several of the jokes went in. The whole episode was lighthearted, and they tried some different kinds of things. Some worked, some didn't, but all were welcome. The signs showing physics principles was a completely new idea, and I thought it worked well. Sheldon singing "We will rock you" was awesome! Amy and the sin closet I thought was just okay, but still new and different and kind of fun. I love Penny's dad, and was glad for the segment, but I got caught up in the facts (mentioned above) that Penny has been in LA for 12 years and suddenly she's br
  4. One thing I hope they explain is how Leonard, who up until the last episode was always 100% devoted to Penny, who saw her as perfect and The One, etc., allowed himself under any circumstances to hook up with another woman. She's the only woman he ever loved, Leonard generally acts with a great deal of integrity, his loyalty thus far has been unblemished- how would he ever kiss another person? So bizarre how they bring this back two years later, with a new character no less.
  5. This might be heresy, but I have never been big on the Shamy. A lot of the article's points have merit. And I would love to see Sheldon and/or Amy try to meet someone else of the opposite sex. That would be so funny!
  6. I think it is a good topic for the show, but I have different opinions on the two couples. Howard/Bernadette. I think this is pretty funny, mostly for the way Howard gets emasculated and infantilized. I love how he refers to his "allowance" sometimes, and when they make Bernadette like his mother. Penny/Leonard. This came on so suddenly it felt very forced, and the kinds of points that work with Howard/Bernadette don't work for me with Lenny. And Penny going from always in debt to having an investment guy in less than a year is totally unrealistic to me. So I really hate the dynamic in Lenny
  7. So many ways it could go! Since he has the ring, I am going to guess that he proposes soon after they reconcile. So, engagement first. Then I could see them living together. Much fun as Amy keeps hoping but they never do it. Marriage. Sex on the wedding night. Not because Sheldon is religious about it (we all know he's not), but because Sheldon has always avoided it. I hadn't seen this order yet, Engagement, Living together, Marriage, and Sex. But it seems very possible.
  8. Best Fun with Flags by far! But WTF? Bernadette is completely different than she was in seasons 3, 4 and 5. And even last year they did a whole episode about Penny bullying Amy and Bernie. Now Penny is scared of Bernadette? I can't buy such a huge change. And then at the end, her merciless manipulation of her (probably fake) tears to get her way even further? She's a completely different character.
  9. There were some really good moments this week. And I know the following was mentioned before... But the glaring continuity issues with Leonard and the snoring just drives me nuts. They could have given him any number of health issues to advance the story in the same way. And there is more than one reference in the past that should prevent this storyline. The fact that this show generates billions in revenue apparently is no incentive for having the writers watch their own show, or be expected to understand the backgrounds of their own characters. I mean, this was basic!
  10. I think we can now start predicting when it happens. In Season Nine, maybe for the finale, the Shamy is gonna Do It!
  11. Personally, I don't hate Amy. I just think she was wrong to criticize Bernadette, and wrong to sabotage the magazine article.
  12. Amy is a whiny, needy person who acted selfishly and hid behind a principle. That's the real issue. Amy's words made sense, but that does not make her right. We can unearth many instances where Amy betrayed her perch as some pure, noble scientist. So she cannot run to that as if she is some paragon. And Faisal is presumably still in Saudi Arabia waiting to marry Amy. Having given her millions. She has definitely been there (camel race photos) and has a place to stay. To what level did she go to secure funding? It was much more than a handshake at a party. One way or another she direct
  13. I can't be really on Amy's side. Amy's conduct in the past does not show her to be a beacon of moral principle; if she were chosen and not Bernadette, she would have gleefully rubbed it in Bernadette's face. Also I am remembering very vividly when Leonard slept with the old lady, Amy revealed that she has a fiancee in Saudi Arabia who bought her a multimillion dollar microscope. So she has prostituted herself worse than Bernadette. Much worse. To top it off Amy is a terrible friend. AND she is always putting Bernadette down in front of Penny. So even though Amy's words did make
  14. For me it is the second kiss. It seemed a little more true to life for these characters. I don't want them to forget that neither Sheldon nor Amy knows what they are doing. And since Sheldon is so averse to contact, I hope they don't make it too Hollywood and traditionally romantic. Anyone who wants to hook up with Sheldon should expect a very awkward encounter! And that's how I hope it is portrayed.
  15. One of the best episodes of the season! Really heartwarming. I don't even mind that Sheldon didn't go to the funeral. And I liked the Lenny dynamic that emerged. Leonard's sense of humor and ability to make fun of himself is underrated and I think a big part of his appeal to Penny. I loved the Leonard hug. He deserves it more than Amy I think. First off he doesn't beg for it. Second, hasn't he been Sheldon's real father (and Penny his real mother) for many years now? Amy getting a hug would be ruined by the whole sex issue, probably leading to yet another pathetic invitation for Shel
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