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  1. Saw this floating around Facebook today, so I had to share....
  2. As a photographer, I would love to appear as a photographer on the show. Maybe penny has a go at being a model as she isn't getting any acting work.
  3. I don't think it is an apple thing, more like a network thing. I bet apple would love their logo plastered over shows like this. But a lot of TV networks don't like to advertise for people who are not paying for it. In the UK we have BBC, and BBC are not even allowed to mention a brand unless they state "other brands are available"... silly... but that's politics.
  4. Thanks for your answers and your welcome. Loved the show for so long, just didn't know there was a forum.
  5. A random question I am sure has been asked many many times... What happened between Loenard and Stephanie. There was no break up episode (at least not one shown in UK) and she disappears from the series and no-one mentions her or verbally fills the gaps.
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