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  1. i think the reason why so much was given away was to turn these two episodes into "rating traps." i hate using that phrase, but that is essentially what is happening. shamy's reconciliation and the potential coitus between the two of them are something that people have been waiting on for quite awhile, so they are going to hype it up (and in this case spoil it) as much as they can to get viewership. it makes sense from a business standpoint. still, i think they leaked too much. i feel the suspense for this episode was ruined for the people not following the spoilers. what is worse is that an article was released to the public about what would happen in ep 11 prior to the time that the promos for this episode were released. like i said, it seems like a way of increasing ratings (considering that the ratings for this season supposedly dropped a ton since shamy broke up).
  2. judging by the route they went down in episode 12, it seems like the writers are intent on making a couple of light-hearted episodes for awhile to balance out the drama from the previous episodes. i wouldn't be surprised for the proposal to appear in ep 17 now
  3. Ok I have a question for all of you who haven't been following the spoilers. Do you think the promo showing Amy and sheldon reuniting ruined the suspense for the episode or gave too much away tonight? Same goes for the next episode. I have been glued to the spoilers so I've known what happens, but while watching the 2 promos for episode 10 and 11 made me wonder how ppl who wanted the show to be a surprise would react. Let me know. I'm just curious
  4. the big bang theory is inconsistent with continuity, but i wouldn't be surprised if she found out that way. that was my first guess for how she may find out about the ring.
  5. i'll predict the 17th episode of the season AKA episode 200, since it seems predictable enough to happen i guess. i dont even know anymore. everything that i have predicted has practically been wrong. i thought the shamy reconciliation would be ep 8, then when it didn't happen in 8, i predicted 11 or 12 (once again i was wrong), i predicted shamy to not have coitus this season (yet they did it the ep after getting back together), i predicted an episode with amy's side of the break up (nope that didn't happen), and i initially thought the breakup would last like 2 episodes (boy was i wrong). i guess my prediction is that they fix the living arrangements for lenny and shamy first, then go through with the proposal, which is why maybe ep 17 could make sense (but knowing my luck, im probably wrong again). the only thing i've been right about this season was that shamy would eventually reconcile this season, and that lenny would move in together (well sorta). everything else, ive been incorrect about. what is your new prediction btw?
  6. welp so much for my episode 11 prediction. ive been wrong about almost everything this season
  7. What kind of prize would you like? What kind of costume would sheldon be in then?
  8. The person 2nd to the left looks a lot like Bernadette. But yeah Disneyland would be interesting (of course as long as sheldon doesn't go on space mountain first; let's see how many of you get that reference)
  9. You know what? That's pretty interesting. It would be a little obvious getting them engaged in the 200th episode, but it could still be the route the writers go. If you remember in the 100th episode, they reunited lenny in the same place they met, and wore the same clothes as when they first met too. I wouldn't be surprised if episode 200 goes down that same route (sheldon proposes in the same place as where he meets Amy and they both wear the same clothes). Personally I'm still going with my guess, but this would be interesting. That's a good call
  10. Dammit I suck at games. Especially guessing games. I've been wrong about like everything this season (even though I was only off by 2 episodes)
  11. That is a good point. Episode 17 of this season is the 200th episode I think, which is around (but may or may not be Valentine's day) so something could happen then. I don't think we will have too long a wait til the proposal but we will see Yeah I see your point. The show is only guaranteed til season 10 I think (correct me if I'm wrong btw) so they can't sit on the proposal too long (unless they wait til the series finale to marry shamy). I hope they handle shamy's wedding better than lenny's. I was very disappointed with lenny's wedding, so I hope they take the time to at least do shamy's right.
  12. That's a pretty good point tbh. I kinda assumed b4 that the annoyances came from Amy developing as a character, but I think your explanation makes more sense I never really thought of it that way b4. I just thought it would be nice to see what drove Amy to be willing to give sheldon a second chance. Here is my big question. What changed between episode 8 and 9 that had Amy wanting to spend time/be his gf again? I am talking about even before she goes to the aquarium with him. Like what made her say yes to the aquarium date? The previous episodes have proven to me that she wouldn't have gone. Maybe I'm thinking too deeply about this
  13. I agree with you on the sheldon part. They nailed it, and did an amazing job with showing his dedication to Amy. I also get that the main point of the breakup was to have sheldon show that amy was his first priority, but I still wish we had at least one episode exploring Amy's POV and why sheldon mattered to her so much. I wasn't asking for a full season to show this, but at least one episode
  14. I was kinda hoping the aquarium episode would be the turning point of the breakup, and would explore the Amy POV, but instead they made the breakup one sided perspective wise. I still wanted to know what Amy loved about sheldon, considering that a lot of things Amy liked about sheldon early on kinda seemed to annoy her later. Jmo
  15. I am probably in the minority here and I am prepared for ppl disagreeing or getting angry with this comment, but am I the only one who feels a bit conflicted on how to feel about the shamy reconciliation? I'm referring to HOW THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER. i dont want you guys to think that i dont want them together. Im just conflicted bc it happened so out of the blue after sheldon said he thought they should remain friends. My 2nd concern is we barely saw a story arc centered around amy's feelings about the breakup, and im a bit disappointed about that. They handled sheldon's transformation beautifly. Amy, on the other hand was barely shown. I wanted to see her POV on why she misses sheldon and what about him she loves. I dont know how i feel about them getting together so quickly after ep 9. It felt a bit rushed, but with that being said, i am happy they are back together in general. I just would have done their reconciliation differently i guess. Also I like how shamy gets back together in the one episode that I thought there was no chance for a reconciliation in. To clarify btw, I thought the reconcillation scene was beautiful, but that More should have happened before reaching that point.
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