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  1. Awwww you guys are majorly giving me the feels right now. Sah, what you said was beautiful! <3 (Sorry, I don't know how to mention people, haha). I could go on and on about how much I love Shamy lol. ETA: OH! And I reeeeeally want a Sheldon-as-the-caretaker/comforter story again too. Pleeeeeeease, writers?
  2. That there is what you call "eye coitus!"
  3. I'll just give a few thoughts because you all basically covered everything! - The Shelnard and Pamy interactions! I gotta admit, it was weird seeing Sheldon and Amy behind the island in 4B serving Leonard and Penny tea. Still getting used to that! But I love the Leonard's line at the beginning about his mom getting him tested, and the smile he gave Sheldon after lol. - I personally really love that Shamy are so brutally honest with each other. They tell each other how they see it, which IMO is way healthier than keeping stuff from each other. They can pretty much tell each other whatever they want without anyone's feelings getting hurt. Also his line about how when she called him an insensitive jerk he'd like to think she meant it had me laughing really hard for some reason. I think it was just the smile afterwards. Something about this whole episode had me laughing a lot, and I'm not a big laugher lol. - Okay, I've watched the tag so many times it's not even funny. This was just a really fun scene, like April said. And you can clearly see that Mayim and Jim had a lot of fun with it too. He was flirting so hard with her, and she just looked highly amused by his efforts. They were totally on the same page here, and that's what made it so fun and light. - Oh, and yes. The only ball and socket joints in the human body are the shoulder and hip! My anatomy class comes in handy every now and then lol. But I love that he loves her hips. God only knows what he does with her hips when they're alone lol. -Overall a really fun episode! I liked the other couples, too! And I even liked Raj haha. I do feel like he's putting in an effort to improve himself!
  4. No! I also think it's extremely romantic, but also a very funny and strangely adorable and dorkably charming thing to say. His compliments are always so quirky haha. And I also love how he said "because I love you" instead of "because you're my girlfriend." It's so much more meaningful that way, and I love love love that he's not shy about telling her he loves her. I never would have imagined they would be throwing around the L-word as much as they do now. When he proposes to her I'm sure we'll get a kickass ILY too!
  5. Also Leonard's mom seems to take great joy in the perceived "suffering" of other couples, probably because her marriage was absolutely a bust. Well, at least it's not just her own son's relationship that she loves to tear apart! But man, what a callous woman. I would love love love for this to happen!
  6. I actually thought he tag of Platonic Permutation was the most beautiful part! I'm eternally touched by the notion that Amy wanted Sheldon back unconditionally. And Sheldon's line about getting over her not being one of the things he excels at. I love it. <3 Anyway, I don't really see this episode as dramatic as I do the writers shining a light on something that's always been there that most of us have forgotten. It makes perfect sense and is completely in keeping with Sheldon's character to want to have back up plans in case things go awry. And the fact that Sheldon is so upset over this suggestion that he's not completely secure in his relationship says a lot about how he actually consciously feels very secure. And the thought of not being secure terrifies him because he loves Amy and he doesn't want anything to come between them. I also think it's a breath of fresh air to have Sheldon be the one who's "insecure" instead of Amy for a change. She's the one reassuring him instead of the other way around. I personally really like that. If the writers wanted to (which I doubt will happen because I'm always wrong lol) they could delve deeper and have a whole proposal plot around Sheldon being subconsciously hesitant to propose because of what happened the last time he had plans to propose. And if they had Amy once again reassuring Sheldon that if he proposed she'd say yes and everything would be fine, that would also be a breath of fresh air. The only thing that had me furrowing my brows, and I can see I'm not the only one, is this disproportionate outraged the group had to Sheldon in this episode. And the jabs from Lenny in the hall seem really strangely mean considering at that point Sheldon hadn't said a thing wrong to inspire those mean comments. But of course I need to see the episode first! Ooh and I also love the references to thee first time they said I love you and I LOVE Sheldon reiterating it again! You guys know how I am about ILYs! Thanks so much, Randy!!! Your TR was so awesome!
  7. Do we know why Sheldon is wearing the visor? lol
  8. I don't know... we can argue over whether he knew what he was saying with the "maybe what's in my pants will change your mind" line (however I think it's HIGHLY unlikely he didn't know what he was saying lol) but the way he leaned in with his mouth right up next to her ear, and that devilish smirk on his face... he knew exactly what he was doing.
  9. I really don't see them pushing the engagement back just because they've been renewed for two years. They didn't push the SIK back, they didn't push their consummation back. They could have easily pushed their first time into season 10 if they really wanted to; I think most people would have accepted half a season for Shamy post-break up to sort of feel their relationship out again before taking that big step. But no, they thought it was the time, and they went with it. I think it's the same for the engagement. ESPECIALLY because we know that Amy knows about the ring, she knows the proposal is coming. And we've even had a recent episode with her lamenting over Sheldon taking so long to pop the questio. I think it leaves a lot of the audience questioning why IS he taking so long? There really isn't a very good reason to postpone it, and I don't really think the writers have built a reputation of postponing things simply because they can. They normally have other reasons.
  10. One of the girls who went to the taping said she thought Jim added the "it's long, isn't it?" line lmao. I just love you can see both Jim and Mayim struggling to keep a straight face
  11. His date night clothes are my fave
  12. Haha yeah yesterday was Presidents Day
  13. It's actually not until tomorrow because yesterday was an American holiday!
  14. This is where I'm at as well! I just want more of the sweet and funny scenes and a big proposal in there somewhere. And I want the proposal to be really meaningful and touching, but I have pretty much no doubts it will be. That's really my only wish for the rest of the season. I'll also gladly take some more making out and/or love making, of course. :D I mean, am I gonna say no? But I won't be too disappointed if it doesn't happen. I think the writers know where they wanna take that.
  15. I'm all aboard the passionate make out and love making train! :D
  16. Agreed. I really want Sheldon to propose with the ring. I felt that Amy and Meemaw came to a real understanding and bond at the end of the episode. I do hope they have another episode with Meemaw and Amy where they grow closer together. But from the way Amy teased Sheldon, I think she'd love to have the ring. And I think Sheldon would love her to have it. And I had a grandma just like Meemaw. She's protective as hell, but she'll love Amy like her own granddaughter.
  17. I actually agree so much with this. With the bold part - I've honestly wondered if the reason Sheldon is waiting to propose is because he got burned so badly the last time he was getting ready to propose. Which reminds me: - How exactly was he planning to propose last time?? Was he going to do it during their date in 8.24? Was his line about committing to watching The Flash TV show his way of seguing into that conversation? (think about it: Amy asking "Can you believe we've been together 5 years?" is the perfect lead up question to asking her to marry him) Did Sheldon ask Mary for the ring, or did Mary give it him, and it inspired him to want to propose? I still have so many questions that will never be answered lol. I know it's likely that Sheldon simply hasn't proposed because the writers haven't found the perfect time just yet. But it doesn't make you wonder if he's a little gun shy like Vonmar mentioned. That's why I really think when the time comes, it will be unplanned, unexpected, and might even fly out of Sheldon's mouth before he even realizes it. It could very well happen in 10.23. Or, hell, it could happen next episode. But I do think it will happen before the end of the season. And I agree, there will be a major cliffhanger this season, and I don't think it will involve Shamy. It will probably involve Penny. Or Raj. But probably Penny. Happy Birthday Amethyst! :D
  18. Actually it would be in the S10 finale! in 8.24 they talked about how they were celebrating their 5 year anniversary, so obviously they work from their first date in 3.23.
  19. Ummm I don't really know why part of my post was hidden lol. It was so vague that I could have meant that this thread is my happy place that I come to to deal with crap in my personal life. And I didn't even vaguely mention any other member. But I'm not gonna pollute this thread with nonsense lol. I agree that Shamy are practically married already so any delay to their engagement would be pretty silly. Their 7 year anniversary sounds good to me.
  20. Yeah, I know a lot of folks are concerned that the proposal will be delayed because of the delay and all, but I'm pretty certain it will still happen this season. Unless Sheldon has a specific date or event in mind where he will want to propose, I really don't know what's keeping him waiting! We know he wants to marry her. So slap that ring on her finger, son!
  21. This proposal/wedding talk has me so I have not been able to get it out of my mind ever since we found out Sheldon has a ring, and seeing all the posts talking about what they'll wear and whatnot has me fangirling so hard! Their wedding, just like the proposal itself, is one of those things that has me scratching my head wondering how they will do it and make it so perfectly Shamy-esque, and then when they do it we'll be like "oh yes. Of course. That fits them perfectly!" i cant decide on whether I think they will have a big or smaller wedding. My gut is telling me that they will have limited guests but will go all out on the venue and decorations and dress and music and everything. They haven't had a big wedding yet in the series, so I would really love to see a place really beautifully decorated, all the while keeping it very Shamy, you know?
  22. I would love that! <3 Last season, when Sheldon and Amy were still apart, I had this idea that their friends would set them up with "blind dates" because Amy and Sheldon were both evidently looking to find a new mate. So the guys would set Sheldon up with someone, and the girls would set Amy up. But they end up sort of tricking them and setting them up with each other and the location of the blind date would be the coffee shop where they met. And then they would sort of be reminded of how they met and everything and they would talk things out. Of course, I prefer the way they actually got back together, with both Amy and Sheldon realizing on their own how much the other meant to them, with no outside help from their friends. But I love the idea of the coffee shop somehow being incorporated in one of their big moments. Another place I thought for the location of the proposal was inside Amy's lab, as a kind of spur-of-the-moment decision from Sheldon, as they're just doing together what they love doing. For some reason, I don't see it happening inside either of the apartments, since Howardette's was already in 4A and Lenny's was in 4B. But, who knows? It could very well still happen in one of those places. I've also thought it could very likely be incorporated with Fun with Flags Of course, the writers will surprise us all, and it will probably be beyond anything we could have dreamed up ourselves. *sighs wistfully* I just can't wait for it to happen.
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