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  2. Many come to mind! When he plays in the ball pool, appearing and saying Bazinga! When Penny offers him the napkin and he hugs her! When after drinking in Leonard's water, L asks him how he is and he answers he is okay "thanks for asking, I love you so much"! When he does everything Howard ask to meet Hawkins! And in one of the recent episode, I love when he watches Penny play and is actually moved by her performance!
  3. 1 Sheldon 2 Bernadette 3 Penny 4 Stuart 5 Leonard 6 Howard 7 Amy 8 Raj
  4. as I come from Belgium, I can't possibly found a way to relate to the show (other than watching it) but I love Six Degrees of Separation and enjoy reading yours ^^
  5. When I'm fan of something, I go pretty deep into thing but I don't consider that being 'geeky' However, I definitely am a maths and computer geek (spend more time with my computers than with actual people)
  6. I see Penny and Sheldon's relationships more as a brother/sister relationships... they fight a lot and they are annoyed by each other, but they have those cute moments making it impossible for them to be away from each other
  7. well perhaps the apartments in their building are VERY cheap! that would explain why, even though they keep saying scientist don't win lot of money, the guys have lots of things and Sheldon is loaded
  8. Manon

    Who Should Play...

    Seeing how is Leonard's mom, I would see for the father a little man very quiet and average... I'd love to see Sheldon's brother as a hard-rock dude or something extreme lol and I would so love to see Sheldon's sister again! I find it interesting that he has a twin, even though he pretends that he doesn't relate to her but I mean, they are twins!
  9. I do not know why so many of you hate Bernadette, I simply love her! I love her relationship with Howard and what he has become... could not stand him before, it was too much! The only thing I miss since Bernadette is here, is the bromance Raj&Howard, but I like that there are more girls and I like the bromance Stuart&Raj so it is okay... am not sure I'm going to like Lucy, we'll see!
  10. I have noticed that as well, however he might thought she was sleeping or didn't see her or just didn't think... Anyway, there are a few moments when he talks in presence of girls without drinking... Can't find the exact moments yet but I will I have simply assumed that the tournament kept going on and they won (if they could beat Sheldon, they could beat everybody else) Sheldon's character is very different in the pilot and in the other episodes, but as most of you say... it is because it is the pilot However, Amy has experienced lots of changes in her personality in a short time if you watch her first episode... There are some inconsistency in Sheldon's stories of his father... It is quite difficult to figure out the characters' age as well... they seem to never have a birthday (except Leonard once) In the Time Machine's episode, Leonard says he is going to sell everything to "Larry" at the comic book store... later, Stuart appears as somebody they know for a long time In the pilot, Penny goes right away take a shower and she has different clothes on after... even though she never went to get some in her apartment Also, in the second episode, the boys go in the hall to talk to Penny and when they want to get back to their apartment the door is lock. However, in many episodes people go in and out of the apartment and it is never locked In the episode where Howard's mother goes to the hospital, Leonard fetches Penny and Sheldon in the laundry room and they just leave their stuff there... it is even more bothering me that Sheldon hesitates and put everything in the dryer, close the doors but doesn't start the dryer It is said quite a few times than scientist don't win a lot of money... However, they have lots of things and Sheldon seem to be incredibly loaded The boys are always wearing tons of clothes, Penny on the other hand often have short sleeves and very short shirt... Bernadette and Amy usually have a small sweater The boy must be very cold, or the girls very hot All I can think of for the moment!
  11. I'll start with Bernadette because you all seem to hate her and I simply adore her! BERNADETTE: - more interactions with the boys - more scenes of the nice Bernadette suddenly turning bad PENNY: - new job, possibly as an actress - scenes with Sheldon, like in the first seasons AMY: - leaves Sheldon, at least for a while - affirms her personality (not just Penny's BFF or Sheldon's GF) SHELDON: - gets crazy, totally loose it for a moment (like when he got fired) - more of his theories on social behaviour or his strange train of thought LEONARD: - more about his work (loved to see his experiences) - less needy HOWARD: - discovers more about his father - changes his pants RAJ: - find a way to interact with girls without drinking - is gay and in love with Howard (would explain so much) STUART: - would love to see him more often with the gang - get a girl that is a friend of Penny/Bernadette/Amy I wanted to see the girls do more 'geeky' things (like when they read comic books) because it is always about the guys having to be 'more normals'... but it is done, I just saw them play D&D !!!
  12. A 100% !! That's what I was going to say when I saw the subject lol
  13. It does have a few similarities with 'Friends', as every show talking about a group of young adults enjoying time together in their everyday life... However, I do love 'Friends' but I think 'BBT' is much more inventive, original and amusing!
  14. So many good quotes! Love the Bazinga obviously! If I have to choose one right now, the one popping in my mind is: - Sheldon knocking - Penny: Whow do we love? Sheldon: Penny - knocking - Penny: Who do we love? Sheldon: Penny - knocking - Penny: Who do we love? Sheldon: Penny
  15. She was a good character, however it was obvious that she wasn't going to stay long... She hadn't really been introduced as something else than Leonard's girlfriend and everything went very fast, if it was meant to last the storyline would have been split in more episodes. As fas as the break-up is concerned, here's what I think happened: The last time we saw her, she was moving in with Leonard without telling him and he didn't really like it. He was trying to tell her but they always ended up having sex. He finally told her by text but apparently her response was another attempt to keep him (by sex). Anyway, I suppose it finally stopped working for both of them and they went their separate ways... It seems clear in the writers' mind that Leonard and Penny will end up together. Every time they have some kind of relationship, it ends quite inexplicably. We don't see Penny's men very long or often, they are not even introduced. And Leonard had difficulties with Stephanie then she disappeared; he learned that Raj's sister cheated on him, and she disappeared as well...
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