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  1. Do you mean a show about the cartoon version of Soft Kitty--like we see in the merchandise--or a show about the song, or about a kitty? How would one base a show on "Soft Kitty"? It's not as if the kitty has any real characteristics. If you made a show about this kitty, it's just a show about a cat, right? With "Soft Kitty" as its theme song or something?

    And my short answer would be that there's not much to go on for creating a show.

    It would be a cartoon version.

  2. We're in 100% complete agreement he doesn't get nor deserve sympathy... =) Because even when it is just bad luck, he's a jackass... like when he got sick when his mom was visiting... for a split second, they started to feel bad, until he shoved it in their faces he was getting his mom's full attention back...

    Well it's not like he was saying "I get my mother's attention and you guys don't attention from yours", more like "I get my mother all to myself". Besides, Sheldon doesn't get to see his mother often, so of course he would get upset when she was spending more time with his friends. For example, remember in The Thespian Catalyst when he and Penny were acting his Star Trek fanfiction? Well, in the story, Sheldon was getting upset because he was leaving his mother, and I think he really subconsciously missed his mother. So I really don't get how "rubbing it in their faces" really judges if a character is sympathetic or not.

    I think most get that though I don't know if that's a 100% true. though. Still I don't think everyone thinks that should be an excuse for him and a sort of "free pass" when he does something "dumb".

    I agree that he doesn't get a free pass most of the time, but I didn't say he was being dumb, he just lacks common sense.

  3. When does Sheldon lose on this show? I mean come on this guy gets away with every thing and he is a big bully and treats his friends like crap especially Leonard. He doesn't appreciate all the things Leonard and the other do for him, he too self-centered to even thank Leonard once in a while --- so forgive me if I don't cry a river for Sheldon.

    As for hoping Leonard lose once again to Sheldon, isn't that what happens on this show over and over and over?!

    Well, Sheldon is what they call an "educated fool", which is a person who is extremely book smart, but crazily street dumb. Whenever Sheldon does something mean, he doesn't realize he's being mean, which Bernadette actually lampshaded in one episode in Season 5.

  4. I'm dead serious about this ship. For anyone you doesn't know who it is, it's Sheldon and Beverly. So, what does everyone else think about this ship? I ship them just because I want to see Leonard call Sheldon dad. xD

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  5. I think it seems pretty funny. However, I honestly thought Leonard was acting like a big jerk. Now, I'd be annoyed if I went through a similar scenario as well, but Leonard always complains about Sheldon being "demanding" and "irritating", and when Sheldon actually MISSES him, and gets him TWO gifts, he decides to hide from him to stay with Penny, and then gets annoyed when Sheldon literally can't trust anything he says, and he only stopped because Wolowitz started acting like a whiny bitch about it, and even then if he hadn't rubbed that ointment all over has mother's back, he probably would've been on Leonard's side. Again, I would've been annoyed as well, but he should've at least appreciated that Sheldon wanted to do something nice for him for once. I'm sorry if some people disagree with me, but I find Leonard to keep getting more and more unlikable as the series goes on. At least Sheldon doesn't realize when he's doing something wrong, as well as his moments being playing for laughs. Leonard actually KNOWS better, and I don't find his unlikable moments to be that funny.

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