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  1. Hilarious episode! The funniest one of the year IMO. I though the interaction between Leonard's Mother and Father was great. I also liked Mary Cooper and her interactions with both Leonard's parents. In fact, I thought everyone was excellent tonight. I thought Howard was overreacting to his circumstances but the way it was portrayed was great. I also agree with many of you that the way they had Amy control Sheldon was very entertaining and I loved the ending. Penny's comments at the end was great and I loved Leonard and Sheldon's faces when they started to figure out what was going on. I am really looking forward to the start of season 10. Any thoughts on who might play Penny's mother and sister?
  2. If we get to meet the rest of Penny's family next season, who would you like to see play her brother?
  3. I agree with SRAM. It was not a real good episode. I thought what was done to Stuart was mean, not funny. I get tired of the Penny always siding with Sheldon theme. Sheldon and Amy's relationship has not changed that much. Sheldon still takes her for granted. As for Raj, he is just annoying.
  4. I thought the episode was pretty good. I liked the Shamy part the best, mainly Sheldon. His reaction to Raj's calling in was hilarious I thought. As for Raj, I thought he got what he deserved. I'm surprised that no one told him that.
  5. I thought this episode was OK. I liked the Sheldon/Raj part. Lenny was OK. I thought was interesting when the Dr. confronted Penny. I really don't think Penny acts as Leonard's mother. She does mother Sheldon and I agree that Sheldon is a big man child. IMO, Sheldon hasn't fully grown up yet. I liked the Howard/Bernie part but I thought the last scene with Stuart watching them sleep scary; it may have been intended to do that, but I really wish that they would take Stuart on an different path.
  6. I hope that you are wrong about the malevolent eye turning back on Lenny after the current Shamy arch is done. I really hope to see the relationship grow in a positive manner for a while. How long do you seeing the current archs lasting and what do you think is next for Lenny? From what I saw from the trailers from the next episode it looks pretty lighthearted. I hope to see a story arch surrounding Leonard and Penny's families. I would still like to get an episode with Leonard's father or one of his siblings. As for Penny, I hope we get to meet more of her family soon.
  7. The episode was OK, but definatly not what I thought Leonard and Penny's wedding would be like. The show was overboard Sheldon. He was a real jerk. It seems whenever something good is going to happen for Lenny, Sheldon overshadows it or Leonard does something dumb. In this episode, we got both. I did like the line at the chapel about the flowers, and Sheldon's conversation with his mother.
  8. I saw an article that was posted to Facebook in which Molaro hinted at a possible Lenny break-up. I hope not, because I think it ruins the storyline.
  9. I think Season 8 was to Sheldon centered and Lenny appears to have been cast aside. It seems like everything centers around Sheldon. I get tired of how Sheldon focused the show has gotten. Sheldon can be very funny but I find Howard to be even funnier at times as well as Raj. However, as I have said before it was the relationship between Leonard and Penny that drew me into the show, not Sheldon and certainly not Shamy. I like the character that Amy has become, but it is not the story that attracted me. I mam really uncomfortable with the situation that they place Lenny in at the end of this season. As for the quality of the writing, I think that it has gone down since season 7. I do not think this show will go past season 10, in fact I think they should have ended it at season 7 or maybe this year and leave people wanting more. If they continue on the path that they have been on beginning with season 7 and focus on Shamy and Shenny the whole time then I think by the time we get to season 10 there will be a lot of people who will be glad that it finally came to and end.
  10. I like Emily. I wish that they would lighten up on the creepy stuff, like sex in the cemetery. I do like her character overall. I think that she and Raj make a nice couple. I also like her so much better than Lucy.
  11. I agree with those unhappy with the L/P car scene. I also think Leonard was way OOC. The writers imo made a huge mistake. If they do not fix it early then I will be done with the show because it seems like they have destroyed the trust between L/P. Also, they have turned Leonard from someone to pull for into whinny and stupid jerk. The L/P relationship has been the heart of the show and one of the main reasons I got into it.
  12. SRAM makes a great point. Would the show be a hit without Kaley? I think Penny completed the trio and made the show not only funny but relatable.
  13. I am having a hard time getting the quote to work. But, did I see someone start to mention the Shenny as a romantic possibility? That is so old. I thought this debate had come and gone. I do not see Penny and Sheldon ever becoming an item romantically, it just does not fit. However, if the show ever does go down that path I will be done with the show. As for the regular shenny scenes, I agree with stardust. They are getting old. Sheldon does need to figure out his relationship problems with Amy on his own. He does depend to much on Penny and Leonard.
  14. The Denny's wedding chapel reference is not the problem with the Lenny scene in the car going to Las Vegas. It is Leonard's confession about kissing the woman on the Hawking ship.
  15. I saw her post on Instagram about tonight's finale. To bad the finale was not that good. She is still my favorite actress though.
  16. I agree with Bangermain and SRAM. I think Leonard has been diminished this year and the season finale tonight is a perfect example. In season five and six Leonard was being showed to be the leader of the group , the "King of the Nerds". He did stand up to Penny and Sheldon but now he is simply whiny and dumb. The incident at Skywalker Ranch is one example even though it was Sheldon that got out and tried to run onto the property, Leonard was driving the car and allowed himself to be controlled by Sheldon and what happens they miss a conducting a very important lecture they were suppose to give. Tonight he ruins a good night with a confession about something that should not have been confessed at that time or it can be argued if he should ever brought it up at all, considering it had been two years since it had happened. I really hope they do a better job in season 9.
  17. After watching the episode again, I like it even less. Usually it is the opposite. I begin to like the episode better the second time around but this time it got worse and it was the L/P story that I really did not like. It ranks with the season four finale as the worst ever. Leonard just seems to have become less pleasant and sometimes just dumb. I agree with Stardust, I think they could have found a better way to slow up the wedding of L/P without having Leonard look so stupid. The part when he takes the produce into the petting zoo is another example of dumb Leonard, it was not really funny, just stupid. If Leonard was only kissing that woman on the boat in the North Sea and that was all then I think that this will be overcome. As stated by others, Penny has had her share of dumb acts while drunk so if this was just a one time thing by Leonard then they will be able to move on, but I do not see how they will be getting married in Vegas right then. Leonard's confession I think kills that for now. At least that was the impression that I got from Penny at the end.
  18. The episode was pretty good. I really did not care for the Lenny line. The interaction with Sheldon was pretty funny, but in the ending it seemed like they were trying to keep the "on again/off again" thing going that IMO ended years ago. As for Sheldon, I think he needs this. It actually works well for Shamy and makes sense.
  19. I thought it was a good episode. The interaction between Leonard and Sheldon was pretty good especially when they were alone. I liked how supportive Penny was of Leonard. Of the parents, Mary Cooper is my favorite. Leonard's mother I can live with out. The part with Bernedette and Howard I thought was sad more than funny. It seems that in comparison with Leonard and Sheldon, Howard and Raj have been the slowest to mature. A good episode overall. I would like to see Leonard get recognition for his abilities. Leonard's mother and Sheldon always put him down. I really hope that they have Leonard get tenure next year, just to see Sheldon's response.
  20. I really liked this episode. I thought Raj and his parents was very funny as well as Howard and Sheldon. Lenny was really good this week as well. I really liked Leonard's speech he came across like a professor. I did like Raj and his parents the best though this week.
  21. I liked the way they did Penny and the audition. By going to it she was able to learn that she was finally done with acting and that the decision she made at the end of season 7 was the right one. I thought it showed a lot of growth. I also thought Penny was very pretty throughout the episode. Her hair was great along with her clothes and make-up. As for the rest of the episode, I really did not find it to be that funny. I really get tired of the Leonard's lack of a backbone. The part where he talks about eating his grape nuts with club soda because Sheldon aid eating them with almond milk would be some kind of nut contradiction, I do not remember the exact line, was pretty lame on Leonard's part.
  22. I agree with Mississippi. The Lenny storyline has been kind of weak this year. I really did not care for the Lenny story last night. It was not funny. Penny came across as a jerk and Leonard as a whiny baby.
  23. I thought this episode was okay. I agree with stardust about the Howard and his brother story. It did not go anywhere. We never learn why he shows up except a brief comment about the title to the house. Most the that story line was Raj acting like a jerk and Howard crying about how he couldn't handle it, until his brother comments about is going to space. As for the Lenny story, I really did not care for it. I liked Wheaton's podcast and some of his remarks to Penny early on, but I though Penny came across as a jerk. For someone who wanted to be an actress, you would think that she would have a little better knowledge about the acting world. I know that not everyone was a fan of Star Trek. But, Star Trek, both the original and Next Generation were so popular that there multiple movies made off of them. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were famous because of their roles in that show. The same can be said for Brent Spiner, Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes, who is now a director. It just seems that Penny's view of the acting world is very limited for one who wanted to enter that world. As for Leonard, he simply came across as weak and whiny. I do not think that Lenny needs to break up again, but I do think that they need to have Leonard grow a backbone like he seemed to be doing in season 6. The part about Penny making twice as much as Leonard I found hard to believe. And I agree that her hiding these things from the man she is going to marry very troubling. I found the Sheldon and Amy portion to be the best part of the show. Mainly because we got a glimpse of the old weird Amy when she showed the items that she had stored in the apartment. Reminds me of the episode when tells Penny that she spread her scent all over Penny's apartment just before she become her best friend.
  24. Why does anyone need to go away this year. Seasons 1,3 & 4 did not have anyone go off. At least major characters. You could say Pyria left at the end of Season 4, But that was not a short trip.
  25. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good episode, one of the best of the year so far. I thought Billy Bob Thorton's character was pretty funny. I have watched the episode a few times now and it gets funnier each time. All of the regular cast were good, though I thought the story line with the guys was the best, especially Sheldon. Jim Parsons has really been outstanding in the last few episodes. I did care for the Bernedtte/Amy storyline all that much, it just was not that funny. The part with Amy and Thorton walking up the stairs and his starting to count the 1 , 2Mississippi when she touches him was great. Overall, I still liked Sheldon the best tonight.
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