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  1. There were some really funny scenes in this episode, but overall I was not overly impressed. I loved the part with Sheldon and Raj in the tunnel. I thought it was interesting how they had Sheldon expressing his doubts and concerns over his career. The part with the rats and his abandoning Raj was hilarious, classic Sheldon. The rest of the episode was just not that funny, especially Lenny. The argument over the money got old quick and was not funny, especially after Leonard had come up with a good solution of putting it in a joint account. They both thought it was a good idea so it seemed like the problem was solved at that point. The part with the money on the bed was not funny in my opinion, it just seemed like they could not come up with anything else. I really do not like what they have done with Penny so far this year. She is not as funny and her hair style makes her look old IMO.
  2. I enjoyed the episode. I thought the interaction between the guys was great and very funny, especially how Sheldon and Leonard's questioning of the use of English grammer when discussing the timeline issue from Back to the Future II.
  3. I do not think this was the worst episode ever, but I do think that it was not one of the best. Sheldon's whole thing with the test was silly. I do not see how one test is that absolute. I did like it when Leonard was confronting Sheldon about it but then they had Leonard do his usual give in to Sheldon by wanting to take the test. It just wasn't all that funny to me. As for the part with Howard, the ending with the Mars rover was just stupid not funny. It was like they were trying to replay in a different way the episode about Rothman's Office and Sheldon and Kripke playing basketball for the office, that was a really funny episode, but this episode and know combined with the one last night gives me the impression that the writers are just going back using old ideas and trying to present them in a different way. I am not seeing anything really fresh so far. The funniest episode so far IMO is episode 2. I hope it gets better.
  4. I agree with Bangarmain and SRAM. I thought last night's episode was very weak. I gave it an okay vote because it was overall it was really not that funny. I agree that the Amy/Penny exchange with the cheek touching was weird. It is like they are trying to relive some things from season 4 and IMO it just does not work anymore. Amy's character has grown beyond that, and so has Penny's. As for the Penny/Raj hook-up thing coming up again, I really did not care for it. I hated it when they used it during the season 4 finale and I still hate it. The whole Raj/Emily/Penny exchange really just made Raj look like a real jerk. Especially since in reality he and Penny were never lovers. IMO he took advantage of her when she was drunk. I really id not like Raj's line about "bedding them both" in reference to Penny and Emily. I really wonder how long Raj and Emily will last. As for Shamy, I agree with SRAM a break up may be in order.
  5. I am not so sure that an episode can be rated as the worst ever without seeing it. I have read taping reports before and thought an episode would be bad but turned out to be pretty good when I saw it.
  6. I do not think that William Shatner would be good in the role as Leonard's Dad. He is not funny and TBBT is a comedy.
  7. I understand issues developing in a relationship. However, this roller coaster of Lorre's IMO is getting old. Like others have said, I will wait until the actual episodes come out before making my judgment. However, I would not put it past Lorre to look at another break-up, even though I think it would not go over well. Also, having Leonard constantly insecure about Penny is getting old. It seems like Lorre is just trying to find a way to keep this roller coaster going. Also, I do not see how Penny would even be qualified for such a position. She has a high school diploma with a handful of basic college classes completed. Penny needs to have another way of making a living sense she is no longer at the CCF, but this just does not fit.
  8. I picked the lime kiss. I think it is the cutest scene they have done.
  9. They could just have Penny show up with a new hair style. Why would she need an acting part that would require it. Women change their hairstyles from time to time. I recently read an interview with Kaley where talked about that possibility. Personally, I like her longer hair style., but we will see.
  10. It was a hard choice. I loved seeing Lenny get engaged but the episode where we get to see Penny's box of Leonard stuff was great too. It shows that Penny really fell for Leonard along time ago, at least as far back as season three if not before.
  11. I agree with SRAM that the hottie and the nerd story went away or began to go away in season 3 when Leonard and Penny became a couple. However, I never got the idea in the 7.23 this when Penny said "we could get married" that at anytime in that scenario that she hinted at breaking up. I did not understand Leonard at first in his response but after watching it again and thinking about I understaood what he meant. Leonard wanted to make sure that Penny was not just settling for him., but that she really wanted him for her husband. I agree that Leonard is still insecure about his height and whether or not he is good enough for Penny, which he needs to get past. He is obviously good enough. He is very smart, he was recruited to work with Stephen Hawking's team in the North Sea and he also disproved the Chinese experiment that was supposed to have confirmed Sheldon's discovery. He is also able to work in a team environment. I can easily seeing someone like Leonard eventually becoming not only a tenured professor but eventually the head of a physics department. As for Penny, he loves her unconditionally and is willing to care for her in good times or bad, and Penny knows that. He gives her love and security which outweighs the physique and looks of a Kurt.
  12. She gives up acting completely and completes her college education eventually earning a doctorate in psychology.
  13. Hammerman55 makes a good point about the change in Penny's actions towards Leonard sense they became engaged. She did come across as more possessive. It will be interesting to see how this plays out next season.
  14. I think it is quite possible that Sheldon will return with a new focus for his research. I can also see him working on a train for a while as it was previously suggested. I would also be surprised if he does not end up in Texas for a while.
  15. I think that Sheldon would be fine in 4B. He has told Leonard before that if he, Sheldon, could afford the rent he would ask Leonard to leave. Of course that was back in season 1 and it could be argued that Sheldon has changed since then.
  16. I like Emily a lot more than Lucy. I was tired of Lucy and her constant running off to the bathroom or trying to climb out of windows. Emily is better for Raj and it seems like she will fit better with the group. I do not see her having problems with Penny. I see her and Penny getting along.
  17. Amy's character has simply grown. Growing up she may very well have been a nerdy, shelter girl with no friends. As result she was a lot like Sheldon. However, after meeting and dating Sheldon and becoming friends with Penny and Bernie the part of Amy that desired to have friends and something more to her life has come out. There is always more to a person than one dimension. Sheldon has this side to him as well but he fights it for some reason.
  18. Penny only sided with Beverly in Raiders Minimization because Leonard started using the "his mother makes him sad" to manipulate her. She was simply paying him back. Though, I think we have to remember that Howard sold him out on that by telling Bernie. I do think that Penny will eventually have a confrontation with Leonard's mom. I think that Leonard will eventually have a confrontation with her as well because at some point the actions and attitudes of Leonard's mother towards him has to reach a climax. I cannot see him tolerating this for the rest of his life. And I do think that if Beverly threatens Penny or his relationship with Penny then it will lead to that. The episodes with Leonard's mother can be funny, but I am growing tired of her actions and attitude towards her son and that some how she sees Sheldon as superior. She and Sheldon seem to be the ones with the problems, they both think that they are the smartest people in the world.
  19. I agree with Daisyjane. Amy was given several subtle hints that they wanted to be alone. Lenny was celebratinng their enngagemennt and starting discuss their life togather. Amy is usually better at picking up on these things better than Sheldon. As for Sheldon running off, Leonard knows that Sheldon does that when he is upset. Leonard became concerned because Sheldon was gone longer than normal.
  20. I thought the episode was excellent. I thought the part with Howard and Bernie was pretty funny watching them try and work out the issues with his mom. I thought Raj was Raj. He finally has a girlfriend and he just wants to talk about it and for his friends to share in his joy. I thought Lenny was great tonight. The conversations with their parents were interesting. I was surprised a little at Leonard's mom. I though that she liked Penny but the way that she said Penny's name and her "acceptance of her" because Sheldon was o.k. with it along with her telling Leonard that he needs to keep working on getting her approval for his life choices just highlights what jerk she is. However, I do think they are setting up for some interesting episodes in the future in regards to Leonard's relationship with his mother. I really hope to see Leonard stand up to her some time next year. I also think with Beverly's reaction about Penny that there could be an interesting development in that relationship. I was surprised though because I thought that Beverly liked Penny. I also began to see a different side to Penny tonight. She has always been insightful but tonight in respect to Sheldon and Leonard I thought that she had real positive impact. She was able to recognize what both Leonard and Sheldon needed. She saw that Leonard needs to learn that he cannot take care of Sheldon forever. Since she and Leonard are getting married Leonard is going to have to let Sheldon go some. As for Sheldon, I think she saw what he needed. She cares for him too, but I think that she sees him as a child that needs to grow up and that since he wants to do what he is doing she is willing to let him. The difference that I saw was that she seemed to be treating Leonard different. She said that she would try to do a better job at cooking, which I can see her turning to Raj for help there. But, it seemed that at the train station she seemed to really be backing up Leonard. As for the issues with Sheldon, I think that Sheldon is having to face the reality that the world does not revolve around him and that he is not God no matter how hard he may try to be. What I mean by this is that he cannot control the world the way he thinks. He is learning that he cannot stop change from happening and that life does not bend to his will. I like Sheldon, but he can be mean and disrespectful to others. A good example is the way he reacted to Stewart at the comic book store. IMO he really did not show any interest in Stewart or the problems he was facing with the store burning down, all Sheldon could think about was how "his world" was changing to much and the place that he went to when he was having a hard time was gone. There have also been many times especially during this past season where he has been quite mean to Amy. He seems to take her for granted, like with the strawberry quick. Sheldon is facing a soul searching time and Penny is right, he has to face it on his own. The part with Amy hitting Leonard at the end with pillows I know was meant to be funny and it was a little imo, but I could have done with out it. I think Amy needs some time for self-reflection as well. I think for those who are Shamy fans they may have to endure a little of what Lenny's had to endure in Season 4 with Penny having to sort out her feelings for Leonard. I think Shamy will be o.k. in time but it is going to have to go through the storm first.
  21. I agree that Raj and Emily are a good match. Even though I did not like her at first, I have come to really like her character. I think that she will fit in real well with the girls. I can see her and Penny really hitting it off. As I have watched the Leonard and Penny proposal a couple of more times, I have watched the proposal scene a couple of more times I have come to see that it does fit well with them. I think th first couple of episodes of season 8 will focus on the growth of their engagement. Hopefully there will be revelations concerning Leonard's trip to the North Sea and how it impacted their relationship. I do hope to see Lenny heading off to Nebraska to meet the rest of her family. I would love to see Wyatt's reaction to the news that Penny and Leonard are engaged. Overall, I do not have the same anticipations about the Leonard and Penny for season 8 than I did for this year. Their engagement seems to have opened up a whole new field of story opportunities. As for Sheldon, I hope that he does not come back in the first episode. I would like to see what he discovers about himself. This also brings up the question of what happens with Amy. As for her beginning to date Stuart, I am not so certain about that, in fact I wonder what they will do with Stuart next year considering what happens with his store.
  22. I do not see Sheldon doing something with Leonard and Penny the way he did with Priya because Penny is not Priya. In all of the episodes, I do not think that Sheldon has ever really won in a direct confrontation with Penny, for example Panty Pinata". She has no problem standing up to him and the same applies to Leonard. They both care deeply for Sheldon so they will never look to purposely hurt him, but they will stand up to him when it is called for. Sheldon crushed Priya, mainly because she more afraid of her parents finding out about Leonard. SRAM makes some good points about the opportunity for some good storylines now that Leonard and Penny are engaged. One in particular is to see how this will work with Leonard's mother., now she can get in both of their heads. As for Penny's acting career, is she still going to pursue being an actress? She said at the conclusion of the last episode that she has realized that she no longer needs to be famous to be happy. I guess they may have left that open. However, her statement about starting to "make smarter decisions" about her life seemed to imply more than just marrying Leonard.
  23. I thought the episode was pretty good. I am glad to see that Penny finally agreed to marry Leonard. I liked the way they showed Penny coming to that conclusion when she stated that she needed to start making smart decisions about her life. However, I found the way that they wrote Leonard's response to be whiny. They also showed him at the movie set still seeing himself as not good enough for Penny when the director asked "isn't she to hot for you?" and Leonard agreed. Last year they were showing Leonard starting to gain some confidence, I wish that the writers would portray him more in that way. Ads for the rest of the episode, I thought the part with Raj and Emily was very good, in fact I thought it was better written than the Lenny engagement. The interaction between Sheldon and Raj was pretty good. I did not care for the Howard/Bernie/Howard's mom storyline. More and more it seems that Bernadette is becoming more self centered and unlikeable. I really did not care for her comments about comparing caring for Howard's mom to caring for a child. Overall, I thought the episode was pretty good though I was hoping that there would be a little more climax to Lenny getting engaged. I hope that the wedding episode will be better.
  24. I don't see how it can classified as the "worst episode ever" before it has been shown. IMO that kind of judgment is premature.
  25. A very interesting season finale. As I have already seen by the other comments, it is stirring some speculation on where Shamy is going and what they will do with Sheldon. IMO, the writers are growing Sheldon. He has always been the slowest to accept change but despite his discomfort with it, he is having to face this reality of life along with the other areas he is dealing with like his career and Amy. This episode along with the one where Professor Proton dies are showing Sheldon learning to deal with life issues beyond his control. I do not think that we will see a major change in Sheldon in season 8 but I do think that he will be making some discoveries that will lead to his growth. As for his relationship with Amy, I would not be surprised to see her break things off him for a short time, in order for him to make the same discovery about her that Penny had to make about Leonard in season 4. Overall, I think season 8 is looking very interesting. I am sure that there will also be a lot of very good and interesting fanfictions coming out this summer as well, regarding this topic.
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