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  1. Leonard buying a car. I agree I would love to see her face when he does it. I also agree that it is a pretty big step, far beyond just paying her rent or electric bill. In real life imo they would already be engaged if not married. However, the show is just trying to drag it out for as long as possible. Last year it seemed to be getting to a point where logically it seemed like it was getting close to moving them to an engaged status.
  2. I have said this before and I will express it again. I am a Kaley fan. Since I have been watching her, she always seems to present herself well and seems like a very classy lady. I also like the way that she comes across as very genuine. I know as a human being that she going to have her faults and there are going to be times that I may disagree with some comments she might make or she may do a movie that is not very good. However, that will not stop me from being her fan or change my opinion that I think she is a genuine and classy lady. Because, despite what the media may show I tend to think that what they show is not always the complete truth. So as for those who just want to make negative comments, I just ignore them and recommend to others just to ignore them they are not worth giving them any attention. I am really looking forward to seeing her in this latest movie of hers coming out in April.
  3. I agree with a lot of what hammerman has said. The Lenoard /Pryia relationship was basically over at the end of four when she went back to India. Also, Leonard may have been more serious about that relationship than Pryia. 1) She slept with her old boyfriend when she returned home to India. 2) She was never willing to tell her parents about Leonard. 3) Her relationship with him would have never been approved by her parents, just as it was never approved by Raj. Also, IMO I cannot see why anyone would want to bring Pryia back, like Alex her character is done. I do not see a role for her anymore.
  4. I enjoyed the chapter. Also, I have really liked the way that you have Penny maturing especially with her job at the CCF.
  5. I agree that I would like to see them really move forward with the L/P relationship. However, I suspect that they will begin to develop this potential romantic relationship for Raj. I could be wrong, but it seems like they may be heading in that way. It would allow them to hold out on Lenny for awhile longer.
  6. I really hope that they do not bring the character of Lucy back. I thought the character was boring. I am interested to see what Yvette is going to be like.
  7. No, I do not think that it is the worst though I agree with Tensor that it is a matter of personal opinion. There have been some good episodes this season but there have also been some episodes that I thought were pretty bad, like the one with Leonard and the red sweeter. This season is not one of my favorites. Season six is still my favorite and season four is my least favorite.
  8. IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!! Shamy's first real kiss. I know that all of the shamy's out there have to be pretty excited, it was a great night for them. Up until the kiss I was not certain what was going to happen, I wondered if Amy was going to to really take issue with Sheldon. However, the way they did the kiss was very good, it came across as Sheldon realizing that he really liked kissing Amy. I thought Lenny was o.k. tonight. I liked watching their interaction and couldn't help but note the drinking problem comment from Leonard. It will interesting to see where and if the writers are going to go anywhere with that. I thought Howard & Bernie were pretty good I thought the interaction between them and Shamy was pretty funny at times, but the storyline with Raj I thought was pretty cool. When he met the vet I wondered she might turn into a romantic interest for Raj and they have. What did some of you think about this new girl for Raj?
  9. I agree that the writers more than likely put some of those lines in for laughs without any deep meaning.. However, the lines were not that funny. They actually made Penny look shallow. IMO the writing this year has not been that good. I did enjoy some of the earlier episodes this year but recently it has not been that good. And as for what the writers have done with Penny, I think that they are making the character to look very foolish. I do not like what they have done with her.
  10. I thought the episode was good but not the best I have ever seen. The parts with Sheldon and James Earl Jones were really good, in fact I thought this was the best part of the show. I did not think that Penny stole the show. In fact, I thought that all they did was show Penny to be lazy and irresponsible. I know the whole part about having to put on clean underwear and then going by Target to buy some was suppose to be funny but all it really showed was a 28 year old woman who is to lazy to do her laundry. Then you add in the part about her not wanting to have to worry about insurance, mortgage, listening to her confess about hit and running Bernadette's car or watching her sit there while Bernadette and Amy are paying the check. This quite different from the Penny in season 2 who hated borrowing money from Sheldon. Sometimes they really do not show Penny in a very positive light. As for the part with Leonard, Howard and Raj trying to get scalped tickets, I thought it was o.k. but it was the highlight of the episode IMO, especially the last scene where they were simply quietly hiding in the dark. The Best part of the night was Sheldon and James Earl Jones IMO. I really liked the part with Carrie Fisher. However, the best part was when Sheldon asked how much would cost to get the stripper off his lap. I can only imagine the look on his face when that happened.
  11. I agree that things have been rough to a point and that she does come across as older but not wiser. It is true that she has lived on the edge of hoping that she will get her "big break". However, she also does not appear to want to face the realities of life and what she is trying to do. For one, by her on admission on more than one occasion she never did her job at TCF well. She seems to have seen it as really beneath her which is a major character problem. If she cannot do that job well and put a lot of effort into it. Second, even though she has taken a few class at the community college she has never given any serious thought to what else she would want to do. From the episode in season 2 when Leonard confronted Kurt over his not paying Penny back for bailing him out of jail, we learned that she went to California with the idea that she would become a movie or tv star in 6-months. That is not realistic for most people. Third, she does not seem to want to hear the practical statements that Leonard has offered in that what she is trying to is extremely hard and odds of her becoming a "great actress" are very slim. Last, though I understand her disappointment in having her scene on NCIS cut, she has really scene it in a professional way. She assume only one thing, that it was cut because "she did a bad job". She does not know that. It could of been cut for another reason that had nothing to do with her. She fails to hear the positives that Leonard has pointed out in that she did get a part on NCIS, even though it was a very small part it was a part. Thus, there was no reason for her to panic and quit her only means of support and then assume that anyone who does not agree with her fully does not support her. I say this because I really hope that they will let Penny not just age, but begin mature and become wiser.
  12. From what I read in the report for this week, the part with Sheldon and James Earl Jones looks like it will be the best part of this episode. The rest of it does not sound interesting, especially the part with the girls. However, it may turn out to be an excellent episode when the final product comes out on Thursday. Once again, the part with Sheldon still looks like the best part.
  13. I agree with DaisyJane. Another break up of L/P would not make any sense and it would IMO cause a lost of interest. Speaking for myself I know that I would lose interest because it would not make sense.
  14. I agree with Armygirl that this season has seemed to focus on P/S. I have no idea where they are going this season. In some ways it seems like they are trying to destroy the L/P relationship, but then they have an episode where Penny shows Leonard all of the stuff that she has kept from him over the years and it seems completely different. These last two episodes I jus did not care for in the way they have done Lenny. I think they have put Leonard in an impossible position IMO and they Penny being completely irrational. Penny's part being cut in NCIS may have had nothing to do with her, it could have simply bee n an editorial decision to adjust the length of that episode or they decided that it just did not fit into the story, it may have had nothing to do with her acting ability. Yet, Penny's response is to assume that she was the problem and that the answer is to quit her only means of support and "be totally focused" and some how that will launch her into instant stardom.
  15. I do not see how Penny`s NCIS scene being cut should be seen as such a crisis. Yes, for Penny it was a disappointment. However, it did not mean that she did a bad job. They could have cut it because they needed to shorten the episode or they could he decided the scene did not fit well with the story. These last two episodes have shown Penny overracting imo. I hope that the future episodes will show Penny maturing in her thinking. As for Leonard, I like it when he stands up to her. I agree that the weak & needy Leonard is getting old.
  16. I agree with Stardust thatthis season has not been that good. I still think season 6 was the best. The Lenny back and forth is getting old. I hope the rest of the season gets better.
  17. Ok, Lennys what did you think of tonight`s episode? I think they are into a story arc. Leonard brought up the idea of rethinking the nature of their relationship. I liked it when he began to stand up to Penny. The way that Penny is being shown right now imo is if you do not support my decisions then you do not support me. Also, no one has asked the obvious question, which is how Penny going pay her, Rent Eletricity Food these additional acting glasses that she is taking gasoline for her car I am curious to see how the writers answer this. I also thought Sheldon asked a very important question, Where is the relationship going? " Are they getting married or what?". I think this is going to be the main focus of the story arc over the next few weeks.
  18. I thought tonight`s episode was pretty funny. Sheldon was really good especially when Leonard left made him stay on the steps. I also liked the yoga part with Penny. The Raj, Howard, Amy and Burt part was pretty good too. The part with Penny quitting job does not make sense tno me because they do not explain how she is going to provide for herself. How is she going to pay for these additional acting classes? I was glad to see Leonard stand up himself about his view of her quuitting her job. As for Penny`s character, I am not sure where the writers aregoing with her.
  19. I just finished reading this chapter and it is exciting. I also have to say, You are the King of cliffhangers.
  20. The tension between L/P over her being around good looking actors is getting old. That scenario has been around for a while and seemed to be put away with her first ILY after Leonard was insecure over the classmate with the English accent. The whole scenario seems would make the show seem like it is regressing.
  21. I did not get bored when the ILY between L/P finally happened. I just never understood why it took so long for them let Penny do it. Explanations for Penny's issues have been explained in some of the fanfiction, like Tensor's Chew Toy Revelation, but the writers of the show have never really given the audience an explanation. It is the same with Penny's "commitment issues" about getting married. The writers have not given us any legitimate reasons. For me, this is more frustrating than boring, and when they do explain things or allow L/P to get engaged I do not see it as boring but IMO will allow the show to progress because it will show character growth. This is what made season 6 such a good season.
  22. I see Penny's quitting her job at TCCF to be a rash and poorly thought out decision, which is very typical for Penny. I know the general thought is that now she will be able to concentrate all of her energy on acting. Great, but how is she going to pay her bills. It has been suggested that she may be able to live off of her NCIS job and what she saved from CCF. There is one problem and that is Penny does not have a track record for saving money. She normally spends her money on shoes. It has also been pointed out that her pay for her role on NCIS, being a very minor role would not bring that much money. Even if she made $2000, that would not last long. What other job is she going get that she is qualified for and that would allow her to have an adjustable schedule. Right now it just does not seem to be making a lot of sense. Maybe it will over time.
  23. Yes, Penny will have weekends free it appears. She is unemployed.
  24. I am not certain that was a point to the North Sea trip except maybe to set up something for tenure. However, I am only guessing on that. As for the L/P relationship, IMO this season seems very inconsistent. On the one hand we have episodes like "The Romance Resonance", I think I got the title right, where we see what appears to be some real growth in L/P. But, then there are other episodes like the scavenger hunt, which I thought was very funny, but at the same time the L/P relationship was strained and Leonard with his constant worrying and considering quitting the game because Penny was angry was a little tiresome, or the Thanksgiving episode, which I thought was real funny as well, but mainly because of Sheldon and Bernie's Dad along with the interaction between Raj, Amy and Bernie. The L/P story from Thanksgiving IMO was not that good. I agree with SRAM, especially in light of the current taping reports. I will reserve my final judgment until the actual show is aired, but it does seem like once again they are trying play down the L/P relationship this year. Penny does seem to be acting like Penny from past episodes and Leonard does seem to be acting like old Leonard at times. Just MO of course but I don't think season 7 is as good as season 6 so far.
  25. I read the report and does look like it could be pretty funny. Despite all of the focus on L/P that people have had, what stood out to me was what appears to be the introduction of new characters, like Bert & Jesse, especially Bert. I was wondering how all the Shamys feel about him and is Bert going to be for Shamy what Alex was to Lenny?
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