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  1. I just read the latest taping report and there are some funny lines in there. As for Lenny, I am not real clear on where the writers are taking things. It appears that L/P are still together which I am glad to see. However, I do wonder what they are going to do with Penny. Yes, she quit her job to pursue acting full time, but how is she suppose to pay her rent and other bills. She never had much money to begin with. I can see why Leonard would be uncomfortable with her decision. As for Sheldon's role, I don't have a problem with his involvement, I am just curious as to where this is leading.
  2. I agree with dj and DaisyJane. Leonard talking to Alex is not a good idea. Leonard may have been nice to Alex but IMO they were never friends, especially now that he knows that Alex was hitting on him. He also knows that Penny does not like Alex at all. Also, like others on this thread I see Alex as untrustworthy. She seemed to be looking to establish a romantic relationship with Leonard even though she knew he was in a committed relationship with Penny, one that he really cared about. Also, flattered her way into working for Sheldon, though I think that blew up in her face. She had no idea what it would be like to work for Sheldon. Last, IMO the Alex character is done. I do not see what value her character can really be to the show anymore.
  3. I agree with ArmyGirl. Leonard has got to get some help. I keep waiting to see who is going to figure it out and who will take action? Will Howard finally grow up and be a man and take care of his friend or will Penny and the girls figure it out? You are doing a great job with the suspense, its killing me. Great job though.
  4. Stewart is the was the part of the story that was really sad. Does anything good ever happen for this guy?
  5. I like that you are trying to stay in character. I think you are giving a pretty accurate picture of both Leonard and Howard. Leonard is really over thinking things. He is so caught up in his emotions that he is literally not thinking straight. As for Howard, it is just like in the show, he does not know how to aggressively confront Leonard. Once again, I am looking forward to seeing how you going to resolve the issue.
  6. My favorite part was Penny making herself Leonard's Christmas present. Amy's vision of S/P was pretty funny. It is exactly how I would expect Amy to envision that.
  7. Looking forward to the next chapter. The last one, chapter 7, was pretty intense. I am very interested in seeing how you are going to work out the issues with Leonard.
  8. After thinking about the most recent taping report, I do not think that this will be a L/P break up because it makes no sense given all of the progress that has been made since last year and the box of Leonard stuff that Penny keeps in her room. The box that she has kept shows how invested she is in the relationship just like the snowflake that Leonard gave her as well all of the items that she has kept shows how invested he is. Also, I believe the show is starting to come to an end. Even if the show is renewed for couple of more years, it is still closer to the end. The storyline in show is also beginning to play out. IMO the writers can only string out the L/P so far before they have to bring it to its intended conclusion, which is a Lenny marriage. So, despite the bumbs that seem to be coming up, I think in the their relationship could make a huge step forward by the end of this season. In regards to the part about Penny's acting career, I agree with many of the other members here. I wish they would give her something positive either in her acting career, education or another job. I am tired of them always portraying Penny as "dumb, drunk and unaccomplished." because there is so much more potential in that character. In a lot of ways she is just as smart or smarter than Leonard and the others in a lot of areas. For example, in the scavenger hunt in 7.3, she figures out at least three of the puzzles. Penny is no dummy.
  9. I just read the report and I am not sure where they are headed with this thing between Leonard and Penny. I will wait for the actual episode because the show is usually better than it appears in the report. I do think that the writers are trying very hard to string out the Leonard/Penny relationship and it is getting old. I did not care for Sheldon's question about whether or no their relationship is over. As for Penny's proposal, MJ points out that she(Penny) is a little tipsy but I do not get the idea that she real drunk. However, her proposal does seem to come from depression over her life circumstance and the alcohol. I can see why Leonard would hesitate at that moment, but it is not something that should end the relationship. At the end it seems like Leonard is overthinking everything again.
  10. I think that would be a waste of time. I remember Amy bringing that up, but it was so long ago that it really does not fit into the story.
  11. I agree with Chiany. The differences between Kaley in Eight Simple Rules and Kaley in TBBT is maturity. In Eight Simple Rules she was a teenager and at the beginning of TBBT she was 21 or 22. It is very common for people to continue to mature physically as well as psychologically in their twenty's. People will always grow more mature throughout their lives just from living. However, I think that in the U.S. at least we have this assumption that people are fully grown by the time their 18 or 21 and that is just not so. Kaley has simply grown from a pretty teenage girl to beautiful mature woman.
  12. To write the story so that there could be a Sheldon/Penny romantic relationship would require a change in Sheldon. Thus, the nature of the show would change. So, I agree with what MJ said, Shenny is dead it exisits in fanfic and the fevered imaginations of fanboys and fangirls and should be left there.
  13. I hope that this is something good of Lenny. I am hoping that this will finally allow Leonard to address and put to bed this notion in Penny's mind that she is not good enough or smart enough for him. I would like to see the taping report on this one as well. As for Penny getting her big break, didn't Prady say that they were not looking at Penny becoming a big star?
  14. I am sorry but Penny and Sheldon do not fit as a romantic couple. 1) She does not and would never see him in that way. She sees him more as little brother than a potential "boyfriend or husband". 2) If Howard and Raj had not set up Sheldon with Amy he would have never sought out a girlfriend on his own, he had no interest in one. 3) Without Leonard, Sheldon would have never really met Penny. They may have been neighbors but Penny would most likely have seen Sheldon in the same manner that the previous occupant of 4B did, "As that crazy across the hall." 4) If Penny had to live with Sheldon the way Leonard does, she would eventually kill him in his sleep. In reality, without Leonard Sheldon would have no friends at all. So the whole idea of a Penny/Sheldon romantic relationship is not only completely out of character for both of them, it really makes no sense.
  15. Would Leonard be with Alice if not for Penny? I agree with that possibility. However, I do not think that Leonard and Alice would have lasted real long. The deal with Alice seemed like a quick physical attraction and comic books/comic con, but not much else. I think they would have hooked up, but I do not think it would have gone to long. I have to agree with some others that a longer relationship would have developed with Pryia, but even this relationship I think would have failed because of her parents. Leonard would not have been with Joyce Kim. We know from the episode where he tells Penny about Joyce dumped him because of Sheldon.
  16. Your suit does sound more realistic to something that someone might try to develop today. I was in Iraq at one time and it would have been nice to have a suit that was resistant to enemy fire without having to wear the heavy plates. I liked the laser too. It seemed to be consistent with today's tech. When I saw that you had posted again I was hoping that chapter 6 was up. I do hope that Penny learns that Leonard is the one that saved her. But, I will wait and see how it works out. It is your story.
  17. I thought the episode was o.k. It was not the best one of the year but also not the worst. I liked seeing Leonard's success even though it disproved Sheldon's theory. With his disproving the experiment in China and his work with Hawking, I really think that they are setting Leonard up to get the tenure position. He seems to be samry, hard working and respected scientist. Overall, a good episode but not my favorite.
  18. I am glad that Sheldon's mom will be back. However, I wonder why Zack is in this one. As I stated on another thread, I thought they were done with that character.
  19. I am glad to see that they have brought Sheldon's mother back, however, why is Zack in this one? I thought that character was done.
  20. I really enjoyed this latest chapter. You did a real good job in making it suspenseful. I also thought that you did a good job with Leonard, you accurately showed how he would respond in a situation like that. I am referring to once he go into the Cheesecake factory and not having a plan. I hope that as the story continues that Leonard will come to understand that he did nothing wrong. I do not see that his actions towards the criminals was an act of hatred, but his motivation was out of love for Penny. Once again, I look forward to reading the rest.
  21. I have. I noticed it in in episode 2 as Chiany pointed out. However, it seems like this frustration with Sheldon is coming up more and more. After Sheldon discovers his mistake with the element. Leonard points out that things happen to people all the time that they do not deserve. He then reference his situation with Sheldon. Then there is the incident with the sweater that I am sure would just add motivation to Leonard to move on. The only thing that really keeps him there is Penny. He wants to not only move in with her, but marry her. I do think that they could be moving towards breaking up Leonard and Sheldon, at least as room mates.
  22. I liked that part as well. I wish they would show Penny grow the way you have shown her in this story.
  23. Pretty good chapter. I am looking forward to seeing how the audition plays out.
  24. I agree with the last statement here. Especially the part about the quest being over. Leonard has been on a quest to win Penny's love and affection. She is not an academic like his mother or any of the other women he is around most of the time, she is different. She is pretty but at the same time is also caring and outwardly shows her affection to Leonard in ways other than sex, like planning a birthday party for him. Leonard provides Penny with a man who is what she has been looking for especially since the end of season 1. A man who is "nice and honest who actually cares about me." That is Leonard and even though he does not have the "physical traits" that were common in the other men she dated, he does give her something that many women will take over physical beauty and that is mental and emotional security. I also agree that the quest is over. This part of the story has run its course. The writers have been trying to delay it but IMO it is time allow them to become engaged and married.
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