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  1. Leonard is not a victim. Penny made a mistake, a dumb mistake that was aided more than likely by her tendency to get drunk. However, she did think that it was a fake wedding. I understand Leonard's frustration upon hearing that she would go through with marrying Zack instead of him, since he has courted and cared for Penny for five years, but he was not a victim. Even in a drunken state I do not see Penny knowingly agreeing to marry Zack. If she knew it was real she would not have gone through with it. This is evident in how quickly she signed the papers.
  2. I liked the outfits as well, especially Penny. Kaley always looks vey pretty with her hair up like that.
  3. I did some checking online and there appears to be a fake Elvis wedding chapel in Vegas.
  4. I thought the episode was not as bad as it originally appeared. Penny honestly did not think that she was married. Yes, it was a stupid mistake, but she had every intention of fixing it. She was the one who asked how fix in the car. I can understand Leonard's reaction and concern, but he was over reacting to a point. It was something that could have been taken care of on Monday. The apology at the end showed that it was taken care of and I do not think that it will come again in the future.
  5. Tonight's episode is the reason that I wait and see the actual show before passing judgment, because it was hilarious!!! This is one Jim Parsons best episodes, Sheldon's interaction with Bernie's father was great, and the issue between Leonard and Penny was not that bad. She honestly believed that it was a fake wedding. But Sheldon was really the best part of this episode, especially when he slaps Amy on the butt, and her facial expression was priceless. It seems like Sheldon is always his funniest when he's drunk.
  6. I can understand the concern of many on this thread. Since I began watching the show, especially when saw the story line in the show I have been a huge Lenny. I do not like the way that the break up was done in season 3 and I really thought the sleeping with Raj things was pretty bad, because it did not make any sense except to show how out of control Penny seemed to be with drinking in season 4. However, since the start of Lenny 2.0 I have gotten the idea that they were really growing as a couple especially since Penny's ILY last year. Most of season 6 showed nothing but growth and Season 7 seems to be doing the same, though I do agree that this drunken, Vegas, marriage things with Zack seems like pretty lame writing. The point I am getting at is there was a time when I would allow myself to get worked over thinking scenarios and worrying about what the writers will do next. This does not do any good sense this is a fictional situation comedy and none of us has any real say in what the writers will do. IMO I do not think Lenny is headed for another break up. I do think that the creators and writers are trying to find ways to slow it down, because they are not willing to go forward with an engagement or marriage. I do think that the storyline has reached that point though. Getting back to my point, I say all of this to say that it seems that there is a lot of over thinking of some of these episodes. I have learned to sit back and despite what the taping report says, wait and see, it may not be as bad as it appears.
  7. It might be funny but I think that Leonard needs to be the Captain with Howard as the Engineer.
  8. Just a question to throw out and see what your opinions are. How do you see the marriage of H/B? Do you think they are headed for trouble or just some growing pains? I think they are having typical growing pains of a couple at the end of their first year of marriage. I do think that Howard still has some growing up to do and Raj does seem to get in the way sometimes. But, what do you think?
  9. Yes, it is. If one has not seen the report it can cause people to tune in.
  10. I enjoyed the chapter especially the way that you have Sheldon being Sheldon. I look forward to seeing if you have Penny actually go to England.
  11. I did not find Sheldon to funny at all last night. I thought he was cruel and vindictive, a real jerk. As for the Raj/Lucy story, I am glad that they finally ended it. I liked the idea of Penny confronting Lucy but I thought it was not done that well. I would have liked to have seen it in a different setting maybe. I do agree with some of the others here that Raj's desperate attitude and actions is getting old.
  12. I did not think that this episode was all that funny and I really could not see what the purpose of the story was. In fact, none of the interactions were all that good. In light of what Sheldon did to Leonard though, I do think that Leonard should get a good pay back in a later episode.
  13. How many restraining orders does Sheldon have now? I'm losing count. "Bill Nye the restraining order guy." I thought this was great!!! lol
  14. This storyline from the report on episode 9 appears to be a bad idea on the part of the writers. I do not think it will be a continuing thing. As for this discussion about Alex, imo she was not that important of a character. The character had a role but as I see it that role is over. As for a relationship with Leonard, she is not a good match for him and she really does not fit in with the group imo. I wish we could just move on.
  15. I enjoyed the episode. I thought Newhart was pretty funny. I liked his interaction with Sheldon. However, I thought the discussion that he had with Leonard was the best part of the show. I did not care for the way that Penny was portrayed in this episode.
  16. A lot of us are. I have stated before that I think the writers really messed up with this story for L/P. I think the character of Zach was funny for one episode but after that he got real annoying. Stupidity is not funny for long, especially as dumb as this guy can be. As for Penny's choices and behavior when she is drunk is also getting old. I really wish that they would have her start growing up more.
  17. I have read all 11 scenes. Most of the episode is pretty funny especially Amy and Sheldon. However, I still do not like the L/P story.
  18. I agree that this could be like the Raj incident. I have already commented earlier that I think this whole storyline is bad. The creators and writers really dropped the ball on this on IMO.
  19. I just read scene two from the report and I do think that this is something foolish that Penny and Zach would do while drunk, especially since Zach is clueless anyway. However, it is getting to be a tired and old story line. Penny does dumb foolish and irresponsible things and fails to consider the results. I know that people make mistakes, but this is not a mistake it just highlights Penny's irresponsibility, which her father got onto to her for when he visited. Unless there is something else in the episode that makes this worse, I do not see this as something that will finish Lenny. However, it can be an episode where Penny is really forced to reexamine her attitudes and behaviors in life.
  20. I agree. It is a great shot.
  21. I agree that everyone needs to relax and wait for the full report or the actual episode.
  22. I agree. It is just another reason that I find all of this suspect. If the writers are going in this direction, IMO it has poorly thought through.
  23. It is not the women, but the writers that seem to like to fool around with things. It can get tiresome.
  24. Here is the first speculation that Penny was married and it is exactly that, speculation. So, I agree with MJ and Tensor everyone needs to chill out and wait and see what happens.
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