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  1. What is the basis for all of this? I have seen not seen a taping report. So why all of the turmoil?
  2. Penny did not ruin Stuart. How does a girl ruin a guy after just two dates?
  3. No, I think that her character has been played out. I do not see any benefit to bringing her back in as a permanent character. Her main purpose was to show Penny that other women are attracted to Leonard.
  4. So if you think the show is so bad, why do you continue to watch it?
  5. I can't say that agree entirely. Yes, Leonard has it pretty good with Penny right across the hall and he can escape there some what when he wants. However, I think Leonard's comments last night in response to Sheldon's on getting people to stop admiring me did not strike me as being a comment that I can't wait to stay here another decade. I think that Leonard is getting tired in and all he is waiting for is Penny. If she were to say tomorrow "let's get married" or would you move in with me?" Leonard would move out in a heart beat.
  6. I agree. I really liked this scene as well. I liked how she has kept all of the things that Leonard has given her through the years. However, I also liked the fact that we got another ILY that Penny initiates. When she gives him the gift she tells him that she thought really hard the best way to show "how much I love you", and she was wearing the locket. Great scene!
  7. I totally agree. I thought it was great episode. I really enjoyed the Lenny interaction in this especially the end. Howards song to Bernie was outstanding and Amy's "in the zone" line at the end was hilarious. So, far a really good season.
  8. I thought episode 5 was the weakest episode so far this year. However, I have found the others, especially 3 & 4 to be very good. I do not see that they have overly focused on the boyfriend/girlfriend stories anymore than they have before. The fact that of the seven main characters, six are in relationships. H/B are married, then you have L/P & Shamy which means that this is part of the story. As for Sheldon, I do not see a whole lot of change. In most of the episodes this season, he is still the arrogant pain in the rear that he always is.
  9. You are not alone. I do not understand Shenny thinking, and I know that we are not alone. There is no way that the story line allows for them to be a romantic item. Sheldon, despite his intelligence is nothing more than "big baby" as Leonard put it in last weeks episode.
  10. I really enjoyed this chapter. I liked the interaction between S/P, S/L & Shamy. The part at the end between Penny telling Leonard what was going on was pretty funny IMO.
  11. I was not impressed with last night's episode. I did not like how the show ended with unresolved issues such as H/B and Shamy. With Sheldon's behavior, I really wonder how long they will allow Shamy to go without a possible breakup. However, I will admit that Sheldon was being Sheldon. Still, it is hard to imagine Amy being able to tolerate Sheldon's attitude much longer without a major confrontation. The same can be said for the way that Howard treated Bernie. They have been married at least a year now and issues will come up. There were some parts that were funny, like the Sheldon with the monkey, but not as funny as the last two episodes. The drama between S/A and H/B seemed to overshadow the humor. I did like what I saw with Lenny, especially the scene on the couch and their interaction with Sheldon. Overall, IMO it was not the best episode of the season.
  12. How long is this issue of Raj/Penny/Priya/Leonard going to go on. All of that was three years ago now, when doe sit get put to rest?
  13. I suspect that she is probably taking her education a little more seriously. She mentioned during season 6 that she wanted to find something that she had a passion for. She did realize that she had a passion for Leonard and her friends, but you have to wonder if she also looking to have some other kind of passion, something other than acting. This does not mean that she ha given up on that dream, but I would suspect that he exposure to Leonard and Sheldon but more specifically to Bernie and Amy has motivated her to making something more of herself. By this time in the show Penny is getting into her late 20's, she going to want to make some "adult decisions", plus she wants more than working at the Cheesecake factory and she seems to be getting tired of being seen as dumb because she has not finished her education. I think that we could see more growth in Penny in this area and psychology may be what catches her attention. I am glad to see the writers adding some maturity and depth to Penny. I am looking forward to seeing where all of this leads.
  14. I am really enjoying these little stories. I am looking forward to the next.
  15. I also liked the fact that they have Penny continuing to pursue her education. I was wondering if perhaps she is finding a new passion for her life other than acting. I have wondered if they would have Penny get into psychology. She does seem to have a good insight into people.
  16. As I stated on another thread, I thought this episode was pretty funny. I really liked the Lenny and Shamy stories. I thought Leonard was pretty dumb for telling Howard what he was doing. I loved the way Bernedette did fall for what Howard was trying. In the end, I thought Leonard got what he deserved.
  17. I liked this episode. I thought the storyline with both Lenny, Shamy as well as Stuart and Raj was very funny.
  18. I don't think bringing Penny's friends back from seasons 1-3 would be all that good. She seems to have really grown since then and to bring back some of those friends or even Kurt would seem to be regressing. I agree with what some of the other have said, that her main friends are Leonard, Sheldon and the others. I am sure that she does have friends at work and from her classes, but I really do not see what they would add to the show.
  19. I thought the promo was pretty funny. I am not so sure that all of this is going to be all that big of a deal in the long run, but we will have to wait and see. I could be wrong.
  20. I have liked the recent chapters. They are doing a really good job developing both Penny and Sheldon.
  21. Did anyone else notice that Penny was not wearing her heart locket in this episode?
  22. I really liked this episode. It was definitely one of the funniest that I have ever seen. I liked so many aspects of it that it is hard to pick out a favorite, but I do have to say that the scenes with Amy and Howard were probably my favorites, though really got a kick out of the scene with Penny, Leonard and Bernie running up the stairs and Penny running over them, and then to see them wrestling on the couch with Bernie shoving Penny out of the way was also great. I could also point out Sheldon's quickly figuring out the riddle in the comic store or his declaration that his brain was "better than everybodies" in front of the bowling alley. I really enjoy episode 4 from last year where Amy and Penny played Leonard and Sheldon in different games, but this one surpassed that. I really funny episode.
  23. I do not see the show as hovering. It seems to be growing IMO. Going back to season one the majority of the show has revolved around L/S/P apartment. I do not see how the show has not progressed. The characters are maturing as one would expect people to do over 7 years. Howard is still creepy sometimes but he has grown out of that to some degree. He is married and we get to see the interaction between he and Bernedette. Also, we have seen the issue of Howard's Father worked in some and I would not be surprised to see that brought up again at some point. Raj can now talk to women without drinking. Leonard and Penny are much closer as a couple and it is hard not to see the change in both of them since season 1. As for Sheldon there has been some maturity and change in him but at the same time the writers have done a pretty good job keeping him crazy Sheldon. Season 6 is this best evidence that the show is not hovering, Season 6 was its best season ever. IMO the show is getting better.
  24. I really liked this episode and I agree with Chrismo. I think that this was the better of the two. I really liked Lenny in this episode especially the reunion in Penny's apartment, I loved her reaction. However, the funniest part of the episode had to be Howard and the estrogen cream. That was hilarious, especially the part with and Raj checking out Howard's breasts. LOL!!!
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