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  1. I love a snarky June Squibb, so I'm pretty excited regarding the casting. I like to think she is a bit hard, but that Sheldon puts her up on a shelf and thinks she can do no wrong (much like he was with Amy when the rest of the bunch didn't like her). Also, did Bernadette finally get Howard to redecorate the kitchen? That is their kitchen, right?
  2. :0) I figured you'd be on both! Thanks for the information.
  3. I did not attend the taping, so please take these spoilers with a grain of salt! ***Spoiler information I read from "Spoiler TV" and "Fan Forum" on the "Cooper Extraction" episode... "Confusing spoilers that may not add up ahead! This is a Christmas themed episode. Sheldon is not in Pasadena, he is in Texas because Missy had a baby. (revealed at the end of the episode through a skype session with Amy) Whilst Sheldon is gone, the gang imagine what their lives would be without Sheldon. Bernadette imagines that she never talked to Howard, but in her scene she does imagine him there
  4. This episode was good - pretty unmemorable. I like the way the relationship is progressing for Bernadette and Amy. Bernadette is my favorite - love her sarcasm. Favorite season 7 episode is still The Scavenger Vortex.
  5. My dream Thanksgiving episode would be: Penny suggests having a friends Thanksgiving dinner - the gangs all invited. It's hosted in Leonard/Sheldon's apt. It wouldn't be unusual to set up folding tables in place of the couch. It's a Holiday after all! Things happen, and Sheldon announces his mother is coming for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone is thrilled because everyone loves Mary Cooper. Things happen, and Leonard announces his mother is, too, coming for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone is happy except Leonard. The rest of the episode takes place at the dinner table. Love. Love. L
  6. This episode may surpass The Egg Salad Equivalency for me. The Rolling Stones tongue was icing on the cake to a nearly perfect episode.
  7. I would love to see more: 1. Evil Wil Wheaton 2. Kripke - I wouldn't mind Kripke having some "kiss up" scenes with Mrs Davis. Love Regina Davis. 3. Zack - although, I don't know how he will fit into any story lines this season 4. I want Raj's parents to visit in person - maybe Penny can host a Thanksgiving dinner with all the parents present! 5. More scenes at the comic book store (a character in it's own right) 6. Alex 7. Dr Gablehouser - maybe hooking up with Mary Cooper I wouldn't be upset if the writers found a way to bring back "cousin Leo" for something. "yo
  8. So very excited for Season 7. I love that Penny & Sheldon will share some screen time together and bond - I love their chemistry as the season's go on. It seems not only does Penny look after the guys, but Sheldon really looks after Penny & Leonard (in his own way). On a side note - Season 6 Blu Ray is out in 2 weeks!
  9. Season 1 The Loobenfield Decay - "you can guess which one my bourgeois parents pushed me towards" LOL Love that line. The Pancake Batter Anomoly - "Must be humbling to suck on so many different levels" and "Homeless, crazy guy at table 18" The Bat Jar Conjecture Season 2 The Barbarian Sublimination - "Dude, she doesn't look anything like her picture" The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem The Panty Pinata Polarization - one of my top 5 favorites of all the seasons combined The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis - one of my top 5 favorites of all the seasons combined The Work Song Nanocluster - ev
  10. Sheldon: 1. I would like to see more of the old Sheldon - more socially inept and stubborn. Get rid of Amy. 2. I would like to see more science related story lines. Leonard: 1. More science related story lines. 2. Penny: 1. Less mean drunk. She used to be nice to the guys. Now it seems she doesn't even want to be around any of them. I like when she is more motherly to them - looking out for them. Protective. 2. I don't mind that Penny is still a waitress. It gives the writers a different set. It's easy to write a scene in a restaurant. But, I would like to see Penn
  11. 1. Sheldon 2. Bernadette 3. Leonard 4. Penny 5. Raj 6. Howard 7. Amy - least favorite and would not be sad to see her not on the show. Not funny at all. Just creepy. a. Evil Wil Wheaton b. Sheldon's mom c. Zach d. Kripke e. Leonard's mom f. Stuart
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