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  1. From Glamour The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 19 Recap: Amy Is Feeling the Pressure of the Nobel Nobel Watch 2019 continued on The Big Bang Theory this week as Amy and Sheldon were forced to do damage control following their outburst (well, Amy's) in front of laureates, peers, and imposters (Pemberton and Campbell, for those keeping track). It's no Game of Thrones cliffhanger, but it'll do, especially since we're down to the last five episodes. Shamy has to win the Nobel eventually, right? If it's going to happen, President Siebert and Ms. Davis (Oscar winner Regina King, praise be) tell Sheldon and Amy that they're going to have to run a near flawless campaign the rest of the way. That means keeping their mouth shut and not throwing accusations at anyone. "The science world is a small community. People talk," Siebert says. The only thing to do is lay low and cancel all further speaking engagements. <full article in the link>
  2. From Parade The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch on the End of the Series and Her New Healthy, Family-Friendly Cookbook (snip) You’ve been playing Bernadette for a decade now. What has been the best part of this character for you? Just being a part of this group has been so wonderful and really a dream come true. What’s been nice about Bernadette, in particular, is she’s been a few steps ahead of me in life. She had kids before I did, and she had to juggle being a working mom before I did. She navigated the actual transition into motherhood before me. So, it’s been like a little dress rehearsal for my own life. I wore a baby bump before I was actually pregnant and I actually wore my Bernadette maternity pants when I was actually pregnant because I had already been fit for them. So, she’s been like this big sister to me who led the way. So, I think I’ll miss that, not having her a few steps ahead of me, or maybe she’ll be out there somewhere in the ether and I can catch up to her, but it has been really nice having her lead the way for me. Is it true that you were actually at the unemployment office the day before you auditioned for this and this has totally changed your life in that way, too? That is true. I thought this was going to be a one-time guest star and I got the audition praying that I would get this job and be there for a week. I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that I’ve been there for close to a decade. There’s not a day that goes by that I haven’t been eternally grateful for that and it’s amazing. They always say that you’re one job away and it’s so true. Your cast seems to be so tightly knit. Do you think when this is over that you will all stay in touch? Do you think it will continue to be like a family for you? Absolutely. This group shares a bond that is for forever. It’s such a wonderful group of people and I love them all from the bottom of my heart. I know that I’ll keep in touch with everyone. So, it’s not necessarily about missing the people, because we’ll keep in touch. I think it’s about missing them in this situation that brought us all together. The pre-show hug and all that we do and laughing together in-between scenes. The little memories that you may not realize are so special in the moment but looking back you will cherish them forever. <full article in the link>
  3. From Gold Derby Will Jim Parsons (‘The Big Bang Theory’) get a farewell Emmy nomination after 5 years out? These Experts think so Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”) won the Emmy for Best Comedy Actor a record four times, but he’s been missing in action from the awards for the last five years. However, this is the last year of “Big Bang” after 12 seasons, so Emmy voters might be feeling sentimental after the show leaves the airwaves in May. Will he get a farewell nomination? Could he even get a record-breaking farewell win? <full article in the link>
  4. They get the script for the episode they are taping that week the night before the Wednesday table read. So the cast won't see the script for 12x24 until this coming Tuesday night.
  5. I'm under the impression that they use the whiteboard to hash out ideas going forward. It being blank means that 12x23 is written and will simply need rewrites as they continue through rehearsals and tape night. Alex posted a IG video several days ago of her starting to type up 12x24, so they must have the general story figured out and just need to do some fine tuning. So it would appear that they have nothing left to hash out, they're done with that part of the process.
  6. The last sentence... "Note the empty whiteboard white board behind us as there are no longer any future episodes to discuss. A first 12 years."
  7. Jim grew his hair out during Season 5 for his play "Harvey" which ran on Broadway the summer that season ended.
  8. If I understand correctly they are going to handle the final tape night like any other taping, they just want the pre-tape as back up.
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