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  1. Ship Zone

    3 weeks from tonight...1st tape night of Season 11.....
  2. Alex shares the best behind the scenes stuff. So much to watch for....the Tardis, the stack of scripts, etc.
  3. TBBT did not advance to Round 4.
  4. Actor

    From The Hollywood Reporter Critic's Notebook: Zosia Mamet and Melissa Rauch in 'The Secret Lunches of Chelsea & Ivanka' Starring Zosia Mamet (Girls) as Chelsea Clinton and Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory) as Ivanka Trump, the piece, directed by Carolyn Cantor, comically depicts a series of lunches between the two women (who were, at least until the election, self-proclaimed "friends") from 2008 to shortly after the 2016 election. Since the show is a work-in-progress, I was asked not to review it. But even in this early stage, it seems well on its way. It was co-written by Rauch and her husband Winston, who previously collaborated on another satirical political piece, the 2005 one-woman show The Miss Education of Jenna Bush, which played in New York and Los Angeles, and the film The Bronze, in which the actress hilariously played a character not so loosely based on Tonya Harding. It’s not surprising that Rauch kills with her portrayal of a self-absorbed Ivanka who ultimately proves more politically savvy than she initially appears. The actress delivers her often profane dialogue with pitch-perfect comic timing and an exaggerated haughtiness that garners consistent laughs. Mamet has the tougher assignment of playing the straitlaced Chelsea, but she rises to the occasion with her sly deadpan reactions in which she effectively plays straight man to her co-star. (full article in the link)
  5. From Extra's You Tube Channel....
  6. Actor

    (Looks like today is the last day of filming)
  7. Official trailer shown at Comic Con...
  8. From TBBT You Tube Channel...
  9. Actor

    LOL...he edited his caption... therealjimparsons Today's dressing room. #akidlikejake edit: this is literally my dressing room for the day, that wasn't code for something else. I'm very healthy. VERY. You can't get much healthier than me. At least I don't think you can...
  10. From The Big Bang Theory You Tube Channel...
  11. I agree, but there are just so many characters already, a deep dive into Stuart would be impossible in the current BBT reality. I kind of wish that they had portrayed him a little differently from the beginning.
  12. Actor

    According to the director's IG, today was the 23rd day of a scheduled 25 day shoot. The little boy who plays Jake finished shooting his scenes this past Wednesday. So yes you are correct, they should be done with principal photography in the next couple of days.
  13. And sometimes you try (and lose) at convincing your girlfriend to go.