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  1. From The Wrap ‘Blossom’ Cast to Reunite in Season 2 of Mayim Bialik Sitcom ‘Call Me Kat’ “Whoa!” – the cast of “Blossom” is reuniting on the Season 2 premiere of “Call Me Kat,” TheWrap has confirmed. “Blossom” stars Joey Lawrence, Jenna Von Oÿ and Michael Stroyanov will play themselves opposite the sitcom’s star (and their old co-star) Mayim Bialik. In the episode, they stop by Louisville for a celebrity golf tournament and make a stop by Kat’s Cat Café. <full article & Video in the link>
  2. She's still the main host, Ken Jennings (a former champion) fills in occasionally.
  3. From TV Line (video in the link) The Big Bang Theory's Simon Helberg Reprising Howard on Young Sheldon, Reuniting With Jim Parsons Dr. Cooper and Mr. Wolowitz are reuniting on Young Sheldon. CBS announced Thursday that Simon Helberg will reprise his Big Bang Theory role (in a voiceover capacity) as Howard Wolowitz. He’ll be heard throughout the Nov. 18 episode as he helps (and bickers with) Jim Parsons’ Sheldon, who reveals the origins of Sheldon’s complicated relationship with engineering — a storyline that series co-creator Steve Molaro first teased as part of TVLine’s Fall Preview in September. <snip> “Getting to work with Simon again to help explain Sheldon’s long hatred of engineering was a dream come true,” he continued. “Jim and Simon – even in voiceover on Zoom – didn’t miss a beat in their banter as Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz. Plus, this episode sees the return of Reba McEntire and introduces Lance Reddick as Sheldon’s first engineering professor ­– it’s absolutely one of our best episodes.” <full srticle in the link>
  4. From IndieWire ‘Annette’: Simon Helberg Tapped Into the ‘Dangerous, Sexy, and Horrific’ for His Most Daring Role Yet The actor lied about his citizenship, taught himself how to conduct, and got cozy with a puppet for his turn in the Leos Carax musical. But as he tells IndieWire, that was the easy part of a cinematic high-wire act. <full article in the link> Terrific article about the lengths Simon went to: from auditioning for the part, preparing for the shoot and actually filming the movie.
  5. ANNOUNCING THE 2021 MEDIA ACCESS AWARDS – TAKING PLACE ON NOVEMBER 17, 2021 Today, the Media Access Awards, in partnership with nonprofit disability services provider Easterseals, announced the honorees of the 2021 Media Access Awards. Founded by Norman Lear as an annual ceremony honoring those in film and TV who include characters and actors with disabilities in their work will be virtual on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 6pm PT / 9pm ET at mediaaccessawards.com, and will pay tribute to those individuals, series, and films that have redefined on-screen representation for the disability community, while advancing the portrayal and employment of people with disabilities in Hollywood. The evening’s honorees are selected by the diversity committees of their professional guilds with awards from the Casting Society of America (CSA), Producers Guild of America (PGA), Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA), and Writers Guild of America (WGA). Among the honorees.... Writers Guild of America West Evan Somers Memorial Award: Ryan O’Connell (SPECIAL) Presented by Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) Source
  6. Most watched (non football) program of the night with 6.8 million viewers TV Line
  7. claudiahillsparks: I'm grateful to be doing some dialect coaching on a film, which is a new experience for me. This opportunity came to me via Jim Parsons. Jim is a former student of mine who is a dear friend and all-around wonderful human being. Dialect coaching is the same - whether in theater or on film - but the process of making a film is something else entirely. I'm fascinated by the whole thing and honored to be a part of this project.
  8. Most watched (non football) program of the night with 6.9 million viewers TV Line
  9. Production started today...
  10. Happy 69th birthday to Annie Potts!
  11. Most watched (non football) program of the night with 6.1 million viewers TV Line
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