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  1. Here is the Daily Mail link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2509106/The-Big-Bang-Theory-star-Jim-Parsons-takes-swing-set-new-drama-filming-New-York-City.html
  2. More news from Twitter on The Normal Heart filming in New York: http://bbb-news.com/blog/2013/11/17/the-big-bang-theory-star-jim-parsons-takes-a-swing-on-set-of-new-drama-filming-in-new-york-city/
  3. I didn't see this posted yet, from The Wrap" "Screen Media Films and Starz Digital Media, the digital distribution unit of Starz, have partnered to acquire all North American rights to Ellie Kanner’s comedy “Authors Anonymous,” which stars Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein, Jonathan Bennett, Dylan Walsh, Teri Polo and Dennis Farina in one of his last roles." http://www.thewrap.com/kaley-cuoco-comedy-authors-anonymous-acquired-screen-media-starz-digital/
  4. Jim is in NY filming the Normal Heart, from Twitter, Jared Craft (@jaredcraft) "jim parsons & matt bomer film a normal heart @ The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center" http://instagram.com/p/g1LMEmgCRn/#
  5. The Normal Heart is filming in New York again. Shooting locations are being posted on Twitter and photos of Julia Roberts and (a very thin) Matt Bomer are starting to appear online and on Twitter.
  6. IMO I believe the AV Club is pointing out an unintended consequence of the sweater "dare". Leonard choose to agree to the terms Sheldon set forth. Penny begged him to quit and he refused. Did Sheldon intend to teach Leonard about pride, I think not. Leonard and Sheldon as roommates and friends are competitive, so perhaps Sheldon counted on Leonard not being able to resist a challenge. They all are competitive, we see it in the game play, their work and wow, just watch Tenure Turbulence to see competition raging. The girls are even competitive, Amy and Bernadette going at it in the Parking Space Escalation.
  7. The recap on Huffington Post made some really good points about this episode (IMO): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alex-rabinowitz/big-bang-theory-recap-wha_b_4278393.html?utm_hp_ref=tv&ir=TV "Itchy Brain" starts off with Leonard finding a seven-year-old old movie rental in an old forgotten box. Predicting Sheldon will freak out and obsess over this he asks his roommate to stay calm. Miraculously, he does. Jim Parsons' understated performance from scene one is intriguing and well played, and welcome compared to the more broad stuff he's usually given. Sheldon makes a deal with Leonard. Leonard must wear an old itchy sweater until he pays for the late movie. This will make Dr. Hostadter feel what it's like to be inside Sheldon's brain when he's obsessing over something -- and with that the game is afoot. What proceeds is a series of trials and tribulations where in Leonard fails consistently at returning and paying off this late video rental. All the while Sheldon stays perfectly calm. As Leonard lives more and more in the sweater, his actions get more and more erratic. The story gives Johnny Galecki a great opportunity to flex his physical comedy chops. Though I don't find Galecki to be the show's strongest comedic performer, he brought the goods tonight. Crazy Leonard worked in juxtaposition to not only his usual muted self, but to Sheldon's character reversal as well. Galecki's performance also reinforces Parsons'. If we take his itching and freak outs as the physical manifestation of what goes on in Sheldon's brain, we can then imagine what it's like for Jim Parsons to inhabit the character every week. All of this is topped by the final twist late in the episode. Sheldon paid off the late fee years ago and planted the tape for a "teachable moment" at some later date. This long con prank is a funny concept on paper and shades another, less obvious side of Sheldon. His diabolical persona is not something I'd want to cross. Parsons delivers this twist with believability and it all wraps up with one more Amy/Sheldon sex joke. They had to get at least one in." The A.V. Club in their recap pointed out the following: http://www.avclub.com/articles/the-itchy-brain-simulation,105607/ "In this case, Sheldon is not only teaching Leonard about empathy, but pride. He ultimately didn’t have to wear that sweater at all, but he didn’t want to let Sheldon win, and he suffered because of it."
  8. Out's Entertainer of the Year! Awesome!!! From US Magazine: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/jim-parsons-talks-coming-out-as-gay-the-lack-of-hoopla-was-really-kind-of-rewarding-20131311
  9. Jim is going to be on Jay Leno, Friday November 22nd. SAG nomination ballots come out the Wednesday before, so it looks like the PR might be revving up!
  10. Bored again, so a little from the Normal Heart, (Broadway). John Benjamin Hickey on the cast and Jim: "The cast is filled with the hottest men and the most stunningly gorgeous women, so they might get hit on, but I do not. I would love to say that I did. We’ve all kind of fallen in love with each other, though. It’s a difficult journey to make eight times a week, but we’ve found a way to do it with joy, humor, and love. We have a collectively morbid sense of humor. Jim Parsons is our MVP; we all have the hugest stage crush on Jim." The Normal Heart, picture day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJTYGhdmBCg Jim and Lee Pace talk The Normal Heart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISwReX_VTJs
  11. I love Chuck's Vanity Cards: 'Big Bang Theory' bigwig Chuck Lorre slams 405 workers as goof-offs" http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/tv/showtracker/la-et-st-chuck-lorre-big-bang-theory-bigwig-slams-405-workers-as-goofoffs-20131108,0,1706399.story#axzz2kDK6hCNe Regarding the Vanity Cards, this is one of my favorites from November 4, 2010: CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #309 Following Kaley Cuoco's horseback riding injury, I've instituted new rules governing acceptable leisure activities for the cast of The Big Bang Theory. 1. No friggin' horses. This includes those found on merry-go-rounds and in front of supermarkets. 2. The only motorcycle you can get on is the one you're accidentally crushing in your big-ass, air-bagged SUV. 3. All cast member motor vehicles must adhere to U.S. Army guidelines for attacking Kandahar. (Galecki's Tesla is a terrifically fuel efficient vehicle but is essentially a hundred thousand dollar go-cart. From now on it is only to be used for backing down his driveway and retrieving mail.) 4. The only permissible boating activity at Comic-Con is in your hotel room bathtub. 5. Alcohol should only be ingested at home, and while seated in a big comfy chair. Wild and carefree dancing that celebrates your incredible and well-deserved success is only allowed on New Year's Eve, and only with a sober celebrity parasitic flunky to lean on. 6. And finally, sexual acts must be performed while horizontal. Certain high-risk Kama Sutra positions might be allowed, but only after consultation with Chuck Lorre. Like with dancing, a spotter might be required. A link to this one and others: http://chucklorre.com/index-bbt.php?p=309
  12. From Chuck Lorre's mouth to God's ears. A quote from Chuck for Emmy Magazine this past summer: "I don't see any reason why an actor as talented as Jim wouldn't have very long career... I'd like to see him in something really dark someday - a mild-mannered guy with bodies in the basement. I bet that he could scare the crap out of an audience"
  13. He has worn their tuxes several times. There is a video from this year's Emmy's where he is asked who he is wearing and he said Zegna. I believe the lighter grey tux from the SAG awards was theirs also.
  14. Leonard's comment about Sheldon, He's kind of broken, he needs me. So sweet.
  15. My refreshing figure hurts and I am harking back to Sheldon teaching Leonard about football.
  16. Nice article about Bob and Bill Nye from Today.com "Bob Newhart returns to 'Big Bang' with Bill Nye the Science Guy as his archnemesis" http://www.today.com/entertainment/bob-newhart-returns-big-bang-bill-nye-science-guy-his-8C11497829 I found this statement from the article interesting: "That’s right—“Big Bang” fans, there’s a double treat in this week’s “The Proton Displacement” which explores Professor Proton’s enduring bitterness with his rival, Bill Nye the Science Guy (playing himself), why Leonard and Sheldon became friends, and forces Sheldon to confront a hard truth about himself."
  17. Why does this look (to me) more like a Jim Parsons smile then a Sheldon Cooper smile?
  18. From Variety K5 Picks Up the Directing Debut of Simon Helberg http://variety.com/2013/film/international/k5-picks-up-directing-debut-of-big-bang-theory-star-simon-helberg-exclusive-1200793547/
  19. Because I am bored, another of my favorite videos. Emmy Roundtable 2009, multiple videos from the event are available, but this is my favorite: 9/12/09: Emmy-nominated actors Toni Collette, Jon Cryer, Jim Parsons, Sarah Silverman, and Amy Poehler on why they hate acting classes Jim at about 3:45, Jim talks about Grad School, Amy and Jim talk Streetcar, Sarah Silverman makes Jim blush, so cute http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9484goM3Q8 "Don't you want to know what are the calculators for?" One of the comments from another video in this series "Jim Parsons is like the round table puppy! Whenever he speaks, everyone smiles and tilts their heads like they're absolutely delighted he's making noise"
  20. One of my favorites from the Paley Fest. Paley Fest 2009, watch Jim crack up Johnny and Chuck. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=URGbyhgfUPY
  21. I'm sure it's posted somewhere else on this board but: "The Story Behind The Theme Song" from CBS Big Bang web page http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_bang_theory/video/HE3Wk_MHijEiQTLqtBb95A3KWwGrtaMl/the-big-bang-theory-the-story-behind-the-theme-song/
  22. From Wil Wheaton on Twitter last night: "Tonight’s #bigbangtheory is my favorite episode of the entire series (that I wasn’t in). Fantastic work, gang!"
  23. The People's Choice 2014 Nominee Selection voting is now open: http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nominations/ Big Bang is represented in Show, Actor, Actress, Bromance, Chemistry and Gal Pals
  24. From US Magazine Online: Jim Parsons Thinks Big Bang Theory Costar Kaley Cuoco's Fiance Ryan Sweeting Is "Wonderful" "But what does he get out of it? "As I made very clear, I'm a big big tennis fan and he's a tennis player, so I expect to exploit this relationship for all it's worth," he joked." (snort) http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/jim-parsons-thinks-big-bang-theory-costar-kaley-cuocos-fiance-ryan-sweeting-is-wonderful-20132010
  25. So many great things from the last 48 hours: Jim's voice on the call in to The Dan Patrick Show and the fact the he may do another studio appearance The GLSEN red carpet, the "I don't care what you think" thing of Jim's has really stepped into high gear Mayim presenting and Todd's parents in the audience, so much love from family and friends On Twitter, repeated so many times "It's an act of love, not activism" not a direct quote, but touched enough people to repeat it over and over again "A regular life, boring love", yeah, been married 29 years and boring love is awesomely wonderful Can it get better than this?
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