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  1. This response is to a now hidden post-Tensor. Why put up a page for Gothowitz? Well...there's this... It's a fun episode with diabolically witty dialogue throughout. And, yes you're quite right, the French toast is for Leonard, although presumably there's enough for Sheldon as well since she offered him some. But "Sheldon being Sheldon" (a chap we quite like by the way), that creature of immutable schedules, simply can't conceive of a world where one makes French toast willy nilly on any old day of the week. And especially not on Oatmeal Day. Heaven forfend! He's IMPOSSIBLE. Er, improbable. Hence "worlds collide" and all that...
  2. Greetings, Forum Dwellers! We have a delectable new page for The Gothowitz Deviation. Enjoy. http://www.thebigbangtheoryhq.com/#!the-gothowitz-deviation/mh9ql
  3. Greetings! When we're not busy stocking the shelves of our imaginary shop with baby griffins and sonic death rays and Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess Sets (lunch sold separately), we are resolutely conquering (read: trying to figure out) the ever expanding borders of social media. To that end we have tentatively stuck our foot into the waters of Instagram. https://instagram.com/bigbangtheoryhq/ Some examples of the random and irresponsible "cartoonification" (thanks, Count) you can expect now and then...
  4. Images created by a web-based app called Dreamscope, which in turn is based on Google's Deep Dream AI project. https://dreamscopeapp.com/create Computers essentially "hallucinate" images based on what they've been trained to see. Ie a computer that's been fed a database of dog pictures will then "see" dogs everywhere. Or something. I'm most likely not explaining this very well. The app is simple to use and comes with 16 filters that can give any picture a rather terrifying psychedelic aspect, with glowy eyes and snouts and amoeba-like shapes etc. My favorites, and what I've used here, are Trippy, Self Transforming Machine Elves, and Botanical Dimensions.
  5. There is no law of diminished comedic returns with space poop. Witness... The Wolowitz Emulation Howard Wolowitz (M.Eng) from "The Big Bang Theory". Inventor of the "Wolowitz Zero-Gravity Waste Disposal System", shown here with meatloaf "test waste" (designed to simulate the typical output of a hardy potato-eating Russian cosmonaut).
  6. Soooo.... Comic-Con, huh? I can commiserate with some of you in that nothing was mentioned about one of MY favorite couples, Howard and Gadgets. Not to mention Sheldon and Whiteboard and Dialogue and Surrealism. *sob* Not to worry, I will simply console myself with this garishly hued homage to our resident engineer. Duh duh DUH. Echo voice, please. Ahem. THE FLYING SPACE TOILET. Boldly going... Well, you get the drift.
  7. What's up, my nerdizzles? A new page on Shenny HQ celebrating the incomparable Howard Joel Wolowitz, that's what. http://www.thebigbangtheoryhq.com/#!howard-wolowitz/c1isv
  8. Taiwan Scientists Create Fish Nightlights http://www.okeanosgroup.com/blog/fish-2/taiwan-scientists-create-fish-nightlights/
  9. Peer into the unique psyche of Dr Sheldon Cooper and vote for your favorite traits and quirks. http://www.thebigbangtheoryhq.com/#!sheldons-quirks/c5sj
  10. New at Shenny HQ! http://www.thebigbangtheoryhq.com/#!the-little-engine-that-could/ck9a
  11. New at Shenny HQ! http://www.thebigbangtheoryhq.com/#!the-dubious-wisdom-of-mary-cooper/citd
  12. Thank you, Wisp! (Your check is in the mail.) Seriously, though, I think grumpiness is a better word, and it's largely confined to the current season forum. Surely it can come as no surprise that the Shennys and the Sheldonites are not always pleased with certain developments within the show? But as Wisp has generously pointed out there are wayyyy more threads that celebrate (not denigrate). There's a lovely Shelnard thread and one I rashly started in an effort to celebrate the many manifestations of that colorful peacock, Mr. Wolowitz. I say "rashly" because google ain't wanting to cough up some of the more splendiferous examples of his brightly hued ensembles. What up with that? ETA: The forum is not the real headline here. That honor goes to the main site, with its episode summaries and visual opulence, that we think fans of ALL stripes can enjoy and chuckle along with us.
  13. I don't agree that Sheldon is as humor-impaired as he was made out to be in The Hesitation Ramification with his overly literal interpretations of the guys' jokes. Sheldon's understood and responded to humor before. Remember all the quips they made when Howard's space toilet malfunctioned? Sheldon clearly got them and even made the comment about there not being a law of diminishing returns on jokes about space poop, which indicates to me that he was amused by the whole thing. And, yes, I know the episode was more about him trying to learn HOW to be funny, but there at the beginning he was, I thought, uncharacteristically befuzzled about Howard's joke. And what about his inimitable use of the Bazinga? I always took that to be his humorous way of negating what he'd just said previously, usually at someone's expense. He seemed to understand the comedic value of the "gotcha." Even though, I grant you, that he was more than likely the only one amused by its use.
  14. I'm hopeful the gloom will lift soon though, now that he's found some nerd compadres who seem to be including him. Unlike the poor hapless specimen I ran across the other day, ensconced in an anime classroom and reduced to passing a note that reads "Will you be my friend?" <sniff> Re: The Peldon Yes please, kind techno-savant. All I can find are videos related to copper extraction.
  15. Oh goodness, I snorted milk out my nose when I looked at this. And I haven't drunk milk since I was 10.
  16. These are amazing! I love all of them, but I'm particularly struck by the last one (Sheldon in his spot) and how you've totally captured him with such an economy of line.
  17. I'm truly sorry if the recent proliferation of Shenny threads (um, one) caused you and others to have a bad day, but as Tripper has now merged the two, and there's no longer the undoubtedly painful eyesore of a stray Shenny thread on the loose, might I respectfully ask is it really necessary to so vehemently denounce a group of people as being delusional bulls******s merely for expressing some essentially harmless "What if?" conjectures?
  18. Jim as Macheath - http://www.flickr.com/photos/ibp/245162917/in/photostream/
  19. A mere typo in no way tarnishes your intellectual standing. It would, however, seriously call into question ours could we not manage to discern your meaning.
  20. Strip away the nobility, replace the "hell inside (his) head" with this maddening obliviousness, dumb him down to where he's making careless math errors and Kripke, KRIPKE for God's sake!, has surpassed him intellectually, regress him by having him spout his dead daddy's redneck-y aphorisms, and you have a character who's, sadly, virtually unrecognizable from the Sheldon of Seasons 1-3.
  21. Yeah, not a fan of the bimboification of Penny. And other things...
  22. All this talk of the potentially "limiting" effect of an onscreen Asperger's label reminds me of a woman I knew some years ago on a vastly different forum who self-identified as an "Aspie." While she readily acknowledged that certain things were difficult for her, like talking on the telephone or getting a joke etc., she positively bristled at the notion that she was disabled or limited in any way. She actually viewed Asperger's as being empowering and, in fact, often referred to it as her "super power," in that she could summon a laser-like focus to the task at hand as well as other things. She raised a family, ran a successful business and employed a number of adaptations to overcome the few things that were difficult for her. I know one person's experience is not necessarily representative of an entire community, but it provides a perspective that challenges the notion that it's always preferable to use euphemisms to define characters with Asperger's.
  23. @gaqo You might be interested to know that a series debuted here over the summer in which the lead character is explicitly described, at least in the press notes, as having Asperger's. Although it sounds like, in the article below, that the show's creators are being somewhat coy about it now, not actually using the word Asperger's, instead referring to her "unusual personality." Why do you think this is? http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/08/07/the-bridge-producers-and-diane-kruger-on-sonyas-aspergers
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