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  1. Hey there, I am a UK fan and new to this forum so hey there mah homies ... I just wanted to know how everyone would like each of the characters lives to plan out with in the next few seasons. It pains me to say this but Friends lasted for 10 years so we may not have long left. OWWWW MY ACHEY BREAKY HEART. This is what I think should happen: Shamy Season 7 A Sheldon initiated kiss A more romantic/intimate kiss (Lasts more than 1 second) Sheldon and Amy both say "I love you" Future The last 15 seconds of the very last episode of TBBT to be Shamy attempting coitus. With the closing line being Sheldon saying "fascinating" or "I didn't tell you to stop" I know a lot of people will not agree with me but I think that would be funny. It would also make fans go crazy as it would be like a cliffhanger (which Sheldon hates so much) we would never know what became of his carnal activities with Amy. Lenny Penny will eventually propose Maybe a wedding but no babies (yet) They are a really sex driven couple and it would be nice to see them be more romantic with each other. I hate how Leonard always refers to never having sex again when his relationship is on the rocks. Relationships are more than just sex. We need Leonard to get a haircut (Sorry Johnny boy) Howard and Bernadette (Do they have a combined name - Is that possible?) Babies, babies, babies. They will be the couple to have children! It will be interesting to see how Bernadette takes to her child as she hates children. I think Howard's mom should make an appearance or an episode where the families go on an outing together. Btw, what is Howard's mom's name? Do we know? Simon does an amazing Robin Williams impression. IMAGINE IF THEY GOT ROBIN WILLIAMS ON THE SHOW. That would make my life. Raj Oh poor lonely Raj He needs a girlfriend. I haven't seen much of Lucy yet and I know some people don't like her. Not everyone liked Amy or Bernie at the start either. He will start to be able to talk to all women not just Penny If they keep Lucy he could help her with her issues Stuart and Kripke We need more scenes of Stuart and Raj. Maybe, they could go speed dating or something. Kripke and Sheldon are too good together. I cried laughing at the toy rocket reference. Poor Sheldon just didn't understand that one. Oh yeah and we NEED episode where Sheldon and Leonard mothers meet. I wonder if Amy would question Leonard's mom on her kiss with Sheldon or if she will be jealous? Hmmm. I don't think I can say much more. I'm cream crackered after writing all that. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK SHOULD HAPPEN? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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