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  1. you need to work on their faces so they actually look like people from the show, and have their voices for when they're speaking.
  2. E4 cut everything, even stuff that's not bad at all, it's bloody enoying, as it's been already said, some of the scenes don't make sense when somethings been cut, they're even worse on Rules of Engagement
  3. as it was in the wrong place i've deleted all the posts.
  4. funbus

    Laugh Track

    god, not this again, lol it's not fake, it's recorded in front of a live audience.
  5. i'm very happy to see it back on tv, it was a great episode
  6. that's awesome news, i think the show gets better as it gets older
  7. This is suki and just some of her clothes
  8. funbus


    that's a bold statement from someone that doesn't know me! i cant say that about anyone on this forum, even you as i've never met any of you.
  9. funbus


    that's it, you see what you want to see, are you sure it's not swamp gas!!
  10. funbus


    they're almost here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT9j1nm6Y6s
  11. funbus


    we do! you're not looking very hard, lots of online book outlets have them, Amazon has loads of books on Ancient Astronauts. That's what i always say about a certain other book that can't be mentioned in this thread.
  12. funbus


    i'm sure you'll be proved wrong soon enough, and at least there are people working to get proof of what we believe in.
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