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  1. you need to work on their faces so they actually look like people from the show, and have their voices for when they're speaking.
  2. E4 cut everything, even stuff that's not bad at all, it's bloody enoying, as it's been already said, some of the scenes don't make sense when somethings been cut, they're even worse on Rules of Engagement
  3. as it was in the wrong place i've deleted all the posts.
  4. funbus

    Laugh Track

    god, not this again, lol it's not fake, it's recorded in front of a live audience.
  5. i'm very happy to see it back on tv, it was a great episode
  6. it gives us something to look forward to, and it's not that long to wait anyway, last nights episode was brilliant, so many lol moments.
  7. i didn't like her, so i hope she doesn't come back, i wont think less of the show if she does as it's still excellent , to me she's on par with Bernadette, i cant stand her either. I'm glad she didn't get the role of Amy, as i love Amy, she's so funny.
  8. i think series 7 is great so far, and lots of LOL moments in every episode, but then i've loved every season, i cant understand how people are always saying it's going downhill or getting boring, maybe it's not the show that's got worse, maybe it's peoples sense of humor that's changed.
  9. i think they're still funny and both of them have always been a bit depressing, so i don't think they've changed that much from the early series.
  10. i just cant believe people can get so worked up over as tv show, IT'S NOT REAL!! if you don't like what your watching, then don't watch it.
  11. i don't think she's hot enough to be on that list, i voted for Kaley
  12. i cant stand Bernadette, i hate her voice and the way she has changed Howard so much, he was much funnier in the early series, she's the only one of the cast i'd be happy to see go, but they'd have to kill her off so that they couldn't bring her back again!
  13. i think she's great, i love her freindship with Penny and her and Sheldon are good together, it's Bernadette i cant stand, i'd be happy if she went, and i don't get what the problem is with the toothbrush comment, can someone please explain.
  14. that's ok, we cant all like the same things
  15. Friends lasted 10 series and was brilliant right to the end, no reason why TBBT cant do it or even more if the cast are up for it.
  16. Her shrieking voice goes right through me, she's always snapping at the others, she's bossy and has Howard so far under her thumb, i prefered him before they got together, i cant believe Howard only through her out of the house for one night because Bernadette told his mother that he was going into space and she didn't want him to go, i'd have kicked her out for good, i love Penny & Amy but Bernadette is just a horrible person!
  17. i know i'll probably get hung for this but i cant stand her as Bernadette, she's the only person in the show i'd be happy to see go.
  18. i think she's stunning and she seems to be getting better with age
  19. I don't think she has a drink problem at all, she's no different than most girls of her age that cant go out and enjoy themselves without having a few to many, you see it alot here in the UK and you also see it with all these so called party girls like Paris Hilton in Hollywood and places like that, every time you see a picture of them, they're coming out a party hammered.
  20. Sheldon's my favourite followed closely by Leonard.
  21. the place I was in was, it was full of evil clowns
  22. I think it went that way a long time ago, but the show is better for it. Sheldon for the win!
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