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  1. I think it won't happen until the show, like some have said already, is winding down. The last season, maybe the last few episodes. I like the idea of them getting married without having sex first. The traditional, religious values kind of quietly being part of Sheldon (although he never would admit it). However, I do think it should happen. He and Amy need to have little geniuses running around in some sort of epilogue type thing. He needs to have that immortality that children bring. The only other route is for him to become obsessed with installing himself in a computer (or something simi
  2. Hi Folks, I am new here as I only recently, by way of my wife, became a fan of BBT. Great show. Sheldon is by far my favourite. Anyway, with that in mind I thought of a episode concept that I REALLY hope they use because I think it would be hilarious. I am sure you have all heard stories of the random innocuous dude somewhere who works some entirely too ordinary 9-5 job (like a postman or mechanic or whatever) who also just happens to be insanely smart. Whether this is more urban myth than truth is up for debate (I prefer to lean toward the truth side), but these so called people are u
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